#Writers Tips – August Edition – #Prologues, Annoying #Book Quirks, New Platform for Author’s Books

Welcome to August Writer’s Tips. In this edition, Harmony Kent is at the Story Empire and is helping us recognize if a prologue for our books is necessary, John Howell also writes for the Story Empire and shares a great list of what turns off readers in a book, Stevie Turner recommended this site, Shepherd, where we authors can share our books and list comparable authors to our books.

Harmony Kent with Part 5 in her informative series about Writing Prologues and Backstory


John Howell lets us know what things about books annoy readers


How does it work? – Shepherd

Authors pick their 5 favorite books around a topic, theme, or mood they are passionate about, along with why they recommend each of those books. Then, we feature the author and one of their books alongside that list




35 thoughts on “#Writers Tips – August Edition – #Prologues, Annoying #Book Quirks, New Platform for Author’s Books

  1. Thanks for the great selection, Debby. I’ve read so many things about prologues (personally, I like to read them), so that will be interesting, John’s lists are always a must-read, and I hadn’t heard of Shepherd, so all things I will check. Have a fabulous weekend.


  2. I enjoyed reading John’s post about all the things a writer can do to annoy his or her readers. As I read them, I realized I am probably guilty of many of them, but I wouldn’t even know it!


  3. Thanks, Debby. Shepherd has been on my radar for a while, but so far I have failed to read five books within a topic, to contribute my list and opinions in order to get my own book accepted. I have a title and I have a focus, but I have not enough time to read… I’ve been wanting to contribute to this site for a year.


    1. Wow, so interesting Liesbet. I’m there with you. I read tons of books and must go through them at Goodreads because I read different genres and have to remember which books apply to my own category, lol πŸ™‚ x

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