Sunday Book Review – Garden Black by Frank Prem #Poetry

My Sunday Book Review is for the latest collection of speculative poetry by Frank Prem. I have enjoyed reading many of Frank’s books because his poetry interpretations take us along with him on his observations whether real or fiction, his truth shines through.


The Garden Black poetry collection is a venture into fantasy and speculative fiction based on the dual themes of rain forest and fantasy.

. The rainforest becomes a desert, and then the sea.

. A man in a satellite orbits the earth while playing his violin and pondering. A girl gazes up at the passing light and dances.

. Od Ovo – a youth who is from here, raises the dust of frustrated boredom on a mining asteroid, and cannot believe traveller tales of places where water falls from the sky.

. What colour are the flowers in the Reaper’s garden? They are all colours . . . They are black.

Welcome to the speculative fantasies that are The Garden Black.

My 5 Star Review:

From fantasy to the deep is what you will find in this new interesting collection of speculative poetry by Frank Prem. Prem’s poetry reminds that life is fragile and fleeting. Life is brief and can be both harsh and beautiful at times. The author shares conversations evoked in his mind through his observations and imagination, life’s incidences and moments.

A few poems in particular, caught my attention and touched deep. I’ll share them here through partial excerpt:

Not sorry only grief (waiting)

"I have no wish
to go back

had room
for what I was

I do wish
that home
could spare a
thought - 
just ocassionally -
for me ..."

Unbound (goodbye)

would hold me down
I was not made
to be
earthly tied

I set my sights
over the tree tops

the strength
my strength
in the will I hold ..."

Jet on night

is a silhouette

a shadow leaning
up against
the wall

he reaches
to touch her
with the sun
shining behind him

she holds up
a phantom hand
to better feel
their connection

darkness on

he isn't there

jet on jet

she isn't there ..."


69 thoughts on “Sunday Book Review – Garden Black by Frank Prem #Poetry

    1. Hi Harmony. Thank you. It was avery enjoyable writing fantasy and speculation deliberately, rather than just stumbling into it. Allowed some structure to go into the collection, which I like much.

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  1. Reblogged this on Frank Prem Poetry and commented:
    Ho wonderful to receive a review of The Garden Black from Debby Gies (D. G. Kaye) in her Sunday Book Review feature.

    Debby is a wonderful writer/blogger and humorist of note, and I’m quite chuffed with her choice of poems to highlight – particularly ‘jet on night’, which fascinated me while I was trying to get my head around the idea enough to convey to a reader.

    Thank you so much, Debby.


    1. Thank you Frank. It was my pleasure to read. Your poetry always touches a cord with me. I hope to look forward to some of the stirring war poetry you’ve been treating us to on your blog, soon. Thanks for reblogging. 🙂

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      1. I’m wondering what to do with that, Debby. There is a huge collection that I think has to be read with the relevant image – which I don’t have copyright for. Earlier material (first couple of weeks) may be do-able. I’m hoping to have an abstract I’ve submitted to present a paper on the relevance of poetry to contemporary society (or something like that) accepted for presentation to a conference at the end of the year. If the paper gets a speaking part I might push myself to make a publication to go with it.

        We’ll see!


      2. I know you mentioned that before when I raised the question on your blog. You don’t need the original images. Your poetry speaks. Perhaps you can find suitable images on a photo site that would coincide with the essence of each poem? Just a thought. 🙂

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