Mariachi, Margaritas, Mexico, Oh My.

I can almost hear the crash of the waves, smell the waft of coconut scented air along the beach, and know exactly the same two spots that get burned in my first three days of being a sun hog – just above the bandeau top of my bathing suit edge, close to my armpits. Yup, always even, one on each side. It’s like my Mexican welcome gift.

No matter the awareness, the slathering of sunscreen lotion and the constant checking up on, by day three or four in the sun, those two little spots are tender. And no worries, I come equipped to the pool with Tshirt packed in my bag for just the occasion, then stuck wearing it over my swimsuit for two days because of two tender little spots. I’m convinced it has to do with ‘unconscious’ standing and chatting with people in the sun at the pool, unaware of an errant ray of sunshine beating down on an unsuspected spot. Whenever I’d go through the security gates surrounding my rental property, that open right on the beach, I have to walk the length of one of the pools to do so. What should be a less than a minute walk, tends to turn into a half hour lag as it’s typical for me to sidetrack and stop when I pass a traveler friend on a lounger, ending up in some sunny conversation for an undetermined amount of time, where the sun finds some opportunistic moment to shed it’s rays on. That’s how it happens – I am convinced.

And how I am missing ‘the little things’ about human engagement, as I’m sure many of us feel. Being around actual humans and having conversations – significant or otherwise.

The thought of a warm familiarity where I spent many happy winter vacations with my husband, where we spent time with our seasonal friends and despite the many things to do in Mexico, treasured just being out of the cold, relaxing in sunshine and turning off the noise of daily life.

PV sunsets

So, you may have guessed it; this is my swan song before my BBB – Big Blogging Break. The packing is on, furiously (as I procrastinated away many days deciding if I was going), car transfers arranged, neighbors alerted, plants will be watered, mail picked up, so I’m going to the land of Tequila and exquisite sunsets. A few friends of mine from here as well as my BFF from U.K. will be joining me at various times (hopefully), so that will be fun. This will be both, a definite solo and girltime holiday. And the change of environment for me is longgggg overdue – mentally mostly, but the benefits will also be amazing physically – walks on the beach and massages, just to mention a few. And then there is the Vitamin Sea and perhaps some Vitamin C in those limes that will float in my Margaritas.

So I’m calling a break because technically I don’t intend to be blogging while indulging, but during my solo parts, one never knows, I may just have to put up a few posts. And I will still pop round on social media and visit blogs when time permits.

I have no clue what to expect this trip, I just know I need it. And of course I will be sharing status reports and beautiful pictures. I expect to be reading several books and will review each one after. I will post those reviews on Goodreads and Amazon and alert the authors when I’ve done so. Upon my return I will begin sharing those reviews again on my Sunday Book Reviews. So even though my blog here may look lonely and abandoned, I won’t be but a click away.

Image by Press πŸ‘πŸ‘ Love you πŸ’– from Pixabay



134 thoughts on “Mariachi, Margaritas, Mexico, Oh My.

  1. I recommend reading this funny book (Have Bags, Will Travel) to get you in the mood. I see you stuffing those bags to the gills. Of course, there’s that damn weight limit.🀣 Here’s to good times, Debby!

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    1. Omg Pete. The struggle is real! I’ve just spent the last 2 hours playing switchies with my packed stuff. This is going to be a real feat getting through unscathed with my big fat bags LOL. πŸ™‚

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  2. Wish we could join you. I’m having fun doing my ever more complicated tax returns for 2021. Getting that done will be enough of a relief to feel like I’m on a beach. LOL. Stay safe and try to keep those rays from toasting you too much.

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  3. Hooray! Debby, it’s wonderful you are getting a break and I wish you a fabulous time in Mexico. Your descriptions almost have me booking a flight! It sounds heavenly! How great that your friends are coming out now and then including from the UK – that’s fantastic. I’ll look out for your photos and soak up the warmth, beauty and serenity … alas not able to taste those sumptuous margaritas. πŸ˜€β€οΈ

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  4. Oh Debby, this will be a whole new adventure this year. I think you need it, too. And, I think you will have whole bag of unexpected surprises ahead. Relax, enjoy the sun and the human company. I can’t wait to hear all about it. My heart is full! ❀️

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  5. I’m so darn excited for you dear Debby! You need this trip and the time away even if it will recall dear memories of your sweet hubby! Enjoy yourself and watch those sunburned areas…I know how mine happen, too and it’s not from intentionally laying out! Bon voyage, my friend!

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  6. Yay, Debbie. I’m so happy to read this! Buen viajes, mi amiga! πŸ™‚

    Since Mark’s departure a week ago, I’ve met many people at my campground, so I know the feeling of β€œbeing held up” chatting. Yesterday, I wanted to quickly go and use the bathroom before Skyping with Mark and it took twenty minutes to walk the 200 feet back home!


  7. Wonderful! And may I say that your new blog looks as happy and amazing as you sound. I can’t get over the transformation from your old blog to this one. You’ve done a great job with it, Debby.

    Have a great time away, and have a few Margaritas for me.

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  8. Hi Debs, Soak it all up and have a fabulous break from every-day routine, iffy weather and sadness. and let your precious memories and the sun warm and make you stronger.Enjoy! Love ‘n’ hugs. xx

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  9. Of course you need this–so glad it’s finally happening. And even though visiting this spot may bring bittersweet memories, you’ll benefit from re-engaging with seasonal friends, soaking in the rays, and suspending blogging. Ole! πŸ˜€

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  10. Bon voyage, mon ami. So relieved to hear you are set to fly, my unicorn buddy. Wrapping you in much love, always. ❀ ❀ xXx ❀ ❀

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  11. Debby – have wonderful fun – it sounds ideal … and I know you’ve been looking forward to it for ages – relax, chill out, read lots etc … cheers Hilary

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  12. I hope you are enjoying your blogging break Debbie and the Sunshine…. Could do with a bit of that here in the UK… Lol.. its been very hit and miss…. Even my cat has been seeking out those rays when it shines through the window to bask in it…. They know what is good for them….
    Hope you don’t get more of those tender spots…
    Sending LOVE and Hugs dear friend… You deserve to relax after all you have been through….
    Love Sue xox ❀

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    1. Thank you Sue. Too late, got the tender spot yesterday, LOL. Never fails. πŸ™‚ Yes, it’s amazing to wake to sunshine daily. Unheard of where I live too. Hugs and love to you ❀ xooxx

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  13. Thinking of you while I’m also on a short blogging break. Almost three weeks for me, so I’m back this Friday. But I’ve also been reading the posts of others, checking in to see how we’re all doing during this surreal and challenging time. Writing to each other through our stories – real and fictional – help a lot! Hoping your Vitamin Sea and Sun are helping you heal. xo


    1. Hi Pam. Thanks for stopping by on your break. I know what you mean about being on break but still checking in and keeping semi abreast. Yes, I have much to write about upon my return. I thought this may be a working holiday but it has turned into a reckoning and unwinding instead. Just what my soul needs. Hugs to you. xo

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