Writer’s Tips – #NovelWriting, #Blogs to #Podcast, Making #Videos with #Canva and More!


This edition of Writer’s Tips is chock full of great posts from fellow writers on everything related to writing stories. Also included are two fantastic ‘how to’ posts on how to turn our blog posts into podcasts, and how to create videos by using Canva.


How to write the best titles for blog posts that attract attention from the SEO machines by Hugh Roberts



How to make your novel standout in a crowd of books by Deborah Jay



7 Easy tips to craft a story – Nicholas Rossis



How to make a video with Canva, by Harmony Kent at the Story Empire



Jan Sykes shared a fabulous, informative post on WordPress’s capability to turn out blogs into podcasts!



Five Common Beginning Writer Storyteller Mistakes by Anne R. Allen

Five Common Beginning Writer Storytelling Mistakes



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50 thoughts on “Writer’s Tips – #NovelWriting, #Blogs to #Podcast, Making #Videos with #Canva and More!

  1. Thanks so much for including a link to my blog post about writing clickbait blog post titles, Debby.

    I’d heard about turning blog posts into podcasts, but am I ready to reveal my voice to the world yet? I’ll certainly read Jan’s post, though.


    1. My pleasure Hugh. And I’m with you. As writers, many of us would rather hide behind our words. It’s unnerving for many of us, including myself. But good to know! ❀


  2. Hello Debby,

    This is a great selection of articles, thank you!

    Making videos with Canva is very easy. I use it to complement the trailers I make in Animoto. Both platforms complement each other really well.


    1. Hi Cendrine! Thanks for stopping by and for letting us know that you’re enjoying using the Canva animator. I can’t wait to dig into these things. Hugs xx


  3. Debby, many thanks for sharing all these links here!

    The day I read Jan’s post about podcasts I was so excited about the idea and set mine up immediately. Works a treat and yet another platform – can’t hurt! I look forward to exploring the other suggestions featured in your post.

    Hope you’re doing okay, hugs xx ❀️


    1. Thanks Annika, for telling us about your already setting up the podcast! Isn’t it a great idea? Glad you find my posts helpful. And yes, we are plugging along here, thank you ❀ xx


  4. Thank you for sharing this great collection of useful tips, Debby! Have a nice day, and a wonderful weekend! Michael


  5. An excellent set of blogs full of resources. I’m thrilled you found my Canva video post helpful and appreciate you including it here, Debby. Thanks so much. Hugs xx πŸ™‚


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