Sunday Book Review – #Booklaunch, Lockdown Innit #Poetry and Observations by Marjorie Mallon


Sunday book review, featuring Marjorie Mallon’s latest #Booklaunch, Lockdown Innit. This is Marje’s second book with a new accounting of circumstances and observations from her journey through the Covid pandemic.


Lockdown Innit: Poems About Absurdity by [M J Mallon]

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Lockdown Innit is a poetry collection of eighteen poems about life’s absurdities and frustrations during lockdown. Wherever you live in this world, this is for you. Expect humour, a dollop of banter and ridiculous rants here and there. Amongst other delights, witness the strange antics of a swan posing by a bin and two statuesque horses appearing like arc deco pieces in a field. Check out the violin player on a tightrope, or the cheeky unmentionables wafting in the lockdown breeze!

What people are saying:

Bestselling author Lizzie Chantree’s thoughts: ‘An intricate mix of observations from the author about how the pandemic has brought change. Some welcome, some not so much. A thought provoking read.’

Author and Poet Sarah Northwood: Lockdown Innit is a wonderful collection of predominantly free verse poetry on all kinds of themes experienced during the author’s third lockdown.


My 5 Star Review:

This is Mallon’s second book where she shares her views, observations and incidents she’s endured dealing with the Covid lockdown. Mallon shares her thoughts and worries and experiences through poetic prose, and free verse writing in this book, documenting a range of emotions from fear to humor.

The author gives us a glimpse of her views from taking in the mundane and everyday happenings in life, to a few scares of her own, expressed from her point of experience. She shares stories about her daughters and elaborates on some of the ideas they had to stay entertained, to an ode to her mum and the silly shenanigans that go on in supermarkets – “Shopping Bozos”, demonstrating some of the inconsiderate behaviors of some people during a pandemic.

This an entertaining documented journey through the author’s eyes of  circumstances and life during the Covid lockdowns. Memorabilia for the future – lest we forget.



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62 thoughts on “Sunday Book Review – #Booklaunch, Lockdown Innit #Poetry and Observations by Marjorie Mallon

  1. Hi Debs, Thank you for the above recommendation for Marj’s collection of poems. She’s certainly a hard worker! Must investigate. It sounds good fun. Do hope your husband is improving. The poor man seems to have been very unlucky lately! And take care of yourself…Hugs Joy xx


    1. Thank you Joy, poetry is very dear to me. And when doing what I love, I work hard! I feel for Debby and her husband. This is such a tough time, especially when you’re not feeling well. Marje x


  2. This is encouraging! While I’ve read many reports of authors and poets struggling with either the inspiration or discipline it takes to follow through with any project, Marge produced a book! Congratulations, Marge, and thank you, Debby.


    1. Hi Claire, yes it has helped me and kept me occupied. Though I have struggled to write in my usual genre YA fantasy. I have a MS still waiting . Everytime I look at it I just sigh and say hopefully soo, I will have the energy for that!


  3. It’s so awesome to see Marje’s new poetry book popping up all over the blogosphere! Thanks for sharing, Debby, and best wishes to Marje!


  4. Debby, a terrific review of Marje’s second book! 😀 It sounds as if her work captures all the aspects of this last year, and it is surprising how there can be moments of laughter and lightheartedness in the midst of it all – yet it is this which keeps us going. I’ll remember the phrase ‘Shopping Bozos’ phrase next time I encounter such types! There has been some insane behaviour by a small minority. Definitely a book for now and for the future lest we ever forget, and also for future generations. Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday! xx


  5. Aww, that’s lovely. And very special of you to say, means so much Debby. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend. I appreciate all you do, especially when you have so much on your plate at the moment with your worries. Sending love. x


    1. When you are living through this time period it’s so vivid Jacqui. In a few years time, or for future generations Lockdown Innit and the anthology might be ones to reflect upon. I’ve noticed there is an ever growing amount of literature being produced at this time on the subject.


  6. Another great and enticing review, even though I’m trying to stay away from COVID-19 related subjects. Congratulations to Marje for sharing her anecdotes and her own take on events, and I hope you’re coping all right with everything. Take care. ♥


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