Sunday Book Review – Voices in the Trash by Frank Prem – #Poetry

Welcome to my Sunday Book Review. Today my review is for a short but lovely poetry book by Frank Prem – Voices in the Trash. For those who are familiar with Frank’s inventive poetry, you will enjoy this imagery plus poetry together as the author depicts what the images speak to him.


Voices (In The Trash): A Picture Poetry Book by [Frank Prem]

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What if they could talk?

What if the objects that catch our eye as we wander down the aisles at the Trash and Treasure Market could tell their own stories?


My 5 Star Review:

The author uses poignant images to tell his stories of his unusual and thought provoking perception of, if the photo could speak. Simplest of objects such as plastic fruit, paint brushes, mannequins, peacock feathers, clocks, globes, – catch the author’s imagination and inspire his creative poetry around his vision.

Prem shares his vision with us and at the same time offers us, the reader, to both, look through the author’s eyes, as well as using our own intuitive impressions and translations.


  • A crystal ball – tomorrow will be clear
  • All right (basket case) – baskets strewn up a stand ‘we have to hang out together”
  • I – the recorder – the clock is master of time
  • What remains – compelling thoughts on history


Frank Prem is known for his out of the box creative poetry.. If you enjoy poetry, and are open to new forms and presentation of some telling poetry, you’ll want to read this book.




54 thoughts on “Sunday Book Review – Voices in the Trash by Frank Prem – #Poetry

    1. Hi Jan.

      Thank you. It was unexpected and extraordinary to encounter so many photogenic objects that were capable (and ready) of having their voices caught in a poem. Quite profound, in a few cases.


  1. Hi Debbie.

    Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. I’m delighted that you enjoyed these little oddities.

    I’ll reblog this over to my place and invite readers to visit here.




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