Take Four Minutes and Twenty-Nine Seconds and Listen – #Humility and #Kindness

I was surfing around Youtube and came across this video.

I love this song ever since the first time I heard it four years ago. It touches me on so many levels and goes back to grass roots, respect and empathy. And if the song isn’t enough, there couldn’t be a more perfect video to paint the words.

It’s also been the ringtone on my cell phone since the first time I heard it.

Take four minutes and twenty-nine seconds to enjoy listening (and looking at) to Tim McGraw and his reminder song about humility and kindness. The music and lyrics are beautiful and the video is reaffirming – extra touching at this seasonal time of the year. And a little more powerful because it reminds we are all one globally.




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44 thoughts on “Take Four Minutes and Twenty-Nine Seconds and Listen – #Humility and #Kindness

  1. Debby, I LOVE this song and video – a powerful country ballad accompanied by the most moving images – a wonderful end of my day and one that will stay with me. I can see myself adding this and other Tim McGraw songs to my Spotify. Many thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks so much Annika. It feels to me this song moved you the way it still does me. Everytime my phone rings, it’s the ringtone. Makes me smile and shed a tear each time I watch it. Hugs and enjoy! πŸ™‚ xx


  2. Beautiful and thank you for sharing.
    It still amazes me we need to remind people to love each other. Why doesn’t it come natural like the innocence of children before we teach them to hate?


  3. Shows how much I know–surprised by all the images on a CW ballad! Not a fan of the current crop of Country. But it does have great lyrics and a wonderful message. You may recall Jill from WFW. At one of the parks in Minneapolis in the summer of 1970–yes, 50 years ago, a Country Western band was playing. I made some unkind remark and she said, “can’t we just enjoy the music–the time together?” So, sorta caught me up short here in that recollection. πŸ™‚


  4. A lovely song. I love his songs. There was one I can’t quite remember the title but he sang it with Reece Witherspoon I think. It was a song from a film and I can’t find it on Google. If anybody knows it then I’ll be able to download it! x


  5. Oh Debby, this is the first time I heard the song, wowowowow! His amazing voice, the lyrics, the video… LOVE IT ALL. Thank you for telling me about this one. And it comes at such an important time given that we really do need more humanity and connection in the world right now. What a beautiful way to start my day by seeing this special post of yours. xxoo “Help the next one in line, always stay humble and kind”


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