Writer’s Tips October – #Memoir Writing, #Canva, #Scamalert, Createspace, Google, Blogging, and Free Promotion Offer

Welcome to October edition of Writer’s Tips. In today’s post I’m sharing a new author scam alert, Seven S’s of writing Memoir, problems for authors who didn’t move their books themselves to Amazon, a tutorial on how to add video to Canva, marketing with Google, reusable block making on the Gutenberg editor, and two invitations where you can promote your books.



First one is a brand new author Scam Alert. Anne R. Allen keeps us abreast the latest scams and book steals. Today she shares the danger of Facebook, and advice on choosing an Editor who won’t scam.

Warning to Writers: You Won’t See This New Publishing Scam Coming



Roz Morris from Nail Your Novel with The 7 S’s of Writing Memoir



Deborah Jay with an eye-opener for authors who didn’t move their books themselves from Createspace to Amazon



Natalie Ducey Smith has a new tutorial for us on How to Add Custom Video to Canva




Attention authors looking for FREE promotion – the great promoter, Sally Cronin is offering a new series at the Smorgasbord – Lucky Dip – check it out and get featured at the Smorgasbord




Tech teacher and author Jacqui Murray shares how to outline and market your stories using Google



Blogging guru and author, Hugh Roberts is showing us how to make a resuseable block in the Gutenberg editor



Ingram Spark tells us why we should also publish with them separately, using publishdrive



Author Stevie Turner also generously offers authors and bloggers Free promotion on her blog on Fridays – share a post or share a book excerpt – check it out





46 thoughts on “Writer’s Tips October – #Memoir Writing, #Canva, #Scamalert, Createspace, Google, Blogging, and Free Promotion Offer

  1. There’s some great tips here, Sis. I deleted my FB author page and the page I had set up for Wordcraftpoetry.com. You had to have 2000 followers per page before FB considered you to be relevant. This is why I hate FB. They censure free speech and only show us what they want us to see. That is not good business to me. I’m still posting on MeWe.com. At least there I can read posts. But you know all of this already. Hugs for listening again. ❤


  2. Great list–thank you for including me. I’m planning to take Stevie up on her offer for my next book. And I clicked through to Deborah’s article. I generally trust myself more than automated processes. Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Great tips and posts, Debby. The scams drive me crazy. What an ugly commentary on our world that people are continually trying to cheat each other. I have to get reading the rest. Thank for vetting and sharing! Have a lovely day, my friend, and wonderful time with Zan. Be sure to take time off from the blog!


  4. Thanks so much for including a link to my recent post about creating a reusable block for your books on the Block editor, Debby. I’ve had lots of new traffic and new comments on the post since you published this.

    Also, I wanted you to know that although I’m ticking the ‘Notify me of follow-up comments by email’ box on your blog, I’m not getting the emails. I’ve checked my spam folder, but nothing there. I wonder if it’s just happening to me? I always used to get them. I’ve ticked it again on this post and will wait and see if I get an email informing me of your reply. Fingers crossed.


    1. Hi Hugh. I’m glad you’re getting traffic from my sharing of your post, but no surprise, as so many have glitches and problems with the block editor, and you are the guru! But arg, I’m sorry you aren’t receiving the follow ups, I can tell you this MERCURY RETROGRADE has been wreaking havoc on so many I know and making all digital things go beserk. Only another week of it! I do hope that corrects. I will investigate on my end. Hugs to you xxx


  5. I’m always delighted to read your Writers Tips, Debby! Great to see fellow bloggers highlighted here, too! Despite not having the motivation to write my current book, I’m still reading the best practices for self-publishing so I’m ready when I get back to it! Thanks for keeping your eyes out for good info!


    1. Thanks Terri. So glad you found them helpful. Yes, fellow bloggers have the best tips – from experience! And I do know what you mean about no motivation. I finished writing a book last year that has been ready to go to the editor since last fall. I’ll start fresh in 2022, lol. Hugs xx


  6. Thanks Debby for the valuable tips. I shared the article by Anne concerning scammers with my Twitter community. It is shocking what lengths people will go through, meaning stealing another’s work. I once found my published journal online for all to see and a price to purchase. I contacted google who took the site down. I recently had someone clone me through FB messenger to some of my friends. I have been questioning my FB business page, whether it is worth it. More to ponder!
    Many Blessings
    Lisa xoxo


    1. Thanks for sharing the article and your observations Lisa. Yes, many of us writers have been talking about how FB has dissed authors. Quite a few have closed their author page. Me, I barely go to mine anymore. I can no longer post there for the last few months unless I go there physically with a copied link to share something. All my traffic and ‘likes’ have diminished, and FB only slaps ‘boost this post’ on most posts because they want us to pay so people can see our posts. That platform is overdue for a shutdown anyway. ❤


  7. Seems like I commented on the Facebook scam already but the rest don’t seem familiar. Been having notification issues with your posts. Aside from that, lots of challenges and obstacles going on. But as usual, the tips are very helpful.


    1. Thanks John. And I’m sorry to hear about challenges. I’ve had quite a few myself – personally and with computer and WP agro. And this FB scam is a new one btw. Ya, the hits keep coming. 🙂


  8. Thank you for collecting all these very useful and also important news, Debby. I will pick up the knowledge! I hope you are well, and enjoy a beautiful week. As Canada has different climate zones you can choose inside your country. Here its most of the time grumpy. Lol xx Michael


    1. Hi Michael. Thanks for stopping by. Yes we have different climate zones, but other than British Columbia, most provinces get their share of winter. It’s gloomy here today too. 🙂 xxx


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