November Oracle Reading – Native Spirit and Akashic Tarot

Welcome to my November Oracle Reading.

This post should have gone out earlier this week, but as I’m in the process of migrating my blog back to WordPress, all I can do so far is post here with no bells and whistles yet. But I wanted to see what happens with exposure by posting on this new blog, so I’m starting with my November reading – because it’s already December!

I’ve begun a practice where I read my Oracle cards once per month. I always find my messages spot on, coinciding with what is typically going on in my life at the time, helping to put things in perspective.

When I first became attracted to Oracle cards, I purchased cards that somewhat ‘spoke to me’. I say this because there are oodles of different types of Oracle cards available and how I chose which decks I wanted to work with was by how a various deck ‘jumped out’ at me. I currently own four different decks, and I’m usually drawn to using two of these decks in particular. For this reading I chose to use my Akashic Tarot set, oddly named Tarot.

I’d also like to note here that these are not Tarot cards, but Oracle cards with messages from Ascended Masters, Angels, Native Spirits, Goddesses, and from spirits of higher echelons up the ladder of spirits of wisdom, they are a tool to use for self-reflection. There is no set standard for pulling these cards. You can pull a card for daily inspiration, or you can set up a layout as you would with the Tarot, but the interpretations are different. You can ask the cards anything that is lingering in your mind.

My two favorite decks are: The Akashic Tarot by Sharon Anne Klingler and Sandra Anne Taylor – a deck of 62 cards which help to reveal hidden insight from the Akashic Records – “ designed to access the profound energy and unlimited information that make up the Akashic Records, which are great fields of wisdom and power that transcend time and space and are immediately available to all. “

My other favorite deck is the Native Spirt Oracle Cards by Denise Linn – “The Native Spirit Oracle Cards profoundly deepen your connection to the mysterious, natural forces around you.” This is a 44 card deck based on their birthing at the sacred mountain carrying the mystical energy that surrounds from their birthing.

Every Oracle deck comes with a guidebook to help interpret the messages.

My Reading:

I asked the cards as I shuffled with intention if they had any new messages for me from my husband. My beloved passed away a raw seven months ago and my grief is as overwhelming still as the day he left me and this earth. I typically like to do a spread of three cards and add cards as needed for extra clarity. This time, I had five cards drop simultaneously while shuffling, so I went with the five. Here’s what fell and my interpretation:

Three of Keys – The Chess Game – Reversed

This card symbolizes a conflict with family that has grown untenable and unlikely to change. (Spot on!) It’s time to walk away and disengage emotionally. Put those unhappy people behind you. By bringing them to an end, you’re creating new space for peace and more promise to your life. It’s your time for new beginnings. Pretend you’re on a chessboard and take a look around at the other players, gauge how you feel about them. ‘What do you want your next move to be?’ Clear out the old!

Three of Roses – Loving Elementals – Reversed

This card reversed reveals a split from your fun-loving child within and your union with the natural world. It’s time to find a joyful purpose by doing things that make you happy.

One of Roses – Commitment

A valuable union is at hand. A love of something or someone is returning. This could also mean new business opportunities are coming your way. This card is filled with light, indicating good things are in the offering. A female relative may be wanting to stir things up. Let go! You may have lost something, and you may be experiencing uncertainty about the future. Allow the Akashic Records to guide you.

The Lookout

Pay attention! There’s a challenging battle of sorts around you. Stay aware, don’t lose your footing, stand your ground. Your strength will carry you to a better time.

The Architect

You could find yourself renovating or redecorating. It is time now to step into your power. It’s time to recognize your strengths and talents and take charge!


The cards send me guidance.

I asked if there were any messages from my husband. The messages received were quite accurate as to what is happening in my life now. The cards reiterated my family – or lack of – situation and recognizes the predicament I feel I’m living in right now. They reaffirm my decision to walk away from those who no longer serve me. And they remind me that I, hold the power. And good things are coming.

End Note:

Each deck or Oracle cards comes with a guidance book to look up the meaning of each card. With time and experience you can learn to interpret a deeper meaning by the order in which cards fall, the images, and in which direction they face relative to a card laid before or after it, and how the message applies to your own life. If you require more clarity you have only to draw another card and ask spirit to help clarify a card or situation, or perhaps use another favored deck to add to the completion of the story.

Note: I am in the process of moving my blog over from my ‘problemed’ self hosted site. Please bear with me as things on my blog may look wonky for a day or two until Colleen Chesebro and I get this mess figured out. 


38 thoughts on “November Oracle Reading – Native Spirit and Akashic Tarot

    1. Woohoo Sal, thanks for that. I just couldn’t deal with all the problems that I had with GODADDY, and costing me a small fortune to run that blog. I’m apprehensive about how all my older posts will come out when and if they ever get moved over. Oye! ❤

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  1. You did good on this post, Sis. I’ll help you with some of the blocks when this all migrates over. The colors on this blog looks superb! This is all going to work out. Just be patient. We’ll have you looking spiffy in a jiffy! LOL! BTW, like Sally said it only took a second for this blog to load compared to the minute before. I bet your traffic increases now, as well. ❤

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      1. Hi Marje. Yes, I know you have a lot going on so I appreciate your popping by. The content is suspended in a file at this point, after 12 hours yesterday with my old server on the phone and in chat boxes with Wp. Crossing my fingers the last WP engineer I had was extra kind and agreed to help me again this morning. There seems to be a glitch between files importing here from a self hosted server. ❤


  2. Beautiful cards, Debby, and such a lovely reading, reaffirming your past choices and reminding you of your strength to create new opportunities. And I’m so happy that you’re coming back to WP! It makes communicating a lot easier. I hope that transition goes well. 🙂

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  3. Welcome back to WordPress, lol. I have a free site and have never had any problems with it. Regarding your post, I have heard of Tarot cards but not Akashic cards. I’m obviously no expert, but wouldn’t somebody else need to do a reading for you? Just sayin’, because otherwise wouldn’t it be like marking your own homework? x

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    1. Thanks Stevie. Only half my blog is here, still having nightmares bringing the rest over. And as far as readings go, oh yes one can read their own cards, not at all like marking homework because I’m asking spirit questions about me, I shuffle and ask questions, the cards fall for me, my reading. Just the same as doing the Runes for oneself. 🙂 x

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  4. I remember you mentioned the Oracle cards. It isn’t something I’ve ever looked into, but they are intriguing, and you’ve become very adept at interpreting them. I shall investigate further. Stay well and I hope things work out with the new blog. Good luck, Debby!

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  5. Wonderful to see you again Debby … Love that you are migrating back to WP… Maybe then I will get to see your replies LOL… And so happy to be reconnecting.. Also a double bonus as to the subject matter of your post… I too have many decks of Angel and oracle cards… I used to use more in the past, but have found myself now the odd day looking for inspiration and guidance..
    When done with the right intention I found them to be extremely accurate and revealing, even to the things we hind from ourselves..
    Has it really been so long since your dear Hubby past… my heart is with you dear Debby…. I know I have been away since July from WordPress.. One thing then another …
    But the main thing is our reconnecting back as we see now I feel its time to hold the love and light we came here to help maintain..
    Love to you dear friend..
    Sue x ❤

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    1. Sue, it’s so wonderful to have you back. Yes, it’s wakeup time for the world for sure. And yes, you should have no trouble anymore commenting on my blog lol. Now if WP would only download my 9 years of content from my old website, I could make the blog look better. Love flowing back you way my friend. ❤


      1. Have you the facility to export your old content Debby? I export my blog every few months which downloads into a zip folder.
        When I migrated to WordPress 11 years ago I exported my whole blog from spaces live .. which then died a death lol..
        So it uploaded all the posts in date order as you see on my blog back to 2007. ..
        I know it’s a pain… if you are trying to transfer individual works .


      2. Hi Sue. Thanks so much for your valuable information. As we speak I received good news from the tireless WP happiness engineer who has spent days helping me. My blog is up and running again and everything was brought over! I’m sure there will have to be a post about this. ❤


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