Sunday Book Review – My Beloved Son by Martha Perez – #Memoir

My Sunday Book Review today is for Martha Perez’s raw and loving memoir written about and to her beloved son Rudy who tragically died suddenly, and much too young. In this memoir, Perez bares her soul about the life she had with her son Rudy and his passing that crushed her soul.


Oh, Son, I can feel your heartbeat when I’m lying in my bed, too many memories going around in my head. I can see you in my dreams, holding me, protecting me. You would text me every day, “I love you, Momma, it’s going to be alright.”


When you think life is calm, a storm comes to wipe away your hopes and dreams. My son, Rudy Andalon passed away on March 14, 2017. He was the love of my life; I carried for 9 months–280 days, 40 weeks, and raised him to be an amazing young man. There is no love greater than the love a mother has for her child. As I write this, tears roll down my cheek, tears of joy and sorrow. I miss him so much. I’ve written this book to help me and others who lost a child get through the aching pain burning inside, and to let you know you are not alone. This book is a memoir, inspirational, and a self-help guide. I’ve searched for answers to why God took my son, and there were none to be found; why good people die young, and the mean ones live on. All I know is Rudy’s in a place where there’s no pain, just happiness–an angel up in Heaven. He leaves behind a mother, father, sister, and two nieces.

I will always be brokenhearted, and will always love and adore my son. God bless him.

My 5 Star Review:

This is the heartbreaking story of a beautiful boy, Rudy, the son of Martha Perez who was sadly, laid to rest long before he ever should have been.

Perez tells her story with such rawness in recounting from the birth of her beloved son, spanning through the time of raising her children, often alone, as her sad marriage at the time with her then alcoholic husband, kept her lonely, yet her determination to be a good mother despite everything else in her life, never faltering. She tells her story with such love and compassion we can’t help but feel her pain.

Martha came from hard knocks when it came to her childhood, she was an emotionally neglected child. Her only fulfillment in life began with the birth of her beloved son, Rudy, and then later her daughter.

The author expresses her full heart of emotions for the love she held and holds for her son with no holds back. A moving and telling about the joy and ultimate heartbreak in one mother’s life. Near the end of the book she shares her loving advice about love and family and compassionate words to grievers as she endeavors to describe the depth of her grief. For those of us who’ve walked this journey of love, loss and grief, there is only so much we can reveal that can never be understood of such loss until it happens to us, but Perez conveys her loss so imperatively that one who reads it can’t help but taste the pain.


40 thoughts on “Sunday Book Review – My Beloved Son by Martha Perez – #Memoir

  1. Sounds heartbreaking. It’s a mother’s worst nightmare to lose a child. I know how my mother suffered after our 19-year-old brother died tragically in a workplace accident. She never really recovered but stayed strong for the rest of us and for dad. I’m sure this book would help others get through a tough time.


    1. How tragic Darlene. I couldn’t even imagine. And soldiering on through life while carrying these losses is a feat in itself. Thanks for sharing a sad piece of your own life. ❤


  2. I’m sure you didn’t want to give this away, but I’m left wondering how old Rudy was when he passed. I also have questions about the circumstances. I imagine the author goes into greater detail as she shares what must be the worst feelings for any parents to experience.

    One of my coworkers lost his high school son, killed by an automobile. It was understandably devastating. I imagine it was therapeutic for Martha to write this book. I hope it helps others going through similar tragedies.


    1. Hi Pete. I’m so sorry to hear about your coworker’s son. I too have a friend who lost her son in a car accident. Truly a heartbreaking loss that never ends for parents. In this book, the author talks about her son in her life from child to adult. Rudy was in his late 30s when he passed, suddenly, from an underlying health issue.

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  3. This is a beautiful review, Debbie! It is indeed heartbreaking. No parent wishes to outlive their child. Kudos to Martha for her strength throughout this loss.


  4. How heartbreaking. I can’t even imagine (truth be known, I really don’t want to). My heart hurts for her.
    Great review, I’m sure it was a very moving story.


  5. Hi Debby, the absolute tragedy of losing a child is beyond my abilities to imagine. I have come close to this a few times with my Michael and it is the worst thing I can think of to ever happen to me.


    1. I know a bit of what you’ve been through Robbie, and I can’t even pretend to imagine. As one who is still grieving my own loss of the one and only person who meant the most to me in this world, it isn’t difficult to feel the pain of other’s losses. ❤

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  6. Hi Debs, Thank you for your heart-felt review of Martha’s Memoir. How tragic to lose a son or daughter, young. I have three, grown sons and thank my lucky stars all grew to adulthood. Take care of yourself – lots of chicken soup already…Hugs Joy xx


  7. What a courageous and healing book to write! Such a tragedy to live with. Thanks for sharing, Deb. This book would help other parents who have lost their precious children, no matter what age.


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