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This special coffee company is in a rainforest in Mozambique, with a mission to build 100 schools – helping to keep girls in school one cup of coffee at a time. Every bag of beans sold globally benefits rainforest deforestation, wildlife conservation, or girl’s education.



“Educating women is educating a nation”

“I don’t want to get married, I want to go to school”


This Coffee Company Keeps Girls in School and Protects the Rainforest


Many girls in Mozambique drop out of school by the fifth-grade because many families cannot afford secondary school for their daughters. And child marriages are prevalent in the country with 48 percent of girls married by age-18 and 14 percent by age-15 according to the organization Girls Not Brides.

The company’s mission, Eric Wilburn, director of Gorongosa Coffee, told Global Citizen, is for every girl who lives in the national park to complete high school. It could take 15-years for that goal to be fully recognized.

“It costs right now about $500 a year to send the girl to boarding school in Mozambique, and that’s for tuition, room and board, clothes, books, travel — yet most of these families earn less than $1 a day,” he said.

The coffee project’s website tells the story of its founding in Gorongosa National Park – one of the most biodiverse places on the planet –  and about the resiliency of the people and land of Mozambique.

After the 17-year civil war ended in 1992, the land and the people were scarred and suffering. It took a few years but a ground-breaking conservation project to restore the wildlife and ecosystems in Gorongosa National Park began in 2008.

Part of the restoration included investing in the health, education, and employment opportunities of the people who live there, the company said. This, “empowers them to be the guardians of Gorongosa.”

In 2015, the project partnered with local farmers and coffee growing experts to plant coffee on Mount Gorongosa with the goal of restoring the rainforest that had been destroyed by the war and unsustainable farming practices as well as to give farmer’s a dependable income source.

Coffee thrives in the region, and today, farmers are planting 200,000 coffee plants a year along with 100,000 rainforest trees that help the coffee grow. The Gorongosa Trust was set up to fund all the conservation and community efforts. . . continue reading


Original Source: This Coffee Company Keeps Girls in School and Protects the Rainforest – Goodnet


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30 thoughts on “#WATWB – This Coffee Company Keeps Girls in School and Protects the Rainforest – Goodnet

  1. Hi Debby – wonderful to read about Gorongosa Coffee – they really are making a difference and opening the girls’ eyes to a world of opportunities … so pleased to read about them. Loved the video too … thanks for this delightful African post – stay safe – Hilary


  2. I love the good vibes here and on the blog post I just left: Susan Scott from South Africa. How wonderful to broadcast good news I can support – look forward to the last Friday of each month, where “butterly wings” send happy thoughts and kind deeds throughout the world.


  3. This is an excellent company and mission – to provide employment and protection to the environment and give the girls of Mozambique an education. Thanks for sharing this story of progress and hope!


  4. Mocambique is on the north east border of South Africa. I’ve visited that country over the years. But before I run away with my comment, kudos to Gorongosa Trust for highlighting the need of young women to be healthy and educated. Thanks for this inspiring post Debby!


  5. WOW, sounds like a great cause. How’s the coffee? I’ve been doing half-caff for several months now and always use creamer and stevia so kinda loses the taste value of good coffee.


  6. A great project indeed, Debby. Women’s education has a great impact on society at large (the hand that rocks the cradle…), and considering the history of coffee exploitation and commercialisation, this is a great turn of events. Thanks for sharing it, Debby.


  7. Education for girls through coffee! This story is amazing, and I love the video, especially the “When I grow up…” statements from the girls. I once watched a video from a boy who said “If I grow up…” and it broke my heart. Thank you so much for sharing this one, Debby! I’ll schedule it to share on social media networks (I’m a geek and schedule things like a week in advance) and get it on Pinterest today. You’re amazing. I’m so glad I caught up here today.


    1. Hi When Christy Inspires! Thanks so much for dropping by and so glad you enjoyed this empowering post. And thank you for your lovely sharing sweet Christy. Hugs and stay safe! ❤ xxx


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