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Welcome to the the #WATWB – We are the World Blogfest, where a group of writers share something good going on in the world to deflect from negativity on the last Friday of each month.


Today I’m sharing an article I came across where one woman doctor brings the smiles one bouquet at a time.  Eleanor Love (appropriate name), worked part time as a florist while going through medical school and has a gifted knack for making bouqets. She has taken it upon herself to bring cheer to patients by collecting leftover flowers from weddings and making bouqets and giving them to patients to brighten their day.



Meet the Young Woman Helping Others Smile, One Bouquet at a Time!



“Eleanor Love knows that flowers have the power to bring joy to people.”


This young doctor’s mission is simple but genius: she turns something old into something new. Here’s how. She collects leftover fresh flowers from weddings and rearranges them into beautiful bouquets for re-gifting to hospital patients.


“But in this simple gesture of giving gorgeous flowers to lonely hospital patients, she is also gifting a healthy dose of instant happiness, bringing joy to her smiling recipients.”


“The floral passion of the appropriately named Ms. Love all started two years ago when she was a medical student at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine in Richmond, reports the Washington Post. Inspired by hearing about the regifting of flowers happening on the West Coast, and equipped with the hacks to create a beautiful flower arrangement from her part time job at a floral shop before medical school, she decided to add some joy into patients’ lives. She continued the effort by setting up an organzation called The Simple Sunflower, which keeps up with the flower deliveries. . .

Visit the full article at Goodnet


Check out the video which explains the Simple Sunflower project


Source: Meet the Young Woman Helping Others Smile, One Bouquet at a Time! – Goodnet


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41 thoughts on “#WATWB – Meet the Young Woman Helping Others Smile, One Bouquet at a Time! – Goodnet

  1. I LOVE this concept and the brains and benevolence behind it. Re-gifting usually has a negative connotation, but this is movement is so generous. I’ll share this and hope others are encouraged by the video. Brava, Debby!


  2. As someone who loves flowers in any form, this is a positive and wonderful way to brighten up a hospital patient’s day. Who wouldn’t love to receive a bouqet of sunshine? Kudos to Eleanor and all of the volunteers who help her gather up and repurpose flowers for a good cause and thanks for sharing this story for WATWB.


  3. Just brilliant, Debby! Not only is this a wonderful idea, but I love how this young woman is involving other young people in this project. Young people take the lead on things like this and make things happen because they find ways to spread it through the use of technology. I’m going to pass this on to some friends I know who work in the hospital system.


    1. Thanks so much Pete for the sharing. And yes, what a great idea to brighten someone else’s day. And you said, the youngers surely know how to spread the word! 🙂


  4. A beautiful idea, a lovely gesture, and, as you say, it costs nothing but a bit of time. I’ve always felt sad when I’ve seen waster flowers going unloved when so many people could enjoy them. The simplest ideas are the best. Thanks for sharing this inspiring story, Debby.


  5. Great story! What an fantastic idea. It’s nice to know that the flowers bring joy twice, once to the wedding guests, and then to a patient in need. I love that Dr Love’s idea is also therapeutic, not only for the patients but also for the volunteers. Taking time to put together arrangements and then seeing smiles while delivering them would probably be a break from the normal gravitas of the hospital. Thanks so much for sharing this month and for being a part of #WATWB! Have a fantastic weekend!


  6. Thanks for sharing this lovely post Debby and what and amazing young women.. to manage what must be a challenging job with this creative idea of bringing pleasure the second time around…and encouraging others to do the same..♥♥


  7. Hi Debby – what a brilliant idea … that is so uplifting … I love it … I used to take my mother a sprig or one flower for my Ma when she was in hospital in London … fresh flowers have that wonderful scent – and she was so delighted to have her ‘daily’ treat. When she got down here – I’d always get her fresh seasonal flowers … so the room was always cheerful – we always discussed them and enjoyed their ‘perfume’ – remembering her gardens and love of plants.

    An excellent #WATWB … love it and love her as Ms Love is obviously a great doctor as well as a fantastic organiser with flowers. So clever … cheers and thank you – Hilary


    1. Hi Hilary. Thanks so much for sharing that snippet about your own mother. Flowers bring joy to so many, so taking them to the sick to cheer up is a wonderful prescription. 🙂 xx


  8. What a happy story to read, how lovely that these young women “regift” these beautiful flowers from weddings to hospitals. Thanks for sharing and being part of #WATWB. Wishing you a lovely Sunday.


  9. Thank you for this very empowering story, Debby! Its so heart touching, and also blessed work. Remembers me on the weekley posting by Jill (jilldennison.com). She is once a week mentioning “Good people doing good things!” Wonderful to have them all, for making this world a little bit better. Have a beautiful week, Debby! Dont tell me, you also had sun the last days. I am ranting against the heaven, because wishing to be able visiting the UK does not mean previously to accomodate with rain. 😉 xx Michael


    1. Thanks so much Michael for visiting. And yes, sometimes it’s just good to talk about the good things right? We had it very very hot here all week and big rainstorm Saturday. We didn’t have a lot of sun. This week supposed to be sunny. And hope to be in the UK October. Hugs xx


  10. This is such a beautiful post it is lovely to see young people and a busy young doctor giving back and contributing to the circular economy…Wonderful idea which brings so much pleasure to the recipient and the giver 🙂 x


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