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It’s that time of the month again, WATWB – the last Friday of the month, and time to share a good deed going on in the world to celebrate goodness and deflect from the negativity in the world for the We are the World Blogfest.

Today once again, I’m thrilled to share this initiative I came across, happening again in my own city of Toronto, where a carpenter, Khaleel Seivwright, has put his skills to work to build tiny shelters for the homeless. With our cold Canadian winter already taking effect, and the numerous amount of growing homeless growing with the evictions taking place in this pandemic, sadly, we can expect more of the same.  But Khaleel has started a Gofundme to raise monies to continue to build these shelters – fully insulated, complete with a window and a door.

As much as I appreciate people like Khaleel and his efforts, it’s a sad situation to know people are homeless, but somewhat of a comfort to learn that they won’t freeze to death. Read on to learn more about this endeavor.


Toronto Carpenter is Building Insulated Shelters for the Homeless


Winter is almost here and in Canada, that means very cold weather. It also means bundling up outdoors and staying indoors more. Nothing is more relaxing than drinking hot cocoa by a fireplace and watching the snow falling outside.

But for people who don’t have homes to warm up in, Canadian winters can be treacherous. That’s why Khaleel Seivwright, a carpenter in Toronto is building and giving away tiny portable shelters to people who are homeless according to CTV News.

He told CTV that he wanted to build “something that would be useful for people that are staying outside this winter.” He knows they work because he built the first one for himself a few years ago in British Columbia and it kept him warm in -15 degrees Celsius. Seivwright has already dropped off two shelters.

The tiny shelters are built of wood, insulated with home insulation and have a door and a window. They have caster wheels to make them portable and each one has a smoke detector to keep occupants safe. There is just enough room for a person to lie down in it. Each of the homes cost around $1,000 to build. . .

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Video is courtesy of CBC.ca news


Advocates warn of ‘catastrophic’ winter

Source: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/mobile-shelters-homelessness-covid


Source: Toronto Carpenter is Building Insulated Shelters for the Homeless – Goodnet


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40 thoughts on “#WATWB – Toronto Carpenter is Building Insulated Shelters for the Homeless – Goodnet

  1. I love stories such as this one. For every tale where we read of someone doing something despicable, these positive stories help restore our confidence in humanity. What an honorable man!


  2. How wonderful. Experiencing hardship when younger often causes people to want to help others as their fortunes change. In the UKI, Marcus Rashford’s campaign for disadvantaged children to receive free meals during school holidays has been very successful.


  3. Khaleel is one of those beautiful spirits who finds a way to help people in need. Kudos to him for keeping people safe and warm in winter. It is such a hard life to be homeless, to not know where your next meal is, to find shelter and to constantly wonder if life will get better. Khaleel will be a bright light to the homeless in Toronto.Thanks for sharing his story!


  4. Thanks for sharing the good here, Debby. Good news is always heartwearing, especially the Toronto carpenter who is building shelters for the homeless. Necessity is the mother of invention this young man proves. I appreciate this, Debby!


  5. Thanks for sharing a positive and hopeful story, Debby. These kinds of news don’t make it onto the big news often enough. A great way to put his skills to good use. Thank you and take care, Debby.


  6. What a great and much needed initiative. The homeless population in Toronto has been on the increase especially since Covid. I hope the city lets him continue. Thanks so much for sharing and for being a part of #WATWB. Have a fantastic weekend!😊 Be well and stay safe!


    1. Thanks so much Belinda. When I found the article, I knew I had to share it. Sadly this nightmare globally has to end with the homeless. Until such time, these shelters are a blessing. Happy weekend to you too, and yes be safe! 🙂 ❤


  7. Than you for this very great story, Debby! Great to read about people helping others in horrible situations. Its a shame for all our communities all over the world – Or should we say our politicans? – having people without a place to rest, always in fear getting harmed. You made my day! Lets hope we soon will have a change in our behaviour worldwide. Have a beautiful weekend! Michael


  8. This kind of generosity and care gives me hope for the human race, Debby, but it also makes me sad that homelessness isn’t being dealt with on a much larger and more systemic level. That the US (or Canada) has thousands of people living on the streets is a disgrace.

    Finland has all but eradicated long-term homelessness by working with the government, municipalities, and NGOs. Their Housing First model may not be perfect, but it shows how large an effort is needed. Khaleel is an angel, a shining example of the best of us, but we need so much more. ❤


    1. Thanks so much Diana. And I agree with you wholeheartedly. The governments definitely must step up to the plate in effort to eliminate homelessness. We all need so much more to be done. Until such time, we are blessed to have Khaleel working to keep them warm. ❤


  9. This is very interesting, Debby. A great idea. Why is it against the city by-laws? Is it because the occupants are baically squatters wherever they part their mobile home? I am surprised that this situation exists in Canada which is a socialist country? Why hasn’t the government made a plan for these people?


    1. Hi Robbie. This problem is a widespread problem in North America as well as plenty of other countries. Yes bylaws abound here. I think the biggest cities have the biggest problem with homelessness. Until the governments can figure out a reasonable plan, we are blessed to have the earth angels like Khaleel taking this great effort on to create some temporary solution til the world can straighten itself out. With the pandemic, homelessness will continue on relentlessly til the governments get their acts together. 😦


  10. Hi Debby – thanks for bringing this idea to our notice – an ideal #WATWB post and active help for the homeless at this time of year. There is a lot of it … we have tents on the lawns near the sea – but I think the government is going to offer shelter for them – as they did earlier in the year. I understand some of the homeless challenges – but the part I don’t understand is when they don’t seem to want help … sometimes it’s difficult to know – but supporting them via the various charities, who do undestand more makes sense. But Khaleed – is setting examples for us all. Thanks for sharing – all the best – Hilary


    1. Thanks so much Hilary. I think every country has to find a resolution for the homeless epidemic, which tends to get overlooked with the world’s other problems. It’s heartening that there are earth angels like Khaleel to put his skills to a great humanitarian use. Thanks for stopping by. Keep safe! ❤


  11. What a wonderful project… Homelessness on the increase all around the world… We need more perminant soloutions, and the governments of our countries seem to turn a blind eye on the homeless, it shouldn’t be reliant upon the good will of people or donations, when our governernments give Hundreds of thousands of Pounds/Dollars away in foreign aid each year and leave homeless people to starve to freeze to death on their own door-steps..
    Sorry Debby, as I appear to rant, but the homeless in our area are a passion of mine with our own local authorites… In which I have been petitioning for them to help them..

    Sending love my beautiful friend… Hugs Sue ❤


    1. Ran away Sue. We all feel the same way. The governments are so busy donating around the world, forgeting that charity actually does begin at home! Yes, it’s time to look after all the citizens, but in the meantime, we are grateful for the earth angels like Khaleel.
      Your love is received and sent right back to you my Lovely. Hugs flowing your way. ❤ ❤


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