Sunday Book Review – Waiting for Frank-Bear – (Beechworth Bakery Bears)


My Sunday Book Review is for Frank Prem’s new release in the Beechworth Bakery Bears series – Waiting for Frank-Bear. This is probably my fifth book I read by Frank. I enjoy his non conformitive prose and poetry he uses to execute his stories. And the bears are adorable. I was thrilled to receive an ARC from Frank, this book is available now on pre-order.



Waiting For Frank-Bear: as heard by . . . (The Beechworth Bakery Bears) by [Frank Prem, Leanne Murphy]

Available on Amazon



The Beechworth Bakery Bears are still just as friendly and eager to please as ever.


But, where is Frank-Bear?


He does not come in to see them as often as before and they miss him.


They would love to tell you about their lives now, and how they wait for their best friend Frank-Bear to visit.


Step back into the bakery and find out what is happening in the world of The Beechworth Bakery Bears.



My 5 Star Review:

Prem brings us a new treat from his Beechworth Bakery Bear series. In this poetic story he takes us into the inside musings of the Beechworth bears who are now feeling a bit perturbed at the lack of customers, and question why people must lineup to enter the bakery, only so many at a time. As they patiently await customers to come in, the bears go about their business, tidying the shop and preparing baked goods.


The bears are also puzzled because they can’t see people’s full faces anymore, now covered with masks. What is going on? And where is Frank? It seems Frank is one of their favorite customers and as they go about their daily business of setting up shop, they keep their hopes up in anticipation that Frank will soon show up for a drink and his favorite snack. Another night passes as they patiently await their friend Frank-bear to visit. A sweet read!





64 thoughts on “Sunday Book Review – Waiting for Frank-Bear – (Beechworth Bakery Bears)

  1. Debby, this is a wonderful review of the new Bears Book.

    They continue to delight me and I’m so very grateful to be able to share them with readers.

    Thank you so much for helping to let folk know about them.


    1. Hi Toni. Thank you. Not even the Bears can escape the pandemic, I’m afraid. It’s been interesting to observe the changes and to think about them from that perspective, a little.


    1. Hi Sally. Thank you.

      I think I’m appreciating the Bears even more, just at present, because I can see a time coming soon where changed circumstances will prevent regular contact to a much greater extent. I’m treasuring my present interactions as a result, I think.

      They’re very sweet.


    1. Hi Peggy. Thank you.

      It has all changed, hasn’t it? Two years gone already and rubber band marks etched from mouth to ears from constant mask wearing!

      Hope you’re travelling well up to my North.


    1. Hi Jane.

      How wonderful. Let me know how she finds the book if you get a copy. I’ll be delighted to hear because I don’t really fancy myself as a children’s book writer in the greater scheme of writing things.

      Thank you.


    1. Hi Christy, thank you.

      They’re pretty cute, and I get engaged with looking at them and taking photos every time I wander in for a coffee or bread or some other legitimate purpose.


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