Signs – Suddenly, #Dragonflies

On my weekly visit to my husband’s (our) grave last week, I saw something I’d never seen before. Oh sure I’ve seen the odd dragonfly in my lifetime, but this time I saw five of them.

Whenever I visit my husband, I plant myself down on our grave to have a chat with him, or read to him. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t actually feel him there as much as I do when at home, but there is usually always a sign he gives me that he hears me and knows I’m there. Every time I talk to him while there, a light, or sometimes gusty wind will blow. I know this is how he communicates with me while outside.

Once, when I had gone there to visit, shortly after his funeral and the snow had melted, I couldn’t find his grave. I drove over to the office so they could pinpoint it for me. I was all flustered in my already anxiety and still shocked state when I couldn’t find him, and when I finally did, I sat down on his holy ground and cried.

Another time I visited, it was a rather calm day weather-wise, but a huge wind picked up when I looked up at the sky, as though the wind was a messenger, letting me know, he knows I was there. After the visit when I got back into my car, I turned on the radio that had been off during the drive there. The channel switched to the 50s station on Sirius XM on its own – his favorite, and one that I never appreciated listening to. The song playing was Johnny Cash – I Walk the Line. My husband loved Johnny Cash. I stopped the car and from my tears, broke out in laughter and said out loud, “You little bugger, I know that was you.” And my heart felt at peace in that moment as I drove off.

I have experienced this wind or breeze many times in many different places outside when I speak out to him. I also find various feathers on my path when walking outside and various coins show up at home when I’m looking for something else . But last week was something different. As I cleaned up the dead flowers I’d laid there two weeks before, I looked up at the sky, and for a good ten to fifteen minutes, I watched in splendor, as five large dragonflies circled back and forth and round in circles way above my head. Their beautiful gossamer wings sparkled through the sunlight. It was mesmorizing. They kept flying, but never left my orbit. I’ve always been drawn to dragonfly symbols, knowing they have a magical connotation, but not knowing exactly what they represent. So of course, I had to look it up:

Most definitions will tell us that the dragonfly symbolizes spring, rebirth and renewal. And different countries around the world seem to have their own specific definitions. The Celts relate them to fairies, in Japan they represent transition from summer to winter, in China they represent good luck and love. In Vietnam they say dragonflies are weather predictors. But collectively, most people deem them a spiritual symbol of rebirth and transformation, not unlike the butterfly, that emerge from larvae and turns into something beautiful.

Dragonflies only live for a short time once they are transformed, signaling, life is short so live it up. With their near 360 degree vision, they see all around them, offering the ability to see beyond what any human can. Ultimately, all interpretations will tell us that when we see a dragonfly, it’s a reminder to break free, reinvent, transform into what we want to be, reminding there is beauty in freedom, and freedom is short-lived so live in the now. That is my interpretation from all the information I’ve taken in.

Seeing five of these beautiful creatures way above my head circling around for all those minutes felt like, once again, my Puppy was sending these messengers to let me know it’s okay to go forth and transform. I know this in my soul. I just feel stuck still in my heart.

One more sign: As I mentioned earlier, I believe my husband announces his presence to me through wind. Another day last week while at the pool, surrounded by nature, he greeted me with a very welcome breeze on a steaming hot summer day. I thanked him for the beautiful, much needed breeze, and asked him to let me know it’s really him communicating with wind by sending me a butterfly. An hour later a baby Monarch butterfly flew right onto my left arm close to my shoulder. I sat there for a few minutes while my heart felt joy as we communed together, knowing very well that my husband answered my call.


60 thoughts on “Signs – Suddenly, #Dragonflies

  1. That couldn’t be more touching, Debby. I am going to watch my surroundings more carefully. I often think I hear my mother, but I haven’t looked for those signs. I love that your husband is still there for you.


    1. Thanks Jacqui. It’s true, sometimes we are oblivious to signs when we aren’t looking. But I am always on high alert and sensitive to my surroundings. Open your awareness, you may be surprised to see what you find. ❀


  2. I love this SO much, Debby. They choose to communicate however they can, and the story of the Dragonfly had me in tears. It’s SO real. I am ecstatic for you that you are catching all the signs and that the communications bring you much-needed peace. Hugs, sister friend!

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  3. Beautiful and loving messages you are being sent, what a huge blessing. I believe that we see things we need to that are full of meaning. In fact this is the same subject what alI am going to cover on my next blog too. Huge hugs xo

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  4. When my dad passed away I always felt he communicated to me through songs. I would hear one of his favorites at the grocery store and in the car or a random tune coming from the neighbors yard. I’d find messages embedded in the words of the song and it would give me something to contemplate. When my sisters husband passed both Nancy and I would search for signs of him and often felt his presence in the ducks flying overhead, a song, a breeze, or a bible verse that would find its way to us. Regardless, these are signs of hope, of transformation, and of deep connection. Hugs, C

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  5. You’re so tuned in to George’s energy, Deb. It must be comforting to recognize and receive his spirit. I see him smiling in acknowledgement, whispering in your ear as he places his hand on your shoulder πŸ’žπŸ’•

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  6. Such a touching post! I don’t know what the afterlife will be, but I have to imagine it involves looking after and supporting our loved ones. I would definitely take all of these signs as your husband is still looking out for you. I hope your husband’s presence provides you comfort and solace, my friend.


  7. Hi Debby – this is delightful … and I’m so happy for you – that your connective love remains with you … with thoughts – Hilary


  8. What a beautiful moment with five dragonflies circling above you. Wow! The presence of a loved one is precious, and you are the lucky one. I love the Johnny Cash song story.


  9. Aww, this is so beautiful, Deb, and all so true, at least in my world, too. I LOVE dragonflies, but hummingbirds and sunflowers tend to find me and perhaps remind me of random things. Your hubs sent those dragonflies to lift your spirits. Every now and then I will feel a flutter against my leg above my ankle and I’m sure it’s my sweet cat Leon’s spirit rubbing up against me. But that poem, Debby–oh wow, so amazing and an incredible metaphor! Hugs to you my friend!


  10. Jeez, Debby, you got me all teary first thing in the morning. What a beautiful post. When my brother died, I was frequently visited by butterflies, so I know how wondrous and special those visits are from our loved ones. Your examples are plain as day, and I’m so grateful that you have a strong and comforting connection. Huge hugs.


  11. Your post is beautiful and sad, but mostly full of light and love. I totally believe in signs from our loved ones who are on the next path/level/place. When my mom died, she sent me a HUGE rainbow, across the universe in front of our home. I have never seen a rainbow like that one, and it made my heart sing. Then, for weeks, dragonflies found me as I sat on my outside chair. To love eternal, to love always finding a way to show us – love never forgets or leaves, Debby.


  12. I am amazed that FIVE dragonflies were right there and didn’t leave. That is no coincidence. Signs from nature like wind or butterflies or images in the sky are particularly meaningful. Last week, while riding my bike, I had a small butterfly stay with me near my legs for at least the length of a football field. I couldn’t believe it and thought of my mom. Signs bring such comfort. I’m glad you feel your husband near you regularly Debby. That is special.


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