Writer’s Tips – Book Trailers, #BookBub Ads, Book Covers, Plot Twist!

Welcome to my first edition of Writer’s Tips for 2021. I’ve had lots of time to read and curate some terrific articles from writers, bloggers, editors and publishers all encompassing helpful tips for Indies and Bloggers – marketing tips, book covers, editing, #Bookbub tips and more!


From the blog of Anne R. Allen – Tips on making book covers look professional

5 Tell-Tale Signs of an Amateur Self-Published Book


Kathy Steineman on how to cut unnecessary filter words



Diane Tibert (aka McGyver) on her Self-Publishing series from Scratch, how to and why you should have a Website



Sally Cronin is sharing some easy to absorb, helpful tips for using Twitter



Nicholas Rossis with a helpful tool to create book trailers



Ruth Harris on the blog of Anne R. Allen with a succinct list of apps and tools to design your own book covers

DIY Book Covers Have Come a Long Way — How to Create Professional-Quality Covers with Design Apps.


From the Writing Cooperative – What should I look for when editing my own writing?



Best BookBub Ads from 2020 – What sells?

The Best BookBub Ads of 2020


Five Crucial Tips for Writing Plot Twists – Nicholas Rossis



How to animate your book covers by Harmony Kent at the Story Empire



Well, those are a lot of links, but as I know, there is something for everyone, and I know I am grateful for those in our community who share such helpful information. I can’t help but pass on the goodies. Enjoy!



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43 thoughts on “Writer’s Tips – Book Trailers, #BookBub Ads, Book Covers, Plot Twist!

  1. A wonderful post, Debbie, filled with gems and doable suggestions. Last year I bookmarked your posts on writing tips and I did refer back. Same, today. I will reread Sally’s post about Twitter, since I am still a Twitter newbie. I don’t get notified when someone initially shares my post on Twitter. I do see the retweets and I think this is under the category of tagging. I will investigate. Thank you for an excellent post, Debbie! Like you say “…something for everyone…”🙂


    1. Hi Erica. Wonderful that you save these articles. I promise you, you will go back to reference at some point lol. Yes, Sally’s tips for Twitter are invaluable because they are simple steps we can use without getting too technical. Hope to see you on Twitter! ❤


  2. A mine of great information and standards to aspire to, Debby. I immediately clicked on ” Tell-Tale Signs of an Amateur Self-Published Book” and decided mine wasn’t one of them – ha! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Debby, a superb selection of tips and advice and I’m bookmarking this for reference! 😀 It’s wonderful with the warmth and generosity of others to share from their own experience and specialised knowledge, the creative positive energy is heartening. I’m off to read a few of these links now, starting with Sally’s advice for Twitter. I feel I could improve on this platform! Wishing you a lovely weekend! xx


  4. OMG. You just gave me a whole day of reading and investigating. Great links, Debby. I’d caught Harmony’s post already, but that was the only one. Fabulous shares! Off to absorb tips from a bunch of pros. Thank you. ❤ ❤


    1. Lol Diana. I found some really good articles while on my ‘semi’ break. I file them in Evernote for easy referencing. I need to learn book trailers! LOL ❤


    1. Thanks Jim. And my pleasure. Oh yes, and I can’t remember everything either, lol, but I file all the link pages in Evernote for easy referencing – like when it’s publishing time. 🙂


  5. Okay–weird. So far behind I saw this on LinkedIn today before finding it here! Anyway–you really have a cornucopia of great stuff in this one! I am still slammed with stuff to do but I will have to get through all of them.


  6. Thanks for compiling this list of helpful and informative writing-related articles and tips, Debby. I have Sally’s Twitter tutorial open in my browser, but haven’t had a chance to delve in yet. We all know how much I need to do that sooner than later! 🙂


    1. One day at a time Liesbet. There’s so much valuable info available for us. I try to pick out the pertinent. I can’t remember it all either so I have files stored in Evernote. That way when I’m actually working on something that deals with these topics I can click open the file. ❤


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