Sunday Book Review – Cruising Danger by Stevie Turner

My Sunday Book Review today is for Stevie Turner’s – Cruising Danger. I always enjoy Stevie’s books and had a hard time choosing which one to read this time round, as she has many books out and even though I haven’t yet had the chance to read them all, I try to get one in, in between other reads I enjoy. This one didn’t disappoint as Stevie takes us on a cruise adventure with Shirley and Pauline, two good friends who work together who decide to take a Caribbean cruise together – only things got off to a rocky start and the lovely cruise adventure turns into a possible murder mystery.





When Pauline Edmunds agrees to accompany her workmate Shirley on a Caribbean cruise, she is disappointed to be left alone almost at the start when Shirley starts a holiday romance with Joe Collins, a guitarist in a band working on board the ship. However, Pauline does not like the look of Joe, and tries to dissuade Shirley from continuing the affair. When Shirley cannot be found one morning, Pauline begins to investigate her friend’s disappearance, opening up a whole can of worms amidst a background of Caribbean scenery and sunshine.


My 5 Star Review:


Two close friends who work together decide to take a cruise together. Pauline is married and Shirley is not. Pauline discovers in a short time after boarding the cruise ship that her friend Shirley has already cast her eye on one of the ship’s musical entertainers, Joe. Shirley winds up spending lots of time with Joe and Pauline becomes pissed that the friend she supposedly went on vacation with is barely ever with her, leaving her mostly alone, not showing up for meals or planned excursions.


Yes, Pauline is pretty angry, as would be most people in this situation, only, after a few days of Shirley being a no-show, Pauline becomes suspicious as to her friend’s whereabouts and begins her journey of investigations with the help of ship security and emails she sends to her husband Jim, asking him to help her out by sending him on search missions back home in the U.K. (no spoilers).


The plot thickens once we discover Pauline is not imagining things and a ‘mysterious’ ‘passenger’ befriends Pauline and in her despair over drinks, proceeds to tell Ken what has transpired with her investigation into her missing friend. This is the part where I began getting suspicious of Ken, but that’s just me. Of course I cannot let you know if I was wrong or right about Ken. And I’m not divulging what entails after Pauline’s suspicions are confirmed. Suffice it to say, Turner did a fantastic job with creating suspicion and bringing in some other colorful characters to add to the chaos. Is Shirley really missing? Is she dead? Did she ditch Pauline to rush back home from one of the ports when Joe dumped her? You will have to read this enjoyable page turner to find out.




61 thoughts on “Sunday Book Review – Cruising Danger by Stevie Turner

  1. I’ve seen Stevie Turner’s profile in blog posts and Facebook groups, so now I’m happy to read a review of her work. I’ve never been keen on murder mysteries until I started reading a few this past year. Based on your review, this one sounds intriguing because I’ve been to the Caribbean. Thanks, Debby, for showcasing Stevie with this fine post.


    1. Thanks so much Marian. Stevie is a machine with many books. I’ve read many and have more to go. She never disappoints and she has her own style which I enjoy. Yes, is chicklit-ish with some cozy mystery. A fun read for sure! ❤


  2. I like the general sound of this one. It’s believable that something such as this could go wrong on a cruise. I can also imagine one friend being mad at the other until she realizes her friend’s safety is in question.


    1. Thanks Pete. I used my experience of 3 cruises to write this. My mother-in-law once told me that somebody had jumped off the end of her cruise ship and rescue teams never found any body.


      1. I never thought I’d make it back to the ship, especially when the crew started handing out life jackets and picked up long poles with hooks on the end to fish anyone out of the water. I haven’t been on a cruise since!


  3. Great review, Debby. I love how cruises create such a trap for the protagonists and the inclusion of some colorful characters is a real draw. Congrats to Stevie on the wonderful review. 🙂


  4. I can imagine this one would call to you, with your fondness for cruises! Congratulations to Stevie, and you’ve reminded me I have quite a few of her books coming up on my list as well. Have a great week!


  5. HI Debby, this is a wonderful review. I also enjoy Stevie’s writing very much but she writes faster than I can read. I have a couple of her books waiting for me on my kindle.


  6. Thanks for the review, Debby. This one sounds entertaining and suspenseful. I’ve seen Stevie around in the blogosphere and based on your review, I’m sure I’ll like her writing style and plot. Apparently, lots of people die on cruise ships every year due to murder, suicide, or accidents. This story reminds me of a documentary/true crime series in which a blogging/author friend of mine (J.H. Moncrieff) was involved as an expert: Cruise Ship Killers. I’d like to watch this sometime too. 🙂


    1. Wow Liesbet. I’d love to find that documentary. I do know though that many an overboard and/or suicide continues to happen on cruiseships, just like people who jump subway tracks to do the same, both are usually kept as quiet as can be as to not alert the media. ❤


      1. Yes, cruise ships don’t want that bad publicity and usually claim the event happened over three miles offshore, so it’s in international waters and difficult to deal with. I think. I might be making this part up. I just saw that the show is available on YouTube. Mark and I might watch a few episodes tonight…

        Enjoy the Conakry of your friend. You’ll be crazy busy – in real life and not online. The best kind! Xxx


      2. Thanks Liesbet, I believe you are so right. I will look for that video too! And thanks for the well wishes about being busy. I need this. ❤


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