Writer’s Tips – #Canva Animation, #BookBub, KDP Tools, Famous Writer Advice, Slash Your #Wordcount

Welcome to the July issue of Writer’s Tips. In this edition we have tips on animation text for Canva, Lessons for Authors, How to Slash your Wordcount, Why some writers quit writing, and the new KDP tool for authors, and tips for promoting on BookBub.


Natalie Ducey is back with another fab tutorial on how to animate text using Canva



How to be an Everyday Star Writer, and advice from famous writers, by Ruth Harris at the blog of Anne R. Allen

How to be an Everyday Star: Lessons From 4 Famous Authors


Fantasy author Diana Peach shares her experience with promoting her books on BookBub



Kathy Steinemann with Part 7 of her Slash Your Word Count series



Jacqui Murray at Worddreams with some valid examples of writing that may deter readers to continue reading



Just a couple days ago (around July 12 – July 14, 2021), KDP added a new marketing tool to the KDP interface. It’s called A+ Content. It’s NOW available to KDP users. You can access the feature from a couple different places from within your KDP dashboard

KDP Has Added A New Marketing Tool, It’s Called A+ Content!


Here is the direct page to Amazon’s KDP new author tool



I hope you enjoyed and found something useful from this edition of Writer’s Tips.






36 thoughts on “Writer’s Tips – #Canva Animation, #BookBub, KDP Tools, Famous Writer Advice, Slash Your #Wordcount

  1. Thanks for the great list of posts, Debby. Sorry I’m so darn late to stop by! I’m off to check out the posts I missed. And thanks for including my Bookbub newbie experience. I’m going to try another one and see how it goes. 🙂 Have a peaceful day, my friend. Hugs.


    1. Hi Diana. Please, never apologize, we all get round eventually. 🙂 Of course I had to include your BookBub experience, we all as writers are curious on the gamble. 🙂 Hugs for your lovely wishes. Happy week to you too. ❤ xo


  2. Once again, you’ve found fascinating artilces (thank you for including me!). Natalie is amazing with her formatting ideas, as is Kathy with writing tips. I haven’t heard of KDP A+ content so I’m off to check that out.


  3. Just getting over “birthday bash” and time away.

    Thanks for getting me caught up here with the latest. I can identify most with being an “everyday star.” The description fits me right now. But I will never give up writing even though I may take a break every now and then.

    You inspire me, Debby, pressing on even through tears. ((( HUGS )))


    1. Thank you Marian. And Happy Birthday to you!! Are you still vacationing? Thanks for your kindness too Marian. Just over 3 months and I can tell you, not one iota easier. ❤ xx


  4. Hello Debby! I hope you are fine, far away from all these heatings, flootings and stormings. (In English I love to use the plural! Lol). Thanks for the very interesting listing of important and useful advices. Be well, stay save and enjoy life. xx Michael


  5. A fantastic compilation of articles and tips, Debby. I’ve read Jacqui’s blog post and I’ve been curious about KDP’s new marketing tool. “Thanks a lot for giving me extra material to read this weekend,” she says sarcastically! 🙂


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