Open Book Blog Hop – What Would You Do If You Had The Money?

Something a little different.  I visited my friend, Stevie Turner’s blog, where she shared a post she wrote as a blogshare for a Blog Hop. I haven’t joined the Blog Hop but I thought it would be fun to share an answer to this week’s Bloghop question Stevie shared on her blog:


Read Stevie’s post:

Welcome to this week’s Blog Hop. Today the topic is:

If you had unlimited money to start and maintain a business, what would it be?


I have to admit, I love Stevie’s ambition in her response to the question. And it didn’t take me long to think about what I would do with an abundance of time and money.

I’ve done a lot of fun and sometimes off the wall things in my life. I try not to have regrets and own up to the decisions I make then live with them. If I wanted something in life, I always went after it. I’ve been known to chase the impossible and come out victorious.  Then I settled into a different pattern of living and social butterflying after I finally broke my promise to myself that I wouldn’t get married. But after a few years of marriage, my antsy self needed a hobby.

In my earlier life, one of the careers I chose was to become a casino dealer. I followed my passion and thought about where I’d like to work and could enjoy my job. I went to dealer school and got licensed to become a blackjack dealer, then a poker dealer and worked my way up to pit boss in my days of working casinos. Besides the long hours standing on my feet and a sore neck and shoulder from years of dealing cards in regimented fashion, I loved the action and the social aspect of the job. I felt right at home as I’d grown up watching my mother and aunts play poker in our smoke-filled kitchen once or twice a week, and played Gin/Rummy since I was a kid with my paternal grandfather. I matured into a rather good card player.

With the advent of online poker I decided to join a poker site – okay, maybe two. I enjoyed playing tournament poker on our bi-annual jaunts to Vegas. Now I could play in the comfort of my own home. I didn’t play for high stakes but the tournament pots were healthy sized.

I probably had a good eight year run before I  began to apply and assert myself and start writing a book I’d be thinking about doing for years. I always wrote bibs and bobs and kept many journals for years. The writing bug took over and for the last eight years I’ve been immersed in the writing world. The poker tournament days evaporated once the serious writing began. And so that’s where the last of my careers will remain, writing. That, and taking care of my husband.

So, after my short biopic, and in answer to the question – what would I want to do with all the money and time at my disposal? Nothing, nada, zero. Oh sure, throw in lots of travel (when there’s no pandemic), but what I can honestly say is I’m quite content to write the rest of my life. The only thing I’d want to do with an abundance of money is “Waste away in Margaritaville.” Well, not really wasting away, vegging, but more like just taking in the beauty of nature, the sun’s rays adhering themselves to my body, and a daily margarita or two.

Give me the sun and warmth in Pacific Mexico. If I had oodles of money, I’d have no desire to get involved in starting up any other business. I’d remain writing because it’s part of who I am, and I’d hire virtual assistance to do the parts I don’t enjoy doing for marketing and such, and write at my leisure, be out on the beach daily with a book and an afternoon margarita. It doesn’t get better than that for me at this point in my life.



What would you like to do if you had access to a lot of money? Would you be eager to want to start a business and be tied to the time and gruel it would take to mature and beyond if you were middle-aged or older?


You can visit Stevie’s post and find out what she would do with the money:



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34 thoughts on “Open Book Blog Hop – What Would You Do If You Had The Money?

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Debby. I would love to know how to play Poker and Blackjack! There was a casino on our cruise ship, but neither Sam nor I had any idea how to play. If you ever come over to the UK you’ll have to teach me, lol. x


  2. I enjoyed your post, Debby. I read Stevie’s earlier this week. I have no idea what I’d do with more money either and I can relate to your answer. I couldn’t just sit around.


  3. With you all the way Debby… having been in customer facing jobs all my life, I have no desire to open another business.. happy to keep writing and would love a house with an indoor swimming pool… perfect. ♥


    1. So not surprised Sal. You and I have both led busy lives doing ‘Odd Jobs’ across the circuit. The time has come to chill for us, not stress over starting over again. Sistah! ❤ xx


  4. I’m listening to Jimmy Buffer as I type this, but the jury is still out on what I’d do with a bunch of $$$. Yesterday during the college retirees club ZOOM session, I learned that the need for money for FOOD among college students has increased 300% – 300% let that sink in. So, I’d put a large chunk toward that effort.

    As for a business I’d start, I’d have to think about that. Of course, I’m curious what others say here, so I’ll have to return, perhaps with a fanciful answer to your riveting question. HaHa! (I like what I’m doing now and am too old to start/maintain a new business, but you never know!)


    1. Exactly Marian, we are happy being writers. At our ages, who needs the headaches of starting anew? And as for the donations, that goes without saying. The post was about if I’d start a business. With so much money I know I’d be grand philanthropist. ❤ xx


  5. Hi Debby, I loved this post. I loved hearing about your life and how you switched adventures to start writing. Bravo – we’re all so lucky that you did and you’ve so hit the nail on the head. We don’t need all the money in the world. Toni x


    1. Thanks so much my lovely friend, very kind of you. We need love and compassion in the world for sure. At our ages, we have enough to write about for 2 lifetimes, who needs to start yet another business? LOL ❤ xx


  6. I feel the exact same way; I don’t understand why billionaires continue to work (although that mindset may be part of what helped them become that way). If I had unlimited money, I’d have no interest in starting a business. I’d be very happy going to the beach every day, reading, writing, with a bit of travel mixed in there.


  7. I grew up playing cards, too. With seven brothers, we played many games just for fun. Sometimes we played poker or Blackjack for pennies or bingo markers. My mom played a lot, too, and when there wasn’t anyone to play with, she played Solitaire.

    While camping, we’d gather around the table and play rummy. Games often went on until past midnight. I taught my kids how to play, and the characters in my fantasy novels play cards. Whether I’m camping, hiking or vacationing, I bring a deck of cards.

    Now, if I had all the money and time in the world, I’d do much like you’d do. I’d write every day, but my beach is here on the shores of Nova Scotia. I’m quite content to paddle my boat around the harbour, watch it change with the seasons and see the wildlife upon it.

    But I don’t think writing would fully satisfy me. I love being outside too much. I have almost 50 years left to live (I’m shooting for 100), and I’ve always dreamt of running a community garden in a rural location in Nova Scotia, one that would provide food for the locals, so they didn’t have to depend on travelling 30 minutes to a grocery store. Basically, it would be an old-fashion general store with acres of gardens behind it and hens to produce eggs and good-quality Canadian bulk products (like flour from New Brunswick) brought in to ensure the basic ingredients are at hand.

    I wouldn’t expect to make a profit, just break even. Those who could pay would buy the produce. Seniors would have fresh food delivered to them for free. Local teens would work at the site for a fair wage. Not only would this give them a job, but it would teach them how to be sustainable.

    I believe self-sustaining communites are the future. Why ship food from a thousand miles away when it can be grown locally? This never made sense to me. I don’t want my carrots from Mexico, my milk from the US or my chicken processed in China. With endless money, I could construct greenhouses to grow food through the winter. I could hire the locals and give them a secure job. I could feed the community healthy, fresh, local food.

    I sometimes daydream about this set up. It’s been on my mind for a few years. With oodles of money, it’s possible.


    1. Oh Diane, I want to live in your world, lol. To be near the water and nature, what a gift. Writing and being outside (in warm weather) is about all I could handle right now in life. ❤


  8. I’ve always dreamt of a small bookstore/cafe where I would work each day from 10 – 6, yak about books with clients, fill the shelves with stories, write when it’s not busy. Make the best coffee in the town. This would’ve been my perfect retirement. Having oodles of cash would mean I wouldn’t have to worry about profit right away, just books, more books and happy faces taking them home. Call me a dreamer.


  9. I love your honesty, Debby. There is definitely an appeal to “Living the leisure life in Margaritaville.” Is that a song? It should be. My answer would depend on how much money. Enough to live comfortably? I’ll join you on the beach! But oodles and oodles of money? I’d start a foundation and find really awesome ways to give it away. There are wonderful people making a huge difference all around the world. I’d support their efforts. 🙂 That would be soooo fun!


    1. Absolutely Diana. As I stated in a few comments here – donating ‘bigly’ and philanthropic donations should go without saying if we had that much money. And yes, lol, the video I attached is the Margaritaville song. 🙂 x


  10. I’ve never played poker though playing cards for fun has been a good passtime when I was younger and was always made to lose… sibling tricks!
    If I had lots of money, I would like to help children in getting good food and education for them, not just as charity but in an organized manner.


  11. Interesting thought. I’ve often wished my business could be wildly successful not so I could buy more stuff (I just don’t want anything) but so I could share it–surprise everyone. That’s harder to do than it sounds, though.


  12. Nah, I wouldn’t want a business either. That takes TIME! If I wanted that–being on call all the time, I could be a real estate agent. But who needs to be showing houses and writing contracts at all hours and weekends? Nope, I’ll stick with the writing. Don’t really NEED more money, but I wouldn’t turn it down. Great for more travel and paying for editing, covers, promos and more for the writer. A lot easier for best sellers with the bucks to help the books along. 🙂


  13. Hi Debby – well done … two excellent choices … I’d do similarly … but would make a point of donating to charities to help those in need … and I’d like to set up a business with locals helping youngsters gain skills; and I’d travel … take care – and all the best – Hilary


    1. Thank you so much Hilary. Yes, my bad, I thought donating would go without saying. I was merely answering the question of what I’d do about opening a new business. Happy and safe holidays my friend. ❤


  14. I love this question because I play it everytime I buy a lottery ticket and honestly, just imagining what I would do with the money gives me joy. I think of people I would help and dream of ways I would spend it. For one, I’d travel around the world to different writers’ conferences and yoga retreats. Like you, Debby, I’d hire people to manage the marketing of my books, hire top notch editors and cover designers and I’d continue to write until I had nothing else to say.


  15. Good question and answer. When I left my job I had the idea of having a library, and I’d still love to do that, but I think I’d need to find the right people and the right place first, and I would want something pretty small and friendly. Since I’ve been volunteering at the local radio stations here, in Barcelona, I’ve met so many great people who run volunteer organisations and associations doing excellent and much-needed work that I can think of many ways to spend the money, but none would involve a business as such. As long as I had enough money to not have to worry for my mother and me, I’d be happy to spend time helping and volunteering, reading and reviewing books, writing, and, whenever we can, visiting my friends. Thanks for sharing an inspiring post, Debby.


    1. Thanks so much Olga for adding to the conversation. In essence, you’d choose what most of us writers would: Books and more books, something book related, and of course without having to worry about money, we’d have plenty of time and money to help those less fortunate. ❤


    1. OKay. I love both those ideas. Although, a library would take a lot of effort, something that would invade our free time to be charitable and enjoy our riches and reading time 🙂 xx


  16. You know, Debby… the things you mention as your ideal life, I think you can manage them right now, without a lot of money! Once the pandemic is over anyway.

    As a frugal spender, I have had this question asked before and my answer is quite similar to yours. I wouldn’t change much! I’d stick to my nomadic lifestyle and add a tad more comfort and luxury to it and a real vacation once on a while.

    Nope, no more businesses for us. Too much stress and frustration and certainly not worth the money/income! We can stretch dollars a long way, so with a bunch of money, we could retire and hang out on that Mexican beach. 🙂


    1. Woohoo! And we shall meet up on that Mexian beach! Right on Liesbet. And after reading your book, it’s quite clear that your travel lifestyle and trying to run a business is a major clash. 🙂 x


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