Writer’s Tips – #Twitter Tricks, Scheduling and #Blogging Tools

Welcome to December edition of Writing Tips. Today I’m sharing some worthy articles for writers on how to maximize your Twitter, how to colorize your photos, a Twitter app scheduler, Mistakes to avoid, and attention authors – Author Central has moved!


Hugh Roberts offers up a new tutorial for those bloggers who aren’t familiar with how to attach your name to your Twitter share button on your blogs.



Deborah Jay features Reedsy writer – Desiree Villena with 5 important things to avoid when self-publishing




Nicholas Rossis shares a great editing tool for writers – The Picture Colorizer



Looking for a good app to schedule your tweets? Check out Signal.



Here’s an interesting article I came across by the Writing Cooperative – How to get more retweets for your Twitter posts – Twitter does not like external links! And how to make Twitter Threads



And last but certainly not least for authors!

Attention all authors, Author Central has moved! Manage all your authorly needs here

Source: Amazon Launches New Author Portal | The Digital Reader



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43 thoughts on “Writer’s Tips – #Twitter Tricks, Scheduling and #Blogging Tools

  1. Thanks for sharing, Debby!

    I will delve in again when I have more time. Lots of good information here for authors. I did notice, yesterday, author central on Amazon made some changes. I couldn’t tell you the last time I was on there. LOL.

    Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and peaceful holiday season.

    Many Blessings,


    1. Thanks Lisa. Yes, I am very bad at going to visit Author Central. I only found out myself when I came across the article, hence I’m sharing, knowing there are many more of us to inform. Hugs xx


  2. If anyone knows the latest writers’ tips, it’s you, Debby!

    I don’t know how Author Central “moving” will affect me, but I will definitely check into it. Of all the social media platforms, I like blogging best, Facebook is a close second, and Twitter is third. My Wedneday posts goes on all three, but I meet most of my readers on my blog, as you probably do too.

    Thanks so much for you up-to-the -minute reports here. You are the BEST! πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks for the kudos Marian. I’m glad to keep you informed. Yes, author central was a big surprise for me. Not like Amazon emails us to inform us or anything like that! πŸ™‚


  3. Wow – some things to catch up , Debby – thank you so much. I’m thrilled to get the rundown on the new amazon author portal. Every time I turn around, something seems to change. Toni x


  4. Excellent post as usual, Debby! Very helpful and informative. Isn’t Amazon supposed to inform the authors about the change in Author Central? I’m definitely going to have to look into that. Deborah Jay’s post could not have come at a better time. Thanks for sharing! πŸ˜€ xo


    1. Thanks Vashti. I try to pluck out the gems for us. And yes, what the heck is up with Amazon not notifying anyone I know of, including myself! Stay safe my friend, hopefully, we’re all in the final stretch of dystopia. ❀ xx


  5. Great info here! I especially appreciate the extra help with Twitter. That is one site that I cannot warm up to, but I know that many authors swear by it. I always resolve to make it a daily practice, and then I fall off the wagon, so to speak, lol.

    Hope you’re doing well! πŸ™‚


    1. Hi Kate. I hear you, I’m with you on the lame use of Twitter. But it was enlightening to come across this info. When I come across something of interest and useful to us as writers, I like to share the wealth. We can only do what we can do. Don’t stress.
      Hanging in the isolation. Hopefully we’re all on our way to a vaccine soon before we all go stir crazy! Stay safe my friend. Hugs πŸ™‚


  6. Hi Debby – so much to learn … and so many opportunities … I’d love to do some of it – perhaps one day – for now … I’ll just stick quietly around … but thanks for letting us all know these tips and tricks. All the very best – Hilary


  7. Got Nicholas already, don’t use Twitter but the Amazon change is a BFD for sure. Too ragged to go there today (sleep/coffeemaker issues) but this is a high priority item! Thanks Deb.


    1. My pleasure John. It even slipped by my ears! I haven’t even fine-checked everything there now. I know what you mean about putting off going there, lol πŸ™‚


  8. Hi Deb, thanks as always for all the great links, I’m especially thankful for help with Twitter as I am useless with it and really want to learn how to use it better. I’ve scanned through the article and have bookmarked for reference. Seems if I retweet this it will get more notice? Missed you my friend, love & hugs ❀ xoxo


    1. Hi Sher. Always so much to learn, especially as technology keeps evolving. The fun never stops LOL. Yes, so lovely to see you pass by here. I hope you are well???????????????? ❀ ❀ xxxx


      1. LOL…never!!! Hanging in there, emerging from a hyper-focused memoir edit that took all of me. Yikes, my brain if fried! Long story…but had to be done. I know I said that year ago lol, but what a year it’s been on all fronts. Got over the ankle/dvt, lockdown then another one, you know how it is. We’re all just doing our best trying to get through this. I have struggled though, I admit. But…one day at a time! Thanks Deb, great to be here again, hope all is well with you πŸ™‚ ❀ xoxo


      2. I hear you Sher. It’s one thing after another in my home. Distractions daily. My new book should have been out, but again got thrown to the wayside. We will prevail. And thank goodness this SHITTY year is almost over! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ❀ xoxo


      3. Amen to that, Deb, we will prevail. Some days it doesn’t feel like it, but somehow we do, and the next day…and the day after that …big hugs, my friend ❀ ❀ ❀


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