Writer’s Tips – The Classic Editing Experience vs. #Gutenberg, #Podcasting on WordPress, Grammar Goofs

Welcome to a new edition of Writer’s Tips. In this compilation I’ve collected along my reading travels, I found an informative post about using the new WP editor, and another interesting find from the WordPress website – WP now enabling podcasting, and some excellent tips for bloggers.


Starting Your Own Podcast on WordPress.com



I came across this WordPress post from one of the ‘Happiness Engineers’, who explain lots of questions bloggers have about the new Gutenberg editor. I highly recommend bloggers on the new editor to check it out, and those (like me) who stubbornly remain with the old editor, to bookmark this for the day we are forced to using it. Be sure to read comments there too, as they are just as educational.

Source: The Classic Editing Experience is Moving, Not Leaving – The WordPress.com Blog


Grammar Goofs to Avoid by Kathy Steinemann Part 1



Part 2 Grammar Goofs by Kathy Steinemann



Donna from Retirement Reflections, offers some interesting and new tips to help bloggers



I hope you enjoy this edition of writer’s tips.



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26 thoughts on “Writer’s Tips – The Classic Editing Experience vs. #Gutenberg, #Podcasting on WordPress, Grammar Goofs

  1. A great list Debby.. my podcast ambitions have been put on hold at the moment with other things going on but on the agenda for next year. And we all need to avoid those grammar goofs……hugs ♥


  2. Excellent tips! I was happy to see the template for blog posts had returned to the Word for Mac template section. I’ll have to try that out and see how it works. ❤


  3. Awesome shares, Debby. Gutenberg sprang itself on me last night. OMG. I figured out the basics but have no idea how to make it do what I want it to do. That post will be especially helpful. Podcasts would be fun, but I’m still trying to figure out how to change the size of my images! Lol

    Great stuff from Kathy… as always. And I’ll check out Donna’s tips!
    Thanks ❤


    1. Oh no Diana! Aren’t you self hosted or on the business WP? If so, you can add the ‘classic editor’ plugin to stop Gutenberg, just like I have! At the least, I’ve have given you help here lol Oye! ❤


  4. Definitely have to check out and bookmark the Gutenberg post! I will be dragged kicking and screaming to that.

    Grammar is always fun. Have to check those ones out too. Getting so tired of the lame MS Word grammar and spell checker which is wrong so much of the time.


  5. Hi Debby, the Block Editor forced on me six weeks ago. I figured out how to do the basic with Classic editor, but I had problems with adding new categories and not allowed to do so and couldn’t publish until I clicked off the new post and started my all over again before getting through. The happy engineer said it was a bug they’re working on, and at the mean time, I could take a detour to do my posts from WP Admin…. Anyways, a lot more to learn. Thank you for the post.


    1. Hi Miriam. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve heard of so many who got auto bumped to Gutenberg. I hope this article I’ve included helps. And to add my two cents – WordPress shouldn’t be implementing changes that still have bugs! Hugs ❤


  6. Thanks, Debby. I’m also hanging onto the classic editor for dear life, but I’ll bookmark the post and I’m going to check the two grammar goofs posts as well. They might come handy for my teaching too! Take care and thanks for sharing!


    1. My pleasure Olga. Well it seems like You, me and Sally are the 3 amigos when it comes to desperately hanging on to the old editor LOL. May the force keep with us! ❤


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