Update – I am currently in process of moving my blog

Hello writer/blogger friends. This is just a quick update to inform you all that I am FINALLY moving my troublesome blog back over to WordPress Premium. The blog has been in transfer since Saturday and may not complete for another few days, so you won’t find much of anything here until the transfer completes and my ace tech support, Colleen Chesebro adds all that used to be here. Thanks for your patience and please don’t forget to FOLLOW THIS BLOG now.

Thank you. @DGKayewriter.com

12 thoughts on “Update – I am currently in process of moving my blog

    1. I hope so Carol. I got nothing left in me. I’ve been left out in the cold by both Godaddy and WP, so shameful they don’t move your stuff over and their codes don’t work. Twelve hours I’m still on chat with WP on phone with Godaddy. Livid! xx


  1. Fingers crossed, but I remember that although I used some plugin to ensure the content would be moved, it didn’t work fully well. IΒ΄ve never got rid of my free WordPress one because of that, and I suspect I’ll end up going back to it, as it is becoming increasingly expensive to keep my current blog, and times are hard. Stay safe, Debby.


    1. Thanks so much Olga. Yes, I agree, running the website is not only expensive, but when problems arise we’re left to our own devices to fix things as though we’re web masters. Hopefully, today I may get my content over. Hugs xx


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