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I was recently invited over to Valentina Cirasola’s colorful blog where she invited a few writers over to share our take on Spring Beauty and Books at her blog, Valentina Expressions

Sunset in PV
Puerto Vallarta sunset at the Malecon

After two years of hibernation, taking care of my sick husband, and then ultimately, grieving the loss of my beloved husband, I escaped to a long winter vacation. My grief traveled with me, but the warmth of the Mexican sunshine and being around old friends and new was like a welcomed spring to my soul.

PV sunset
Another beautiful PV sunset

I came home dodging the brunt of our harsh Canadian winter here in Ontario as our city too, began to awake from what felt a long slumber. The freezing temperatures had transformed into crisp fresh air, and I once again began taking walks out in our beautiful walking trails as a wonderful escape into nature, and from the dark doldrums of my interior four walls. A vacation after two years of heaviness was like a new bud of spring opening for my sanity. I am slowly crawling back into life.

 Bright colors with the promise of spring cheer me up, as does anything shiny and blingy. It’s the sunshine that has the power to lift me out of the dark abyss within, that sometimes grabs hold of me. On those days without enough sun? This is where my huge floor lamp with large, white daylight bulbs can fool my darkness. No substitute for the sun, but a satisfactory backup plan.

My life now is just only coming into spring after two years of my internal harsh winter.

PV sunset sky
PV infinite sky

In the Autumn of My Life

In the autumn of my life
I find myself looking back
On the springs and summers
Of glory days gone past.
As the winter of life approaches,
We often reminisce and look to reconnect
With things and people that brightened our springs and summers,
People who knew us and understood the times
And circumstances of our lives.
It’s a kinship of time that only those who’ve lived then can know.
A time when glancing back brings a dollop of comfort
As we march through the seasons of life
Before winter’s approach.

Please visit my original post at Valentina’s blog:

Source: Spring, Beauty and Books: Debby Gies | Valentina Expressions


51 thoughts on “Spring, Beauty and Books: Debby Gies | Valentina Expressions

  1. Hi Debby,
    I’m pleased you are finding some sunshine and that spring is on its way.
    I love your photo and the colourful margarita (?) glass.
    Your poem is beautiful and speaks loudly to me as I am also moving through the autumn days, hoping they will be long with winter still distance off.
    I popped over to Valentina’s post, but decided to comment here. Have a wonderful week.


  2. As I read this, Deb, I felt your heart beat with the wink of an elder and the giggle of a child. Grief may be a constant companion, but so too is the renewal of Spring. I could use a hefty dose of that right now. Hugs, my sweet friend ❤️

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  3. Oh boy, Debby, you touched my soul here. To sunshine, rejuvenation; to grieving and missing a loved one, but feeling their love inside us always; to escaping our four-interior walls and enjoying the beauty of our metaphorical Spring. xo


  4. So unbelievably lovely to hear such hope and positivity in your post, Debby. You did so much meaning-making out of your experience and feelings of grief. There is no way around it, we must go through the middle of it in order to come to a place of peace and acceptance. I loved your poem. Keep growing in wisdom, my friend, and enjoy the return of spring. ❤ ❤


  5. I am so glad – and a tad relieved – to read your uplifting words here – and on Valentina’s blog (we are both featured on her spring series :)). Maybe this will be an eternal spring filled with goodness and bright moments. (As I write this in the downpours of Portland, OR).


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