#WATWB – We are the World Blogfest, #Gooddeeds – Feeding the Sick in Rwanda

Welcome to the October issue of #WATWB – We are the World Blogfest, where a group of writers share something good going on in the world to inspire and keep focused on some of the positive things happening in the world.


In this edition, I’m sharing an initiative I came across where the organization of Humanity United and  Kuzamura Ubuzima have united with the first ever Food share initiative. This initiative was formed in order to aid in the food shortage in Rwanda with the Food Forest Program, and recently added, food delivery for patients in hospitals. Food is not free for hospital stays in Rwanda and many cannot afford to buy the food, and many more have nobody to bring them food.



“Food Forests – also known as forest gardening, are a world apart from traditional agriculture. Standard farming models require that crops are planted in neat rows, segregated by species. In contrast, the food forest model revolves around planting techniques which mirror the ecosystems found in nature.

This means that crops are allowed to grow in the places where they naturally thrive – think shade-loving mushrooms underneath heavy canopied trees, or plants that mutually benefit each other interspersed in the same area. Because the food forest follows patterns found in nature, it is low maintenance and self-sustaining, requiring only basic upkeep from farmers. . .”


Please continue reading about this amazing initiative at Goodnet.org.


Anyone is welcome to join in at any time to post something good going on in the world on the last Friday of each month for the WATWB by posting a link to your post on our WATWB Facebook Group Page post. Hosts for this month are:  Sylvia McGrath (professorowlsbookcorner.com) and Belinda Witzehausen (BelindaWitzenhausen.com)  








21 thoughts on “#WATWB – We are the World Blogfest, #Gooddeeds – Feeding the Sick in Rwanda

  1. It is sad to know that patients aren’t given a meal while in hospital in Rwanda, Debby. In South African, patients in the public hospitals often have to take their own bed linen and pillows.


  2. Hi Debby – what a delightful post … Rwanda and other countries under a divisive ruler tend not to be caring … this programme of forestry food makes so much sense. Imagine having to deliver food to a loved one in hospital in Rwanda would have meant walking miles – let alone if there was enough food … and it wasn’t stolen on the way through. A brilliant post for #WATWB … thank you … so informative – cheers Hilary


  3. Great #WATWB post Debby thanks for it. Thankfully we’re waking up at long last here in South Africa and people are realising the importance of growing their own food. Forest gradening is a new concept to me …


  4. There are two organizations which I tend to give to: Canada Food Banks and A Woman’s shelter in Montreal. Sometimes I open my fridge and look at all the abundance of food I have. I have never really gone hungry. I do not know what that is like or to have to witness a child go hungry. I am grateful for my own abundance and for these organizations who are concerned about world hunger. When Elon Musk tweeted thathe would sell his billions of tesla stocks if the UN could prove that would solve world hunger my response was that he ought to take a trip to some of these villages where children are starving instead of taking a trip to space.
    Great post, Debby, for showing us awareness of how some organizations are helping.


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