Just Sayin’ – Pushing a Button For Sex? No Thanks!

Push a Button for Sex?


Seriously! I really saw this on an American entrepreneurial show – Shark Tank. As soon as I saw it, I was appalled, and it seemed the Sharks felt somewhat the same. Is there anything left for us humans that doesn’t require technology?


For those not North American, Shark Tank is an interesting show where a panel of wealthy branding business people have entrepeneurs come up to share their new business ideas or inventions where they hope one of the Sharks will like their idea and invest money into it and promote it. Let me tell you, there are some great inventions on that show – but there are some others that make me go hmm?

A couple had invented an app that allows you to alert your partner when you’re ‘in the mood’. Yes! You read that correctly!  Hey there’s nothing more stimulating for me than my partner alerting me he’s in the mood, so ready or not here he comes. Um, not from the world I live in. As far as I’m concerned, romance used to be initiated by contact, words, wooing or whatever means, but certainly just because my partner’s mobile phone buzzes me with a circular green light flashing on my phone to inform me he’s in the mood is an actual real turn off. ‘In the mood’ denotes to me just that – hey, I’m in the mood to get lucky, sure hope my partner can help out. Ya, oh so romantic. Not!

The fact that people actually invent this stuff is sad. Spontaneous sex is the best. If you have to use technology, use a vibrator. That way, you can do your own thing when you feel the urge without disturbing someone who is sleeping beside you. Sheesh, I thought booty calls were bad enough, but sending your own partner in the same bed as you a flashing green light message  that you’re ready for sex sounds a little too robotic for my taste.

Why do people have to keep re-inventing the wheel? There are just some things that a machine cannot do and cannot replace, such as the human touch.


Yes or No?


There’s a reason it’s called romance. Romancing by way of the heart, mind and touch is what excites and stimulates a person’s senses with desire, which might be old fashioned, but prompts a natural response and is the ultimate enhancer for initiating the process to get in the mood. A buzzer call only tells me someone’s horny and needs someone to relieve them. Not exactly what I’d call a turn on.

Who agrees?



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44 thoughts on “Just Sayin’ – Pushing a Button For Sex? No Thanks!

  1. I remember seeing somewhere that there was a way of connecting people in the distance, so they would know how the other person was feeling, and I wasn’t very enamoured with that, but this… No, thanks! And what happens if you are with other people? In any case, it might make for a fun comedy sketch!
    I used to follow the British version of that programme when I was in the UK. There were some bizarre inventions, but I don’t recall anything like that…
    Thanks, Debby;)


    1. Lol Olga, right? But you touched on something – made into a skit would be hilarious!!! And we also get the Canadian version of Dragons Den here too. ❤


  2. Oh for goodness sake, what kind of rabbit hole is this kind of thinking taking us down. No, all the way, No! We have Dragons den here and a good few years ago now a chap pitched an idea for a teddy bear that told stories, to free up time for parents. Duncan Bannatyne (who has six children) and calls a ‘spade a spade’ said ‘I hope you fail with this and come up with a different idea. One of the joys for parents and children is to curl up and read a story together.’ ❤ ❤


    1. Yes! What a fabulous answer! Enough robots doing everything now! I watch Dragon’s den here too Jane. We have the Canadian version of that too. Just wrong on so many levels! ❤ ❤


  3. A fabulous post, Debby. It sounds so hard to believe that someone would invent that and think it’s okay. But after what’s been on the news over the last few days, I think i would believe anything. Toni x


  4. Nothing says romance like having an app. Forget the candlelight dinner, the bubble bath, and the wine—just get the app. I laughed reading this because neither my wife nor I am particularly adept at using technology. We might never get together. 😎 Even the television remote can be a great source of mystery to us with all of the buttons.

    By the way, Shark Tank is one of my favorite shows!


  5. OMG, what will they think of next.. It is bad enough that television and movies have uncontextual sex at every opportunity with barely a woo in sight, but if I got a text I would be calling a taxi.. You did make me laugh though Debby…lol. spot on…♥♥


  6. The majority of people need to be surgically removed from their phones these days, and so when the green light comes on and they’re in the middle of receiving a message or sending an email or text, they’ll most probably click the ‘snooze’ button and the moment might be lost forever…


    1. Exactly Diana! Typically, it’s a good show with interesting people coming up with – mostly clever inventions. But this one is a bust! Lol 🙂 ❤


  7. I feel so out of it because I’ve never watched shark tank. To be honest a lot of the shows on American TV are so ridiculous to me that I end up not turning the TV on at all. And if I saw the invention that you saw on that program I probably wouldn’t turn the TV on for a month! I’d be too busy romancing my husband and putting on some candles and uncorking wine. Smiling but yes I totally agree with you. 💖😛


  8. Oh, I agree with you, Debby.

    It sounds to me as if that app is better suited to other apps where people are actively looking for a sexual partner for a one night stand.

    We have a similar show in the UK. It’s called Dragons Den, and although I’ve seen some pretty dire ideas, I’ve never seen anything like the ‘sex’ app appearing it.


    1. Lol Hugh. And yes, they made the app ‘to let your partner know’ you’re in the mood. Perhaps since nobody liked their app they will remodify for internet booty calls! LOL 🙂 x


  9. OMG. I’ve heard it all now. I thought it was bad enough when someone across the table from me or in the other room sent me a text regarding everyday things, like, “What’s for supper?” I ignore such texts, so this green button would also go unanswered. But I’m sure there are people out there who would use it. That’s the horrible part.


    1. I totally agree with you Diane. And as I mentioned in a reply above, perhaps that app is better suited for internet booty calls, not intimate partners. 🙂


  10. Well….. what can I say Debby….. An App for sex….. well… I remember reading Margaret Atwood’s book in the late 90’s early 20’s a scary book set in the future, of how women were kidnapped, for handmaidens… Basically for sex because they were deemed fertile to produce offspring for those incapable, as the population had become mainly sterile.. It was a scary book, cruel, and sadistic in how that society was run, and I do believe a series was made of it…. Which I have yet to find..
    I mention that book, as it seems to me technology, and the powers that be, are taking away human emotion…. And listening, researching to what others are bringing forward in the future plans of this planet… It may well be our empathy, emotions are well and truly under threat…
    I worry, as we now are seeing the transgenderism being pushed so hard…

    At the rate we are going we may well need to push a button to know if another person is smiling back at us or not from behind the Masks… Goodness knows how all of this is going to affect young children in the future Debby…
    I turned on the TV the other evening ready to watch a film… Only to find a Game show with virtual audience who had rang in who had individual screens set around the studio to clap and vote.. George Orwell’s vision while scary enough, has nothing on this madness now overtaking our Humanism…

    Sending Love and well wishes…. Keep your chin up…. because I feel Humanity will start to push back a few buttons of there own in the not too distance future Debby.
    Love to you dear friend ❤


    1. Sue, as usual, I agree with all you’ve said. Wondering if humanity will push back, because as you say, what’s going on is almost more extreme than Orwell’s world. As for the Handmaid’s tale – I watched the series in horror. Yes, despite Atwood’s good writing, the story itself was frightening and just about coming true in the US as soon as they shove the new Handmaid judge through to the Supreme Court to undo women’s rights to choose what happens to their own bodies. From Orwell to Atwood to Sinclair Lewis’ It Can’t Happen Here, all those fictional stories are becoming more real life. Scary times for sure. Hang on tight my friend as democracy seems to be up on the table for many of us. 😦 Love and hugs back to you. ❤ xxxx


  11. Yes, truly scary all of it… I have heard of the new Judge… And there are too many unwanted children in the world, who are put into care homes… And I know of many friends who made that choice to abort … And in Ireland many young women travel to the UK for help… Each person has to make their own choice’s to their own circumstances… I have always respected those choices… Our bodies, our choice… It wouldn’t be my choice, but that is just me… I have held hands of those who have, and respect our individual rights to Choose… And Choice’s should always be an option… Not Law for one way or the other..

    Here in the UK a huge scandal in sex trafficking young children from care homes came to light several years ago.. Some to disappear never to be seen again.. And still the ring leaders are not brought to book whose roots are in high places… Who think themselves invincible. The police also knew what was going on and were told from on high to ignore young under age girls claims… Imagine such a girl facing pregnancy…. She should have that right of choice..

    I personally feel when new revelations are made public about aborted foetus’s, people will be shocked beyond measure.. As to the scruples of some of the medical professions. And perhaps why what has become a lucrative business in these human tragedies will be brought to light… In anti-ageing drugs..
    This is one rabbit hole I delved deep into, which I would sooner not have discovered… But these tunnels do need travelling down, to dig out the evil both with the unborn, still born and babies and young children..

    Here I can only conclude given evidence I have seen and heard, that some of our judicial systems is not always on the side of the true victims..
    And not all is as it seems…. As these players are moved around the chess board, house hold names will have us disbelieving our rational thinking.. As we will go into cognitive shock as to the underbelly of reality..

    Given time, I think we may all be surprised as to how we All of us have been ‘Hoodwinked’ and mind controlled to the constant narratives belching forth from the Media Machines…
    I would of course sooner share love and light and pretend none of this existed.. But then I become part of the problem… Looking away while the evil doers still prey on their victims.. Which is why I embarked on my series Debby… I did a lot of soul searching before hand,..

    They say Truth, is stranger than fiction… And oh boy that is so, so, right…
    Hang on Debby for leading up to the Winter Solstice is going to get very bumpy…

    Much love dear friend.. Thank you for being you, for listening with an open mind, and for all of your love and support…
    Huge Hugs your way ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. Sue! I cannot top all you said, but I can tell you, I’m quite aware of all you speak, and you are spot on. And don’t think for a moment that I don’t know ‘the ride’ is going to get even bumpier before it smooths out. I haven’t taken off my seatbelt for the last year! I am delving into some of those rabbit holes Sue. As you know, I appreciate all your wisdom and discoveries shared. May we hang on tight! Hugs and love back you way my friend. ❤ ❤ xxxx


  12. I must admit, Debby, that I think this is hilarious. I am a terrible tease and I set up sex night appointments in his diary one month. He was so embarrassed because his secretary has access to his diary. I thought it was very funny. I also read about giving your partner home made vouchers to use for things like a romantic massage, etc. I wouldn’t be to keen on a sex app, but it might have its place in our modern world.


    1. Lol, sorry Robbie, I had to chuckle when you said your hub’s secretary saw his diary. But good on you. And there isn’t anything wrong with planning a ‘date’. Robotic prompts are a whole ‘nother entity – better left to late night internet booty calls LOL 🙂


  13. I totally agree with you, Debbie, and I’m sure most people would. I’m curious about the reaction of the Sharks… Did any of them jump on the idea? Make a deal? I hope not!

    Little known fact: I actually approached Shark Tank with an email, many years ago, regarding our own marine WiFi business that was very innovative at the time. Nothing came of it. Nobody even acknowledged my application! Maybe that was for the best. I do think some cool ideas have emerged on this show, though, the few times I’ve actually watched it during past house sits.

    Now you have to explain to me what “booty calls” are…


    1. Lol Liesbet, you are so funny. First, no. No shark was impressed, they felt the same way most of us do about it. And wow, you contacted the show. I can only imagine there are thousands who do, so it’s kind of worse than hoping for a response when shopping a publisher LOL. Booty call is a late night call, looking for some ‘action’. 🙂 x


  14. I worry for this generation: what will they do if/when their technology fails?
    We have enough experience of it doing just that, don’t we? But somehow people still seem to think that an app, or a programme, can do the job better. Perhaps the human brain will start to atrophy now for lack of use?
    All I can do is shake my head at the ridiculousness of it all 😦


    1. Deb, I’m 10000% with you. Have you ever witnessed a young cashier’s register not working so the cashier isn’t told how much change to give back? I have, they are lost and can’t count without a machine. That is sad. At least we, in our age group, have back information stored in our brains – the old fashioned way, lol :)x


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