Native Spirit Oracle Card Reading

And now for something completely different. Today I’m going to share a reading I did for myself a few days ago. I think many of you who visit here know my blog can be a bit eclectic, and sometimes random when not posting book reviews, writing tips, or rants in general. And I also know that many of you know I’m quite spiritual, tossed in with a little witchy and a little psychic, as you’d know from some of my other posts, like Sisters of the Fey articles I used to write for. But today, I wanted to share a reading I did for myself with my Oracle cards. Yup, I read cards and Runes too. Surprise!



Personally, I prefer working with Oracle cards to Tarot cards, possibly because I find them easier to interpret. I have four different sets of Oracle cards, as many readers often do. Some resonate more to me on certain days than others, but my real favs are my Native Spirit Oracle cards, which I used in this recent reading. This deck really speaks to me.


I’ve been learning and working with the cards for a few years now. Until these past few weeks, I had no desire to pick up the cards, especially when my husband took ill. I didn’t need to read anything about what was in store for me at that time I knew doom was impending. But ironically, I recently have become curious again about what spirits have to tell me. Maybe I’m looking for direction, but I felt a need to pull out the Native cards only. Incidentally, I’ll sometimes bring other decks into a reading, but this time I didn’t, and the reading still took me well over an hour after setting the scene and stopping to write in between interpretations. All these decks come with little booklets that interpret the cards meaning and message, which we the reader use as guidance to help interpret what we see.


I turned on some meditation music, cleared the room of stale energy by burning sage and incense, lit a white candle, set up my altar with my husband’s photo, surrounded by crystals, then waved my selenite wand over the cards to cleanse them, and asked for my spirit guides and angels to protect me in white light and only good spirits to be around. Then I shuffled the cards. Every reader has their own style of drawing cards. We shuffle them and ask our questions. I usually prefer to use three cards, then more if I feel I need elaboration on an answer. I let the cards choose me. As I continue to shuffle and ask my question(s), a card, two, three will either fall from the pile or stick out from the rest. Those are the cards I begin with. The others, I cut the deck in half and draw from the top if I feel I need another card or so.


I felt compelled to ask the spirit guides – Where do I need to be? What do I need to do? Where do I need to go, if anywhere, to find this new life I need to begin living.


I laid the first 3 cards face down, then flipped them over one at a time to interpret the messages. I then ultimately, ended up with five cards. The 4th one I drew because I felt I needed more clarification from one of the answers, and the last card literally dropped off the pile, so I had to add it to the story. Below you can see the 5 cards that came to me. And then I’ll share my interpretation.


Oracle cards



The first card on top left is Flowing River, next, the Wounded Healer, and The Trickster. And I’m adding here that the Wounded Healer card comes up for me every single time I use this deck. The next card came, The Shapeshifter, which I chose to elaborate on the Trickster’s message. And then of course, the extra card that fell, I laid on top again over the Shapeshifter. And here’s how it went with my interpretations:


Flowing River:  “Forgive yourself and let go.” The rivers are flowing and the flow of life are opening for me. I am no longer swimming against the current. Forgiving oneself and letting go is one of the hardest things for me to do, but spirit is telling me it’s time to stop blaming myself for the more I couldn’t do to save my husband. Logically, I know it was no longer in my hands but God’s, yet, it’s a tough thing this guilt.


The Wounded Healer:  Healing energy and life force are flowing to me, so says this card. I’m told I’m a healer who helps others, whether or not I know it. What needs healing now in my life is a process currently being worked on, “The cracks can be where the light enters the soul. You are a healer in the most profound sense of the word.” What needs healing in my life is being addressed by the “inner realms”. “Your strength lies in the difficulties you’ve overcome.” I discover this while I’m seeking how I can help myself, I’m told I’m helping others.


I’ve been told by two mediums that I was a doctor in another life and I worked with the Native medicine men in another. It makes me wonder why I’ve always been so fascinated and interested in health and medicine, especially naturopathic. Perhaps this is why this Wounded Healter card always visits me every reading.


The Trickster: Immediately, this card made me think of Murphy’s Law – Murphy the trickster who likes to show up particularly in Mercury Retrograde periods, which we are currently in now, and wreak havoc on most communications, reservations, appointments, technology – you get the drift. Things are not as they seem or should be in this time. This Trickster warns not to take everything at face value and to search below the surface, but also to look for the humor in difficult situations. This card asks that I step out of old routines that are keeping me stagnant. It suggested I howl like a cayote to release stagnant energy, particularly more powerful during a full moon. I did. I then asked spirit what did I need to beware of, so I shuffled the cards and asked the question and 2 more cards popped out. The Shape-Shifter popped out along with another – Gathering Your Tribe.


The Shape-Shifter: ” Let go of attachment to your identity. See the world around you with new eyes.” That really got my attention because that’s exactly how I feel since my husband died, that I’m seeing things from different perspectives. I’ve been observing the world around me with different eyes. SS says it’s time to manifest my dreams, And for the 3rd time in this reading I got the same message on this card, “This card chose you because it wants you to kow that you’re past doesn’t need to equal your future. Shut off your beliefs and limiting decisions that held you back from fulfilling your highest destiny.”


Gathering Your Tribe:  I am loved and I deserve love and support in various forms, they are flowing to me.  Speak truth and once again there’s a repeated message: “Diminish your time with those who do not empower or believe in you.”  It says if this card chooses me “sustenance in all forms” is flowing into my life. “Your people are those who resonate with you.” It says it’s my time to put my needs before others. (At this point I looked up to the screen where I was playing the meditation music on my screen, waves were crashing and a huge beautiful orange butterfly rested on a rock.) The message was telling me that my tribe are my people, and that’s what I always say to all my warrior friends. And then this last quote blew me away, “Sometimes your friends are more your family than your blood relatives.” Fact. And finishes with suggestions -“take classes, share meals, take time to find your people. You will live longer.”


I hope you enjoyed my sharing of my Oracle reading. I don’t do it often, but when I feel the cards ‘calling me’, it’s time for a reading.




54 thoughts on “Native Spirit Oracle Card Reading

  1. This looks like a beautiful set of cards, Debby. I don’t have these. Your reading, I think, was spot on. You are morphing into a different person — alone. I did too. The messages are uplifting and clarifying and I hope you felt it too! Thank you for sharing!


  2. Thanks for sharing your reading with us, Debby, and I’m glad it offered you a lot of insight and guidance. I have a similar deck but it’s animal spirit guides. I always find the readings very accurate, and sometimes very direct. Sending hugs. xo


  3. I’m only beginning to read cards, so this was interesting. I was to see a medium nine days ago, and she also read my cards. I’ve never been to her before, so she provided a different perspective than others I’ve visited.

    Thank you for sharing your reading. Stay wild. Stay free.


  4. This was very interesting, Debby, as I heard never heard of Oracle cards before. They have clearly given you some wonderful insight and help. Thank you for all this detail. Loving hugs, Toni x


    1. Thanks for reading it Toni. The Oracle cards are different than Tarot, and for some reason, much easier for me to interpret than the Tarot which I’ve always struggled with. ❤


  5. Knowing you as I do, I don’t think I’d need Oracle cards to identify you here. The ones that stand out are these: Flowing River, Wounded Healer, and Gathering Your Tribe. I’m glad to be part of your tribe, those who love you and follow your journey here. ((( )))


  6. Sis, that was a powerful reading! Now that the journal is finished, it makes me want to start my Fairy Tarot Friday readings again. I especially liked the messages about your tribe and how family isn’t always blood relatives. The Buddhists believe we are all a family and through reincarnation we’re all related one way or another. I’ve always been comfortable with that viewpoint. This is why empathy and compassion are so important—somehow, we’re all related. If only more people realized that. Keep working with your cards. They will help you find your way. ❤


  7. That is a great reading Debby and so relevant and full of promise.. I have Tarot cards, runes and a crystal ball… it depends on my path at the time but usually I use runes… these Oracle Cards sound as though they offer a different perspective to the others and will obtain some..You are definitely part of our tribe and family..♥♥


    1. Thanks for the validation Sal. And your tools come as no surprise to me, lol. Yes, I’ve struggled with Tarot interpretation for years. I currently have four decks of Oracle cards I ordered from Louise Hayes a few years back. It’s this deck and my Akashic Record cards that speak to me most. ❤ xo


  8. I’ve never heard of Oracle cards, although I have heard of Tarot cards. You’ll not be surprised to learn that I’ve always been fascinated by health and medicine too, and wanted to be a doctor in my teens. However, I’d have had to get through Physics and Chemistry first…

    The readings sound spot on! x


  9. I also think reading the cards is a good guidance for getting certitude too, Debby! Thank you for introducing a little bit. But for using them on my own, it will take a longer time to me, i think. Thanks again, and have a nice rest of the week. xx Michael


  10. Hi Debby – such an interesting post … and one for me to think about. I’m so glad you took the cards out and then shared your thoughts with us … you are at a new beginning with lots of ‘old’ friends around – life is interesting … take care and enjoy this new journey – all the best – Hilary


  11. What a great post, Debby, with wonderful guidance. Honestly, I don’t know anything about reading Oracle or Tarot cards, although I’ve heard of them before. Your cards are beautiful and I believe you’ve gained insight from this reading. You are inspiring. Hugs ❤️


    1. Thanks so much Lauren. It’s wonderful when I can connect with the cards. I’m getting real comfortable with Oracle cards now. Tarot are another beast which I can’t seem to get a handle on. I’m glad you enjoyed and thanks for your kind words. ❤ xx


  12. I was going to say you had a nice set-up with what looks like some clear quartz and selenite. A lovely deck and lovely reading.

    Ha! The 5th card. I always do that–you drop it, you plop it (down). It belongs in the reading. 💞


    1. Sounds to me like you may be a girl who knows how to read the cards too my friend? And you are spot on with my stones I displayed in this reading. I’ve never seen any reader disregard any card that drops. 🙂 ❤


  13. HI Debby, I don’t read Oracle or Tarot cards but I do find other peoples readings very interesting. I featured Tarot cards in A Ghost and His Gold and did quite a bit of research on them at the time. Your readings sound like good and useful advice. Have a lovely weekend, Debby.


    1. Thanks so much Robbie. Not everyone has the ability to interpret, and I’m far from a pro, lol. But I was thrilled to finally get comfortable with these cards, and I still struggle with the Tarot. 🙂 xx


  14. Hi Debby. I found this post fascinating. I had never heard of Oracle cards, so I enjoyed learning about some of the cards, their names and their meanings. How wonderful that you felt it was time to use them and see what messages are being sent to you, and what positive and kind messages they were! It sounds like you only do readings for yourself, but if there was a way to broaden it, I would be first in line as a client to have my reading done by you. All the best to you.


    1. Hi Melanie. Thanks so much for your interest in my reading. And I feel honored that you’d like a reading from me. I’ve never read for anyone else before, and as I’m just getting back in the groove of my ‘concentration’, I’d like to do a few more readings myself with some of my other decks, and then practice here on a friend. Once I’d feel confidant reading for someone else, I promise I won’t forget you. ❤


  15. I did enjoy your reading; thank you, Debby.

    Many years ago, I was given a deck of Tarot cards by somebody who claimed he was a wizard. I learned to read them and did many a reading for others. A few years later, when doing a reading for myself, I was told to sell the deck, which I did. I thought something horrible would happen after I sold them, yet the money I got for them went towards buying a bus ticket to London. The rest, as they say, is history.

    I’m glad you get comfort and guidance from your Oracle cards.


  16. My UB, your reading was ‘spot on’ for you, and it is no wonder you felt drawn to do it now. I haven’t seen the Native Spirit cards before and they are beautiful. I love native American energy. My Mum gifted me some John Holland Oracle cards years ago and I have various tarot decks and crystals. We are your tribe and blessed to be connected to you. ❤ Xxx ❤ ❤


  17. Great motivational reading, Deb. I’ve been remiss in doing readings for myself, but you’ve inspired me. Have you read The Crack in the Cosmic Egg? I sense it might speak to you right now ❤️


    1. Hiiiiiiiiiiiii T! Nice to see you in blogland. Thanks for the kudos. Yes, they called to me, lol. And no, I’ve never of that book. But I love all your recommends, so of course I’ll check it out! ❤ xx


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