November Writer’s Tips – Gutenberg Block Editor, Deadly #Writer Sins, Online Safety, and More!

Welcome to November edition of Writer’s Tips where I scan the web in my reading travels and discover some worthy posts helpful to writers. In this post we’re covering, reusable blocks in the new editor, online privacy, avoiding four deadly writer sins, blog traffic, New! KDP Hardcovers, 5 Indie mistakes that could cost authors book sales, Audio books, and Pinterest for book marketing.



Hugh Roberts our resident Block Editor Guru is showing us how to create a ‘reusable’ block you can add ready made to any post and How to Increase Blog Traffic

Are You Using This Little Known About Block That Helps Promote Your Blog? – Hugh’s Views & News  



Are You Struggling To Get People To Your Blog? These 7 Free Methods Will Help



Tech Teacher and author, Jacqui Murrary is sharing great tips on how to stay online safely



Four Deadly Writer Sins and How to Avoid them, by Ruth Harris at the blog of Anne R. Allen. 5 Indie Author Mistakes that could lose you Book Sales by Tech Author, Barb Drozdowich at the blog of Anne R. Allen and the benefits of creating audio books by William Hahn, guest writer at the blog of Anne R. Allen

5 Indie Author Mistakes That Can Tank Book Sales



4 Deadly Writer Sins—and How to Avoid Them. Plus a Top-Secret Pro Tip for Writing a Book Readers Can’t Put Down



The Things I’ve Heard: Confessions of an Audiobook Narrator



Nicholas Rossis shares the announcement that Amazon KDP is now producing Hardcovers for Indie books



Jan Sykes at the Story Empire shares what she’s learned from advertising books on Pinterest






32 thoughts on “November Writer’s Tips – Gutenberg Block Editor, Deadly #Writer Sins, Online Safety, and More!

  1. Many thanks for sharing this post packed with great advice, Debby! I’m going to look through these in more detail over the weekend but am already intrigued by Hugh’s suggestion. Very helpful indeed. I’d seen about Amazon and hardpack books – it will be interesting to see what the uptake is of their latest venture. Would you look to offering your books in hardback as well?

    Wishing you a lovely weekend! xx


    1. Hi Annika. Thanks, and glad you found these helpful. I’m digesting the hardcover idea. I possibly may be doing it just to have them for myself. I haven’t yet checked out the hardcover prices for sale, so once I do my own research I’ll decide and be happy to share my discoveries. Happy weekend to you too my friend. ❤ xx


  2. Another treasure trove full of useful tips and information. Thanks for the compilation, Debby. A few weeks ago, I finally followed Hugh’s advice and created a reusable block for Plunge. I just remember now that I forgot to add it to my last blog. Darn. I’ll have to go back into it and add the block. I’ve saved a few of your writing articles for later. Like Sally mentioned – a lot of reading material to keep us busy and improving!


    1. Thanks a lot Liesbet. You are like me. I keep all my tips on file because I know I’ll look for something sometime and need it, lol. No way I can remember everything LOL. Hugh is a treasure of help with his blogging tips, which I have all filed, especially since I plan on moving my blog back to WordPress so they can look after the blog headaches. Only, I’ll have to start using the block editor, lol. So I’ll be using Hugh’s tips to navigate through new waters. 🙂 BTW, if you’ve made the reuseable block, add it to a widget somewhere on your blog so it’s always on your page and you don’t have to remember to add it. ❤


      1. Good idea. Except that the idea for this particular reusable block is to add it to every single post, as many people don’t even look (or can see) the right column on my blog where the widgets live… And, I have a permanent “buy Plunge” widget already there. 🙂


  3. Thanks so much for including links to two of my recent posts, Debby. I’m thrilled that the reusable block for adding books to blog posts has been an overwhelming success. It’s saving people so much time.

    Thanks again.


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