Q & A with D.G. Kaye, featuring Y.A., Romance and Paranormal Author, D.L. Finn

Welcome to my Q & A this month. I’m delighted to be featuring friend and author, D.L. (Denise) Finn here today. Denise is a multi-genre author who writes in the genres of Y.A., poetry, paranormal and memoir. Today we’re going to get to know a bit about Denise and her featured new release – A Voice in the Silence.

About Denise:

D. L. Finn is an independent California local who encourages everyone to embrace their inner child. She was born and raised in the foggy Bay Area, but in 1990 she relocated with her husband, kids, dogs, and cats to Nevada City, in the Sierra foothills. She immersed herself in reading all types of books but especially loved romance, horror, and fantasy. She always treasured creating her own reality on paper. Finally, surrounded by towering pines, oaks, and cedars, her creativity was nurtured until it bloomed. Her creations include adult fiction, poetry, a unique autobiography, and children’s books. She continues on her adventure with an open invitation to all readers to join her.


Drea Burr has experienced more than her share of loss when a stray dog, cat, and rat enter her life. Although the animals start to mend her broken heart, there is something very unusual about them. During a snowstorm, Drea discovers a chilling set of footprints leading to her front window. Both the police and a ghostly messenger warn her about a killer stalking widows. Help comes from her late husband’s best friend, Adam Hale. As the two try to discover answers, more questions arise— about a killer, ghosts, and animals experimented on in a lab.

Can Drea and Adam survive the threats coming from so many directions and save themselves and the animals they’ve grown to love? Or will more tragedy destroy her second chance at happiness? Find out in this thrilling, cozy paranormal adventure.

So great to have you over Denise!

So nice to have you over here today Denise!


Let’s get to know more about Denise!

What’s your favorite mode of writing – computer, hand written, dictation, and why?

What I write on, depends on what I’m writing. I love to hand write poetry in a journal. This
allows me the freedom to write in the forest, riding on the back of the Harley, in a plane, by the ocean, or even in bed. Later I put it on the computer.

All new ideas are usually jotted down on paper as soon as I wake up or whenever they come to me. Now, if I am away from paper and pen, I will type myself an email with the ideas and then send it on my cellphone.  

After I get started on a story, though, I’m at my laptop or computer typing away. I always email current WIP to myself, so I never lose anything.

I have always thought it a good idea to dictate ideas, but speaking the words doesn’t work as well for me as writing them down does.

D.G. – Good idea to email yourself notes. If I’m out and think of an idea I want to write about, I’ll use voice recording on my phone so I don’t forget my great ideas. .😁


If you could have any of your books made into a movie, which one would you choose and why?

My first choice would be my latest story, A Voice in the Silence. I would love to see that up on a screen. My only concern would be giving a voice to the animals. If that wasn’t done right, it would pull away from the story and end up silly. But there are so many parts that I could see in my mind as I was writing, and I know a viewer could fall in love with not only Drea but the trio of animals. A setting in the forest in a storm could be powerful and beautiful, too.

My second close choice would be A Second Chance. Bringing not only an angel to life but her opposite the evildwel who’s a dark creature with red eyes, would make for some interesting viewing. Plus, the spirit, Eddie, who is helping the angel, is a favorite of mine. I could see his famous smirk up on the big screen as he teases a very serious angel, Zelina. Being set in not only a beautiful Bay Area coastal town but in Hawaii would be an amazing backdrop.

In both stories, it’s the other-worldly creatures that I would love to see come to life on a screen.

D.G. – Those scenarios you shared would indeed make good viewing. 😀


Do some of your own character traits or personal experiences spill into your book’s characters?

Yes, I weave some of my personal traits into my characters. A few of my dislikes and likes come through, but they also develop their own personalities and likes as I write. Drea and I both love animals. I would take in a stray without question. We are both writers and love family, but her obsession with coffee isn’t mine. I’m a tea drinker.

As for personal experiences, I use my knowledge of riding out a snowstorm or driving in it. I have the same reaction to driving on ice. I avoid it if I can. But if forced to drive in it, my hands are glued to that steering wheel, making it a white-knuckled drive like Drea had.

My belief in the afterlife has become a part of a lot of my stories. I believe in angels, fairies, and ghosts. Bears visit often, and we’ve had trees and branches fall during storms, but I haven’t dealt with a serial killer.

Although I have things in common with some of the characters, they take over and become their own person. One thing is for sure, they are much braver than I am.

D.G. – I’m so captivated by everything afterlife. I look forward to reading more of your books.


Denise is sharing an excerpt from her new release – A Voice in the Silence

A slight breeze wove through the pine trees, making them sway to nature’s song, but Drea and the dog didn’t join in the flowing movement. Instead, they maintained a tense pose, as if studying each other from a safe distance.

Drea made the first slow movement of setting her newspaper down. “Are you lost?” The beautiful brown eyes pulled her in. It was like they could peer into her soul. There was no threat or fear in those eyes as the fluffy dog sat down. Encouraged, Drea stepped back into the garage and grabbed the pink leash and collar still hanging on the wall. The dog watched her every move with a slow tail wag.

A can of dog food she hadn’t donated to the shelter yet caught her eye. “Hungry?” It wagged its tail harder.

She opened the can and shook the smelly chunks onto a white paper plate she kept under the cans. Holding the offering, she moved cautiously to the dog. Using a soft tone and a smile, she kept moving forward. “It’s okay. I won’t hurt you.”

The dog blinked and nodded as if it understood her. The sun fully abandoned the sky, leaving behind the encroaching darkness lit by a half moon. But the sadness that had weighed her down seeped out into the night with each step she took toward the pup. She wished she’d brought a flashlight, but the evening offered its remaining luminescence. Soon she was within a foot of the dog. The posture and build indicated a golden retriever mix like her Lady, but this was a male, and he was beautiful.

“I don’t recognize you. I know all the neighbor’s dogs. You have a home?” The dog blinked and shook his head as her feet crunched through the dry pine needles. The sound reminded her of when Robbie would place bubble wrap on the ground and gleefully jump on it. She would clean them up—tomorrow. As she got closer, the dog’s condition was more apparent. He hadn’t eaten in a while.

“Here, this used to be Lady’s food. I lost her a little while ago.”

He licked his snout as though he understood. Smart dog.

“No collar. Maybe you have a chip.”

She set the food down and backed away. He lunged toward the plate and wiped it clean in seconds, then sat down, licking his chops. She inched her way toward him. Each step toward the mutt brought him closer to her heart, which was beating like she’d run a marathon. She slowly reached out and rubbed his fur. The dog didn’t flinch. In fact, a small sigh escaped him. Drea gently searched for injuries. Other than a small gash on his neck, he appeared healthy and wasn’t afraid.

“You must have someone who loves you. What happened?”

She wished the dog could answer.


A Review for this book:

I loved this story! The author’s imagination was entertaining. The talking animals were endearing, especially how they protected Drea from the evil in the woods. After the death of her husband and her son leaving to live with his horrific wife, Drea felt lost and alone. This all changed when three animals showed up on her doorstep. She needed their companionship, especially when she found out that someone seemed to be killing single women in the area and she was next on his list!

The author did a phenomenal job in keeping the reader guessing who the bad guy was throughout the entire story. Was it the cop with the attitude? Was it her deceased husband’s best friend who just happened to be making the moves on her? Or was it someone else in her life that had it out for her?

With the help of her talking animals and the ghost of her deceased husband, Drea slowly puts the pieces together. And just when you think you have it all figured out, the author throws another loop into the web she weaved!

This is a great story, and I highly recommend it!— Yvi MC

More books by Denise:

Find Denise on her blog and social links:

D.L. Finn blog
Author Amazon Page


124 thoughts on “Q & A with D.G. Kaye, featuring Y.A., Romance and Paranormal Author, D.L. Finn

    1. Thank you, Jaye and Anita 🙂 I’m thrilled the post enriced you to want to will be read both books. Happy reading and I look forward to hearing what you think of them!

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  1. How lovely to learn more about Denise here, and what a great excerpt and review. I’ve got this book on my kindle – and I hope one day she we can all see it on the big screen. Toni x

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    1. Thank you, Harmony 🙂 It’s so easy to image our books on the big screen, isn’t it? I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! Hugs back xo

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  2. Thanks for introducing us to Denise, Debby. I had read some reviews and comments about her novels and poetry, but didn’t know anything else about her. I am sure many would like to see her novels turned into movies as well. Good luck to her and enjoy a great weekend!

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    1. Thank you, Olga 🙂 I’m so lucky to be able to share more here today with Debby. I agree with you and imagine most authors dream of seeing their stories up on the big screen too. Enjoy your weekend too!


  3. Thank you, Debby for inviting me to visit with you today. I’m thrilled to be here:) Sending a ton of hugs xo


  4. Hi! This is my 2nd comment. The first one didn’t go through for some reason.🤷🏻‍♀️
    Anyway, I always enjoy learning more about Denise. I loved the blurb and the excerpt. Congratulations to her on the fabulous review!
    Thanks for hosting, Debby❣️

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    1. There seems to be a different connection when writing poetry by hand, Robbie. Thank you, Debby has made this a wonderful experience.

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  5. What a wonderful interview with Denise! I, too, could see “A Voice In The Silence” as a movie. And I agree that the talking animals would have to be done in such a way as not to appear silly. Thank you, Debby, for taking the time to do this interview! Great questions and answers!

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    1. Thank you, Jan 🙂 If it were done right it would be amazing for at least me to see! Have to be able to see it for it to happen so I’ll keep dreaming.


  6. It is nice to see Denise here! I love her style of writing and the way Angels take over in her books. A Voice in the Silence is really a heartwarming story. Thanks for highlighting it here with your lovely review Deb.

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  7. What a nice surprise to see you chose my review to post, Debby! I enjoyed this interview with Denise. And like I said in my review, I loved this book and hope everyone picks up a copy. Thanks for hosting her today! 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Rebecca! I am so happy you liked the post as much as I has fun being here. I hope you enjoy meeting Drea and the animals 🙂

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  8. Wonderful interview, Debby and Denise! I loved the exchanges, the excerpt, and all the goodwill. Congratulations, Denise! Hugs to you both for brightening the day. ❤️🤗❤️

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    1. Thanks so much Gwen. So glad you enjoyed learning a little more about Denise. Always interesting to learn new snippets about our fellow writing friends. Hugs ❤ ❤


    1. Thank you Michael 🙂 I try to add a little something new. So happy you enjoyed the interview, Debby made it all so easy. I appreciate the reblog too. Have a great rest of weekend.


  9. This was a lovely interview and review, Debby. I enjoyed getting to know Denise and agree with her about being in touch with one’s inner child. It’s so important. I wondered at first if this might have been a book for children, but realised it wasn’t as I read on. I was a bit intrigued by the description ‘thrilling, cozy paranormal adventure’. I wasn’t sure that thrilling and cozy went together. It does sound a fun read though.

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    1. Thank you, Norah 🙂 This one is firmly for adults but I do write for children too. I mixed a lot a few genres together in this story making it harder to describe. I always try to hang on to that inner child’s look on the world no matter what I write.

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  10. Lovely interview, ladies. I can definitely tell in reading Denise’s books that she includes a lot of personal experience. It shows up in the details. I’m glad though that she has no experience with serial killers! I liked this creative book a lot. Wonderful review, Debby, and congrats to Denise!


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