December Oracle Reading – Change is Coming!

My last reading for the year, once again touches on all aspects of my life. Interesting how by using two decks – Akashic Tarot and Keepers of the light, so many cards reiterate the same messages. Most cards that fell today, fell in the reversed position. Reversed cards don’t necessarily mean negative messages. For example, the death card scares many people, but most notably pertains to ‘a death of a situation’. Often times, the death card is a good omen because it portends that a situation that needs to end is coming. If the card is reversed, the situation may linger.

I set up my altar, performed my ritual and asked, what do I need to know? These are the cards that fell:

Akashic Records – Karmic Trench 4 of Scrolls Reversed:

It’s time to plant new seeds. You’ve fallen out of your karmic trench. A sudden change in your life will come as you sever other relationships. Allow what happened to knock you out of a karmic pattern you’ve been in too long. This is your opportunity to overturn lifetimes of sabatoging karma and time to create a new beginning.

Queen of Roses – Reversed

This card could portend a falling out with a female family member of friend. It represents stepping out of the role of wife or mother and asks to honor the grief. This is transformation time. Time to let go of those who don’t honor you. Time to make your own self-love a priority.

The card shows that he left his love to her and walked into the sunset. In a tailspin, her life went upside down as she went from wife to widow and searched from the love inside. Time to move on from old tribes for new ones. Queen of the tower of success awaits.

8 of Roses – Community Reversed

Time to realize it’s time to walk away from people who no longer serve you.

7 of Scrolls Reversed

Intricities and industry. Be careful not to act in haste. It’s time to bring in the joy now. Take baby steps. Your tiniest efforts will create extraordinary success.

1 of Scrolls – Ontrack

This is the time to choose a direction about a project, relationship, career, or even a move. Time to decide. Get on board to the direction that calls you. You are in the waiting room to prepare for your journey.

6 of Roses – War of the Roses

This card indicates a war with either someone or within your own heart.

Well, Wisdom, Mind – I asked spirit if my husband needed me to know anything.

You’re coming into a time of enormous power. You are working intimately and unknowingly with ascended masters on power and will, love and wisdom of mind. You can raise your higher power working with ascendants now. Take advantage of this time and use the power well. Divine forces are moving through you to help manifest your power.

Spring/Autumn Reversed – 4 of Forces

This is your harvest time where great abundance is coming to you. Focus on closure for loose ends before moving forward. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Queen of Keys

This card could represent a possible argument with a female of authority. A loss of a relationship. Time to consider new aspirations. The Queen is ready to give you a step to a new life. She’s looking down from a tower. She has the authority on looking out for her own happiness, on her own now, she climbs the ladder of success.

I asked, what new life?

The Buddha Prepares – Reversed

The meditative phase is over. It’s time to prepare for action. You have the ability to influence others without your realizing. It’s time to move forward.

I asked, move forward where?

Diversity – 5 of Scrolls Reversed

You feel as though too many things going on yet not much has happened right now. Too many choices can cause hesitation. Time to make a choice and focus on one thing. Don’t be afraid to try something and find you don’t like it. You have many choices, just move on. Stop worrying about things that haven’t happened.

I asked if there was anything else I needed to know, from my Keeper of the Light Oracles Cards by Kyle Gray

Lord Ganesh – Infinite Abundance

You have spiritual support and obstacles are being removed. Ganesh is the Lord of removing obstacles. He helps people weave around hurdles. He will have a perfect path for you with his light.

Lord Shiva – Transcendance

Time to rise up, steps are there, time to dance. Lord Shiva is known as the destroyer because of his warrior-like energy and his ability to destroy fear. He offers support and guidance. He is a communicator between earth and the cosmos, here to help you move beyond fear and into clarity. Lord Shiva is with you now to award your sense of connection of life. You’re moving through a great transition and soon you’ll know what you want to do and where you need to be. You will transcend beyond any past limitation. Time to travel your soul. Lord shiva will lead the way.

~ ~ ~

This was a brief summarization of what became a lengthy reading. All in all, it leaves me with a good feeling about my new beginnings in the makings. This is what I would call a beautiful reading of possibilities that are opening up in my new life. For months, the cards were stagnant, just as my life seems to be. I feel that I must get out of my abode and explore what possibilities lie ahead for me. Certainly, these opportunities won’t be knocking at my door if I don’t make an effort to meet them. I hope doors will open for me once I get out of my environment and fly away somewhere else – perhaps to my upcoming winter getaway to Mexico!

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a Happy New Year! Time for us all to kick this year to the curb where it belongs and join the land of the living. πŸ’–


57 thoughts on “December Oracle Reading – Change is Coming!

  1. Dearest Debby, I hope you were able to navigate through Christmas my friend, My thoughts were with you, as this year draws to it conclusion. So many things changing, so much letting go of not only those we love but the ideas and concepts that have held our perception for our life times..

    I have been quiet again over Christmas, Just learning to step out of the technology into crafts and surrounded by family, my Christmas has been one of contemplation and peace.. ❀

    Loved your card reading Debby, I couldn't let this year pass by without wishing you all the very best for our upcoming New Earth Year yet to be birthed…
    I know from my own intuitive guidance that while we may for a short time in the coming New Year find things not emerging as fast as we would wish, I know that many things are happening behind the scenes which have yet to make their public appearance… When they do hit the msm, then we shall see a huge shift of direction..
    But as I have stated for such a long time… We star seeds then will have our work cut out, for much healing then is to be done..

    The card that the message stood out the most to me was the Buddha Perpares: Reversed..
    " The meditative phase is over. It’s time to prepare for action. You have the ability to influence others without your realizing. It’s time to move forward ",,,,,

    It is now not only your time dear Debby, but those of us who came here for this purpose to step forward in Action.. We can only help free ourselves…

    Sending you Huge Hugs for a bright and illuminating year ahead dear friend..
    May you continue to be guided, as we listen to what the Universe has to tell us as we step forward into 2022..

    Much love your way… ❀ ❀ ❀

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    1. Thank you so much Sue for your wonderful blessings and message. You know I’m with you on all counts. Yes, much work to be done, but the light is already peeking through the cracks. The reckoning is here, the time is near. Thank you for your wonderful friendship, and I totally get when you disappear within. We all need to do that sometimes. Blessings to you and yours and may this New Year bring awareness and goodness for all manking. Love and hugs flowing your way. ❀ xoxox

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  2. Although I come at charting my course by a different way, I join you in planting new seeds. May your garden flourish in 2022. I pray you are surrounded with love, joy, and peace this day and forward into the new year, dear Debby!

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  3. I’m so sorry this past year has been such a sad one for you, Debby. Of course, you’ll never forget, but hopefully, you can find some peace of mind and happiness.

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  4. Hi Debby – a very happy and peaceful year ahead – with surprises in store – your door is now open … so many ideas and opportunities will come along. I wish you a happy time down in Mexico while you adjust to your loss of last year – so desperately sad for you … my thoughts with loving supporting friends around you … all the very best – Hilary

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  5. Sounds like 2022 will be a better one for you, Debby. However, excuse my ignorance, but shouldn’t somebody else do the reading for you? Isn’t doing your own reading like marking your own homework? What do I know? Nothing probably, but … just sayin’… xx

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  6. This is a good reading, Debby. It only came when you are ready to receive it. It didn’t come as a surprise. The answers are already within you. When one is grieving, no one could tell that person to move forward. It seems like a little voice is saying it’s okay to get out there. Your beloved will always be there with you. He would love to see you smile. Your new year will be different in a good way. I’m so happy to hear you’ve had the best reading to start your new year. πŸ™‚ ❀

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  7. Hi Debby, I like that the reading indicates new opportunities coming your way. I am intrigued by these readings you are doing. I remember a friend when I was younger was really into doing them. Wishing you all the best in 2022 πŸ’•

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  8. remarkable, Debby. So many messages of clearing out what doesn’t serve and moving forward in your power, but also taking small steps. Lots of wisdom in that. Thanks for sharing your reading. It sounds just right for you. Hugs and may your new year be one of discovery in which you bloom. ❀

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  9. Your readings are always fascinating Debby. I love how you feel that this was a “beautiful reading of possibilities.” When you are open to possibilities, that is when you see them; and can act on them. Wishing you the very best in this new year. Your strength will carry you far.

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  10. Your reading is so fascinating, as is the power of the cards. I don’t know how to read them, but I wish I had someone like you close by to read Tarot cards with me. A writing friend who’s really into dragons will have her dragon Tarot cards published this spring. I will buy a set and then find a “Debby” nearby. Beautiful hope in your future. And I’m glad you’re getting to Mexico this winter! Love and hugs, Pam

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    1. Thanks so much Pam. Ooh, those dragon card sound lovely. I hope you find someone to help you with them. I still struggle with Tarot interpretations, but Oracle cards are becoming very familiar with me. Big hugs to you! xx

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  11. An illuminating and uplifting reading, Deb. You must feel excited and hopeful for the future. The Well, Wisdom, Mind card struck a note in me that’s still vibrating. Medicine people speak of the importance of making an act of power, which you’ve done by publishing your books. But I think an act of power develops in stages rather than being expressed in a single deed. Keeping the connection to our Sacred Twins/Ascended Masters/The Divine dynamic and vital helps assure its evolution and ultimate manifestation. Isn’t it exhilarating to anticipate the future with hope and worthy intention? Once again, you’ve given me a lot to contemplate. Thank you, my friend, for your willingness to share ❀️❀️

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  12. What a wonderful reading, Deb! it really reflects the transition and change that you’re going through and changes to come. The Queen of Roses really seemed true to your experience. Happy New Year to you and have a marvelous time in Mexico xx

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      1. Yes, it’s a whole renewed Covid nightmare. πŸ˜› Fingers crossed your flight doesn’t get cancelled. At least the symptoms are mild if you’re vaxxed and boostered. I like that you’ll ‘go where the universe dictates!’ Hugs xx

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  13. I don’t think you’ve detailed one of these readings before. Or, if you did, it has been a while. I was wondering what Ganesh had to say when I saw your photo.

    My take-away is probably the same as yours: time to plunge into the world again and enjoy what and who you encounter, letting go of negative thoughts and lingering feelings – and to get rid of anyone causing you discomfort snd unhappiness.

    Happy new year to you, dear Debby! Your last quote is right on and oh-so relatable to many of us.

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