Mercury Retrograde Begins – Again!

I have written about the planets and how Mercury Retrograde wreaks havoc in our lives before, particularly affecting communications, plans, relationships and more. It’s the time when Murphy’s Law kicks in – when anything that can go wrong, will go wrong as it emerges its ugly head and comes into effect. Well, welcome to this new cycle of trouble-making Mercury, which has arrived in full force.

Mercury comes to us approximately three to four times a year when it appears. It begins to appear as though it’s going backwards when orbiting the sun. It usually lasts for about three weeks, with a couple of add on days for good measure – three to four days before it begins, and the same after, known as the ‘shadow’ period. This year we are ‘gifted’ with four retrogrades – hang on to your hats! Well, it began yesterday and hasn’t wasted a moment of bestowing its gifts in my life already. You can read here about this retrograde and how it will affect you and your astrological sign. But whether or not it comes in your sign, just know, it really doesn’t spare anyone in some way or another. It officially begins today, but almost everyone I know has had a taste of it already this week.

Let me start with my awaking to a feeling of impending doom yesterday. I awoke with that feeling, turned on the TV and found the breaking news that the Queen was dying. I began writing a post that my insides were begging me to write about our beloved Queen, and within two hours later, she passed.

As I was having my own personal mourning period over the loss and talking to a friend on the phone, my internet and landline died too. I ran to my cell phone to try and call back the friend who I got disconnected from and found NO CELL SERVICE. Yes! It wasn’t the power, but AGAINNNNNNNNNNNNN Rogers network, which I only recently wrote about the huge communications outage with Rogers – Canada wide! I vowed to change over to Bell Media, and as procrastinating as I am, have not yet managed to get to that part. Well here was a good kick in the ass to remind me to GET RID OF ROGERS!

As though that weren’t enough, I’d yet to get a chance to call my bestie in England as I’d missed her call, and it came in just after the Queen passed. I then found another message I missed about a very good friend of mine and my husband’s being back in hospital again with his chronic breathing issues – courtesy of him catching Covid in early 2020, which has taken him to several hospital visits ever since. He suffers asthma and the Covid gave him many complications with it afterward. I then discovered another missed message from my friend I made in Mexico, Shelley, who I recently spent a week visiting her home about two hours east of where I live. Her and her husband had other friends over from Toronto this past Labor Day weekend and and were hit with their friends in their car by a suicidal drunk driver and almost killed.

I then proceeded to get dressed to get out and find some wifi again and in the process did my daily routine of stepping on the bathroom scale before I got dressed, and somehow managed to nick the corner of the scale on a wall while placing it back. And the scale died too. This retrograde looks like it’s going to be a doozy for me and some of the people in my life and it’s only officially day one.

One thing I’ve learned in life is to NEVER say, ‘What else can go wrong?’ Because I feel like that question invites an answer. So thanks for letting me vent. And please be careful and diligent during this VERY unpredictable phase. Consider yourselves warned.

If you are interested in learning more about how we are affected, this article below is quite succinct:

Mercury Retrograde explained in simple terms:


66 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde Begins – Again!

  1. ‘What else can go wrong?’ Is a question I DARE NOT ask anymore! The other one is, ‘Isn’t this enough?!’ Lols 😂.

    I’m on new meds, which I started on Tuesday night, and they’re affecting me worse than any previous medication ever has in my whole life. I burnt the mushrooms I was ‘cooking’ today. I’m also wrecking the house via crash-by-wheelchair this week (better than crash-by-body if I risked walking around on my prosthetic, which I’m also having issues with this week) … I guess I’ll blame the Mercury Retrograde! 🤪

    I’m sorry you and your friends are going through such tough times, Debby, and hope things settle into a calmer pattern soon.

    Right now, my best plan is to smile and laugh through it. And my brain fog is giving others a giggle, at least 😁

    Have a good weekend. Hugs 💕🙂

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    1. Oye! Yes, Harmony, it’s things like you mentioned, anything is up for challenge in this period. You are right, we must remember our humor and also remain on guard. That’s why at this retrograde time I wanted to refresh everyone’s memories, lol. But I do hope you get better adjusted to your med. Happy weekend my friend. Hugs ❤ xx

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  2. Not Rogers – again?! I’m so sorry you’re facing these difficulties, Deb and I hope your friend’s health improves. There must be something to this Mercury Retrograde theory – thanks for the warning! My car needed some expensive repairs and now we have a plumbing issue. And I agree with you about inviting trouble. Also, never get too comfortable when things are going well. That’s just asking for it! 😛


  3. I read your first paragraph and groaned, Debby. Ugh. Three weeks of Murphy’s Law sounds like a nightmare. You had a terrible day, mostly technology related, except for your friends’ accident. Thank goodness that wasn’t fatal. Yes, time to unload Roger’s. I hope you got all the retrograde events out of the way on the first day. Take extra care. Hugs.

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  4. Oh, so THAT’S why I’m having such annoying things going wrong!
    First, I finally finished the commissioned book I was working on. It includes 109 diagrams I had to sketch by hand, and then scan in, to send to the publisher. So the laptop, having worked just fine the day before, suddenly decided it no longer recognised the scanner, and I had to go out and buy a new one.
    Then, while in the middle of watching a boxset on Amazon Prime, the TV suddenly declared we were unable to watch this programme because we are connected to the internet via a VPN. No, we aren’t, and as the TV doesn’t have a VPN to disable, we (and Amazon tech help) cannot get the glitch sorted out. Meaning we can’t watch ANYTHING on Prime, despite paying for it.
    And then my next hip operation, which should have been on September 28th, has been put back a week, throwing all my carefully arranged plans into disarray, with my first scheduled work now just one week post op, instead of two, and my first drive after the compulsory 6 weeks off, being a 140 mile trip which should have been after a week of gentle driving to ease myself back in.
    I am not amused!!!

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    1. Omg Deb. But sadly, you my friend are experiencing the thick of it. Typically technical crap that occurs are snafus and have no rhyme or reason. That explains your Prime detecting things that aren’t there. It’s Mercuries energies. On a good note, if I were you, I just may be thankful they put your hip op back a week because Mercury will over! With the way you’re going, maybe the 28th wasn’t such a good idea for surgery LOL. Stay aware and be safe! ❤ xx

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  5. I saw this meme, Deb, and thought of you (of course!): ‘Mercury just retrograded all over me.’ Tantamount to be slimed but lasts a helluva lot longer and has the blast radius of a hydrogen bomb. I think mutual hugs are in order ❤️💛💚💙💜

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  6. This morning I tried to connect another mouse to my iMac. It pays to have too since the one must be charged. Well, bluetooth shut off! I couldn’t get it to turn back on because the mouse only works with bluetooth!! Siri to the rescue. I had to have the computer turn on the bluetooth! LOL! We’re in it for sure this time. 😩


  7. This is fascinating, Debby. I had no idea about the powerful influence of Mercury on our lives! I’m sorry to hear about all the trouble it has brought to your life. Hunker down is my advice! I slipped over to the article on our astrological signs, and that was interesting too! I’m a Taurus, and this just might be a creative time for me. Thanks for sharing, wrapping you in love and hugs, C


  8. I enjoyed finding out more about the Mercury retrograde, Debby. Thank you. I know you’ve written about it before and I do recall the issues with your internet and phone provider. Don’t make any rash decision during the retrograde, though. (I think that was the warning. 😉)
    I enjoyed the explanation in the video. I didn’t realise it was a ‘real’ thing as well as an astrological phenomena.


  9. I’m reading your post four days late, but it explains a lot. My heart aches for you and all your friends who are suffering right now. Hang in there and be careful! This, too, shall pass.


  10. That’s why the shit hit the fan here a couple of days ago as well and it is still continuing…

    Cracks in our new, super expensive fridge, which will be almost impossible to replace under warranty the way we live and travel. Mark banging up his ribs and thumbnail. Water from Maya’s bowl spilling on the floor while driving (because we forgot to place it in the sink beforehand), meaning wood in our camper was penetrated with water. My brand-new phone fell on the ground, which is gravel, and cracked in multiple places. And, to top it off, Maya got very sick for two days and last night. And all this happened/started on the same day: this past Sunday… Yikes!


    1. Omg Liesbet. Almost everyone I know is having craziness! All the empaths I know are especially dodging bullets. Please be safe and take extra caution with every plan. Double check everything and lie low! ❤

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  11. Ahh, thank you, our UB, as this explains the chaos that started a week or so ago. Softest hugs to you, your friend’s husband and Shelley’s friends. It is all a bit bananas. Good luck kicking Rogers into touch and I felt drawn to Lisa’s comment….creativity may help. And more hugs and much love to you, always. ❤ xXx ❤ ❤


    1. Hi Jane. It seems so many of us can relate to this phase. And yes, I’ve taken the plunge and kicking Roger’s but out the door. Although a bit hesitant to do this switch over during Mercury, the wheels are in motion. ❤ Btw, I was at your blog yesterday, I saw that you are moving your blog again. I tried to leave comment but wouldn't allow me. Will we have to re sign up for your blog? Love and hugs my Lovely xoxox ❤ xx

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      1. Wrapping you in supportive energy for your Roger’s move. Like you I was reluctant to move my blog during this retrograde, but with the state it was in, I bit the bullet…yes, a new subscription is needed. I will message you a link. Huge love and hugs to you our UB, always. ❤ xXx ❤


      2. Thanks for letting me know UB. Looking forward to your new blog home. Then I will sign up again. So, what about your newsletter? Was that connected with WP? Don’t you just love this techie madness? Lol. Stay sane my friend! Love and hugs always ❤ xxxx

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  12. I remember you writing about this before, Debby. Sorry to hear how it’s affecting you.

    I can’t say it has affected me before, but one never knows. I’ve just signed a new broadband deal with my current provider, and not only am I getting faster speed but at a lower cost. However, I always go with providers and companies with better customer service ratings. I couldn’t cope without wifi or TV for a few hours, let alone a whole day. Let’s hope Mercury stays well clear of me. If she approaches, I’ll use my tennis racket to send her moving around the sun in the correct direction.


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