Sunday Book Review, The Calm and the Storm by Martha Perez

My Sunday Book Review today is for Martha Perez’s short, inspirational prose from the soul, one who has been ‘there’ with some of life’s soul wounding moments.. And in this short but inspiring book, the author offers words of comfort.


The Calm And The Storm: Inspiration that will keep you strong enough to keep going!

When you look at the reflection of the moon as the waves ease toward the sand, I am the calm. The wind blows, and the air is cool. When the waves are crashing on a dark stormy night, and the bat’s shadows reflect the glow of the full moon, I am the Storm.

“The Calm and The Storm” are 12 short quality chapters that will acknowledge what you go through in life. Not just what you go through now, but what you’ve been through before. We are all strong and powerful people trying to make the best out of life. If you want to be inspired, I wrote this with love. Even though I write dark stories, this book is made to get you through the dark days and appreciate the other days as well.

My 5 Star Review:

Martha Perez is soul inspiring. I have a few of her books awaiting to be read but I chose to read this short inspirational book one day when my soul needed soothing.

This book a collection of short chapters of words to inspire. It’s not about crying over wrongs and hurt, but finding the reasons to make it to the next day.

“When you feel your life is filled with darkness it’s okay to cry. It’s okay to not be okay. But then find that reason to continue.” ~Martha Perez

“When life breaks you, let it shape you. Don’t focus on the pain. Focus on the fight.” ~Martha Perez

“I fight with my pen. I fight when I type. My ink bleeds pain mixed with empty tears.” ~Martha Perez

Perez offers avenues of hope by referencing her own over-comings in life in small detail, helping to point others in a more positive direction despite obstacles. She speaks as though talking specifically to us, the reader. A good book to pick up again and again when your self needs a little lift.


38 thoughts on “Sunday Book Review, The Calm and the Storm by Martha Perez

  1. Thanks for sharing this book and this review with us, Debby. I didn’t know this author and her work, but I’ll add it to my list, as it sounds helpful and inspiring for everybody. Big hugs!

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  2. I love the quotes you shared, especially about letting the tumultuous moments in life shape you and then strengthen you. This sounds like an inspirational read- thanks for the recommendation, Debby.

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  3. Great review, Debby. Thank you for sharing. I have not read any of Martha’s books, but I think it’s time for me to dive in after reading your post. 💗

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  4. It sounds an inspiring read Debby, much better to find solutions than being stuck in our own ruts, what ever the cause.

    We are permitted to wallow a little while , then there is a time to shake ourselves, to pull ourselves up and out of what ever has held us down.
    That time of action is very much in the vibrations of the planets right now..

    Martha’s Title says it all.. The Calm And The Storm..
    Learning how to navigate the storms of life calmly, is a gift
    Just as I’m sure Martha’s book is a gift to all who read.

    Many thanks for sharing Debby.

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  5. I love the quotes your posted, Debby. This sounds like a book to read and re-read. A book to ground us in our dark moments. A book to keep handy when we are in the midst of our own storms. Thanks for posting this. ❤


  6. Calm and inspiring is my kind of book these days. “Short” is also a plus. Thanks for introducing me to this fine author and book, Debby! Perez sounds like a reassuring “sister.” 😀


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