Sunday Book Review – Charlotte – #Shortstory by S.R. Mallery

My Sunday Book Review is for S.R. Mallery’s, Charlotte. This is a cleverly written short story that doesn’t feel like a short story because even in the limited pages, the story is well crafted, will keep our curiosity revved until the very end when we find out who ‘Him’ is.






Sometimes things are not as they seem…
In 1793, all the twenty-four-year-old Charlotte desires is to travel the long distance to Paris and visit Him. Despite La Guillotine operating day and night, in spite of her family’s warnings about her being too independent, she has a true mission and will not be deterred. In the end, will everything work out? Will meeting him give her the fulfillment she so craves?


She only knows that when she finally does face him to execute her plan, she will take care to look her most beautiful. For, by doing that, she will assuredly draw him in––and forever change her life. She cannot wait.


Originally entitled, “Him,” in the short story collection, TALES TO COUNT ON, this is an alternative route to a famous event during the French Revolution.



My 5 Star Review


This is a short story that packs a punch. Mallery paints a story taking place during the French Revolution. Charlotte Corday is on a mission to leave her comfortable country home to visit a mysterious ‘someone’ in Paris, at a time when Paris was known as the City of Blood and the guillotine was working overtime. We are taken through her journey of her traveling to Paris, and the stops she made along the way to ensure her safe passage. In a time where one must be aware of surroundings during the time of bloodshed, simply because one had wealth or nobility, Charlotte dressed in her finery, set out to seek the man, only referred to as ‘Him’ throughout the story.


We learn she must look her finest and takes great pains to make sure she does in preparation to finally see ‘Him’, she will be the desire of his wantings when she arrives. She thinks.


This author is known for her short stories that are deliciously descript and for a mere 8 pages she sets the tone for this quick-paced historical fiction tale that is guaranteed to drop a few jaws by the time we reach the end.





29 thoughts on “Sunday Book Review – Charlotte – #Shortstory by S.R. Mallery

    1. Ya, I was wondering about that. WP has stopped posting my scheduled posts for months now. I have to do them manually. I came here this morning to post it and it was already up! Gremlins at work! 🙂


  1. Even the shielded face of the woman on the cover suggests the mystery the story blurb implies. Well-done, Debby, and you didn’t have to knock yourself out reading hundred of pages this time! lol


  2. I have read some of Sarah’s stories and novels, Debby, although not for a while. Luckily, I have a copy of this one on my Kindle already, so your review comes at the right time.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and recommending this story, congratulations to the author, and stay safe.


  3. You definitely have me wondering who ‘Him” is, Debby, and how Charlotte’s life will change when the meeting finally takes place (if it does). 🙂 I look forward to reading this! Thanks for your great review! ❤️


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