Writer’s Tips – Publishing Scams, Google Caveat, Writing the Blurb, #Scammers, Author Marketing

Welcome to September edition of Writer’s Tips. In this edition it’s chock full of goodies for authors. Author Marketing and a new series open for writers from Sally Cronin. Anne R. Allen keeps us up to date on scams against authors. Ruth Harris on writing the danged blurb. How to structure memoir using storyboard. Harmony Kent on writing in 2nd person, and a warning to check your Google extensions so you aren’t auto-opted in to their exploitive policy.



Sally Cronin with her Podcast on Marketing for Authors – Using social Media




Sally Cronin has opened a new author series #nonfiction – Share your story about someone who has influenced your life




Anne R. Allen with an in-depth listing of Scams against Authors

Publishing Scammers are Proliferating like Tribbles: How to Stay Safe



Also from Anne R. Allen’s blog featuring Ruth Harris – Writing the danged Blurb

Some Unconventional Advice About How to Write the D*mn Blurb



Informative article on how Google’s Chrome extensions sneak us in without permissions




Harmony Kent with her segment at the Story Empire with Part 2 in her Point of View series – Writing in Second Person




Learn to successfully structure your memoir, novel, or nonfiction book using a simple storyboard system








52 thoughts on “Writer’s Tips – Publishing Scams, Google Caveat, Writing the Blurb, #Scammers, Author Marketing

  1. Thanks so much Debby for including two of my posts in this great selection of links.. so much to think about when going through the whole process of writing a book, before, during and after, whilst watching out for scam artists.. Will share in the blogger daily on Tuesday..β™₯β™₯


    1. As we all should be. I clicked on the little three dots > settings > privacy sandbox, and sure enough I was auto-opted, it’s not a myth. We have to turn it off manually.


  2. WOW! This is one of the best of your collection of tips ever!. Lots of bookmarking and studying already done. Here’s a tip from me that’s too small to stand alone on a blog post: Try typing with your eyes closed. Keeps you focused on what’s coming from your mind and not what’s on the screen. Works well with music in the background that feeds the brain too.


      1. Yeah. I’m not in the Sandbox Privacy trial and have always automatically blocked third-party cookies. A new thing just happened two days in a row–a Chrome featured article of some sort notification came up not on my PC but on my phone! Got to check that out today.


  3. Thanks for the links, Debby. I’m particularly interesting in the unconventional blurb. I barely know how to write the conventional one! Ha ha. Thanks for vetting some wonderful posts. Off to read!


  4. Another wealth of tips and helpful information, Debby. Thanks for collecting and sharing them. I’m bookmarking Sally’s podcast and new author opp for later. Happy week!


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