#Writing Challenge – Tell us a Story About Your TBR Pile at Myths of the Mirror

Author, Diana Peach has a fun writing challenge going on – Write a story about your TBR pile. Great topic as so many of us writers and readers make jokes about how fat our Kindles are. I’ve written a poem about my BFK – My big fat Kindle.

If you’d like to play, here’s how it works:

  • Deadline is January 23rd
  • Post the story or poem on your blog
  • Link back to this post or leave your link in the comments below
  • Keep it family friendly
  • I will reblog as many of the entries as I can through the end of the January
  • Please reply to comments when I reblog your story or poem
  • I’ll post a summary with links in early February
  • You may use the (attribution free) pixabay image above if you want to
  • And most of all, Have Fun!

MY BFK (My Big Fat Kindle)

Stories and more stories
We cannot get enough.
Amazing how many books, 
Makes choosing one to read real tough.

No more books we chant
While adding just one more.
Adding different genres,
Excuse to add some more.
Promotional or free,
An author friend's new release,
My enthusiasm heightens,
A brand new read for me.

That's how fast it happens,
Before realizing the count.
What's one more book,
As the rising number mounts?

We are fooled by our Kindles,
At the lack of hefty weight.
Do we even know how many,
No matter because books are great.

So my Kindle and bookshelves,
Spill over with stories and words.
Yet another book is added,
My no more books plan is for the birds.

Though I know my Kindle
Is bursting at the seams,
I'll continue to hit the buy button,
To read more, fulfilling author's dreams.


If you’d like to hop on this challenge, please visit Diana’s page below:

Original Source: Writing Challenge – The TBR Pile | Myths of the Mirror

69 thoughts on “#Writing Challenge – Tell us a Story About Your TBR Pile at Myths of the Mirror

  1. Your poem tells the truth, Debby. In fact, after reading your review the other day, I have added Frank Prem’s book of poems to my Kindle. 😅💖 Not only that, I ordered two more books from the book store today. I really need to read more.

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  2. You captured perfectly this wonderful problem. It is a luxury when I remember that as a child I would always feel anxious at the prospect of running out of books. These days, the anxiety is at never being able to catch up with the list, but I’m not sure it is a true worry. Great idea from Diana! And thanks for sharing your contribution with us, Debby.

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  3. Aww. I love how your BFK’s (lol) growth is partly due to your kindness toward this community of writers, Debby. You’re such a wonderful supporter. And a funny poem to which we can all relate! Can’t wait to share, my friend. 😀 I have a couple of days’ worth of reblogs lined up. Are you around for a few more days before heading south? I can move this up if you’re heading out soon. 🙂

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  4. Hah! My tablet is fat with the books I’ve read, but the TBR list on Goodreads isn’t moving much. 2022 better include some reading along with the writing I need to do if I’m going to accomplish this year. No time for this challenge right now, but thanks for mentioning it. 🙂

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  5. Debby, a lovely take of the TBR problem and your thoughts resonate with me! The lack of weight of Kindle books as opposed to hard/paperbacks does make one less aware of any piling up of books! Yet, like you, I will continue to hit the buy button – to fulfil an author’s dream and enrich my own life through their creative work!

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  6. Yay Debby. Great answer to Diana’s challenge. Your poem makes me smile – “ain’t it the truth?” Also, as i read it I thought of Hermione’s purse in the Harry Potter series. Looks like a regular smallish purse, but she opens it and takes out item after item after item, including tent/sleeping bag, etc. Ha! That’s our BFK – open it and hundreds and hundreds of book fly out. 🙂

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  7. Fun poem, Debby. And so recognizable. I’m really trying to not add any more books. At least not until I start reading again. Baja and it’s beaches was the place to do so, but – again – our plans have gone astray for now… We were barely in Mexico for two days, when another twist to life’s plans occurred.

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      1. I’m not sure yet if I will mention it in my next blog or not. Still figuring this out. But, Mark flew back to MA yesterday, because his dad has not been given much more time on earth… 😦 We have been expecting this, but not on the second day of our long-awaited and anticipated time of fun and peace in Mexico.

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