Writer’s Tips – Tool Rocket, Publishing #Scams, Word Slash, #Stylesheets, #Blogging Tips

Welcome to June edition of Writer’s Tips. It’s an exceptionally crazy time for me right now in the middle of getting ready to moving madness. But I’ve managed to capture a few posts that stood out to me in my short travels along blogland. I hope you bloggers and authors all find something of interest here today. Hugh Roberts, Kathy Steinemann, Sally Cronin, Nicholas Rossis and Anne R Allen’s blogs are always filled with valuable information. I also came across an interesting new social platform – Clubhouse, an interesting new medium where we can be heard without being seen. Check it out!


Sally Cronin has a new series at her Smorgasbord Invitation, helping authors get the best exposure for their books and themselves in her Public Relations series for authors. Visit the post to find the others in the series



Hugh Roberts the blogging guru with 7 Methods to get more Readership for your Blogs



Kathy Steinemann has a new word series – How to Slash your Word Count, Part 1



Nicholas Rossis shares a great tool to convert PDFs, Tool Rocket



Anne R. Allen with a great heads up on how to detect publishing scams – Friends Don’t let Friends fall for Publishing Scams

Friends Don’t Let Friends Fall for Publishing Scams: Look for These Tell-Tale Signs


And, a double-header today from Anne R. Allen’s, featuring this article by Ruth Harris – Everything you want to know about Style Sheets and Guides but were afraid to ask

Style Sheets, Style Guides, and Writing Style: Everything You Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask


Have any of you heard of Clubhouse? This new social app offers another medium for people to connect.



I hope you all enjoy this edition of Writer’s Tips. 







44 thoughts on “Writer’s Tips – Tool Rocket, Publishing #Scams, Word Slash, #Stylesheets, #Blogging Tips

  1. Thanks very much for including the PR post Debby and great links that will keep everone on their toes.. All helpful.. will share in tomorrow’s blogger daily.. love and hugs ♥


  2. Many gems in this post, Debbie. I have bookmarked this series and I find I refer back to past months. I hope the moving and transition goes smoothly for you. I cannot imagine the challenges, especially the challenging emotions. Take care. Hugs. ❤️


  3. Clubhouse looks great fun, Debby. I will await my invitation, but in the meantime get on the waiting list by creating my profile. I hope they have a blogging club. If not, I’ll create one.
    Thanks so much for including a link to one of my recent blogging tips post.
    Sending you hugs.


  4. Thanks you so much, Debby, for all these great tips – there is so much great advice here. I can’t wait to read about the PDF converter, and you can never know too much about scams. I like to think I’m very sensible in that regard, but they seem to turn up everywhere. Toni x


  5. Thanks for publishing this, Debby. It’s a relief to know I’m doing a lot right. I’d think you’s get a score of 100% — left a comment on Hugh’s blog too.

    Don’t overdo today. Carve out some “me” time, if you an HaHa! 🙂


  6. Hi Debby – I see a few have seen Clubhouse, as I have … but not being socially media oriented or app oriented either … I’ve not checked – but note a few are interested. Thanks for the tips – just stay safe, while everything for the move comes together … and with thoughts for all that’s going on – cheers Hilary


  7. Thank you for the very interesting and helpful listing, Debbie! You are wonderful providing “the best of the best”. Enjoy a wonderful Thursday. xx Michael


  8. Thanks for the above, interesting. I don’t think I can cope with another app. So much hard work often for little return. I had an invite to Clubhouse a while back but passed on it because I wasn’t sure about it. LOL. I should hve invested instead.


    1. Wow Jane. First I’ve heard of Clubhouse and you were already invited! Lol. Maybe you’ll get another? I’m with you on the gruel of yet another outlet 🙂 xx


  9. Publishing scams are the worst! Many thanks for another great list, Debbie. I’ve heard of Clubhouse but I’d probably decline an invitation at this stage as I’m so hard-pressed for time I can hardly maintain my current social media presence 🙂


  10. Thanks again for all these tips, Debby. You are amazing! I know how busy you are right now. I hope the move is going/will go smoothly!

    I’ve saved Sally’s next installment in my browser for future reading. I don’t have much time right now either, but for totally different reasons: catching up with friends and family after three years. So much has changed in this country of mine…


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