Writer’s Tips, September Edition – Building Your Email List, Writing Chapter 1, Facebook Alternatives, #Copyrights, Writing Scams

Welcome to my September edition of Writer’s Tips. This month I have collected a few goodies to share with you. Diana Peach had a great article with tips on how to write a great first chapter that hooks the reader, at the Story Empire. Jan Sikes with another great share on how to grow your email list, also featured at the Story Empire. Blogging guru Hugh Roberts has some important tips to prevent your blogs from being stolen and/or plagiarized. Also, as I am truly tired of being a target and thrown into Fakebook jail, a friend shared this great page which offers #socialmedia alternatives to Fakebook, definitely worthy of taking a look at by James Spencer at Make A Website Hub. Anne R. Allen also has another great article – updates on new scams and warnings for writers.

Writing Chapter One – Tips

Greetings, Storytellers! Diana here today. I hope you’re all writing up a storm.



Building an Email List

Hello SE’ers. It’s Jan again with another book marketing tip I hope you’ll find helpful.



Facebook Alternatives 2022 – Social Networks That Won’t Sell Your Data

by Jamie Spencer

Protect your blogs and photos on your blogs by Hugh Roberts

How to protect your blog posts and photos by Hugh Roberts


Scams and Warnings for Writers

Anne R. Allen with some updates for writers on new publishing scams and warnings for writers


72 thoughts on “Writer’s Tips, September Edition – Building Your Email List, Writing Chapter 1, Facebook Alternatives, #Copyrights, Writing Scams

  1. Thanks for vetting and sharing, Debby. And delighted to see Story Empire on the list of resources. 😀 I caught all of these except for the Facebook alternatives, so I’m heading over to read that one. I’m not surprised by the plunge in readership. I wasn’t on there much, but perhaps one of the others will catch my eye. Happy Friday, my friend. ❤

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      1. I was surprised how many options there are! And it seemed like a lot of them have a focus on civility and kindness. It will be interesting to see which of them rises to the top and becomes the primary alternative to FB and some of the other compromised platforms. I might give that one a try!


      2. Yes there are. The problem is, if most don’t want to move to another platform, it’s harder to stay in touch with our writer friends. Tribel is working hard to get Fakebook people over. I had joined MeWe with Sally and a few others, but it was lonely over there but a good platform. But many have left Fakebook, so maybe the tides will turn. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for including one of my recent posts in this month’s list, Debby. Strangely, I didn’t get a pingback request, but then I noticed the URL address was slightly different. However, it does go to the post.

    Thanks again.


  3. What a helpful post, Debby. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Facebook for years. Deleting then reactivating several times. 🙂 And I had no idea of the social media alternatives, let alone the long list. Thanks for informing us! ❤️


    1. My pleasure Lauren. I know exactly what you mean about Fakebook. I’m almost ready to delete again. I noticed you friended me there a few weeks ago. I’ved been banned since August, but I think I’m allowed back on the week. Lol ❤


  4. Wonderful list, Debby. I just had my Instagram page taken down “by mistake” as stated by Facebook, and several unfollows happened, while it was down. It was the scariest 24 hours I’d spent.


    1. Wow Damyanti, you are far from this first I heard of this. Do they give you a reason, or do they just do this crap randomly? Any apologies or did your page just miraculously show up? Another strike for Zuckerberg 😦


  5. You always have relevant, curated topics in these posts, Debby! My Facebook page (not the profile) I used for my blog was hacked and although I was able to delete it, someone in Thailand is using it to advertise random paid posts. Facebook knows of the problem but it is annoying because I still get the notifications! Luckily FB is disallowing the ads. I unpublished any other pages I had on Facebook. It’s a shame because I enjoy sharing posts for Sunday Stills. Now it’s just Twitter. oh well.


    1. That’s awful Terri. And I’ve heard from a few writer friends who had their pages hacked. FB doesn’t give a crap about writers, or anyone for that matter who aren’t paying ad customers. They don’t even show our posts in our feeds anymore – barely. Hackers look for pages that get a lot of action to hack to they can post their shit on them. FB can’t even control all the evil that goes on their, but they’re quite busy putting us in FB jail for opinion. Oh, and after my rant, thanks for letting me know my posts are worthy. 🙂 x

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  6. Debby, all great tips!
    It’s crazy how people want to scam writers.
    Several years ago a WP blogger told about how their book was posted on an FB site, and someone else claimed to be the author.
    I have never had a FB account. I never trusted FB. I still don’t. I stopped using Instagram when FB bought it.
    Any platform that needs my birthdate is harvesting my info. Sure, I could lie, but that’s not the point. The point is a 10 year old kid could lie, so there is no honest relevence!
    Great article!
    Resa {{{hugs}}}


    1. Thanks Resa. And this is why I like to keep us informed. You are so right about Fakebook, as I like to call it. They are Big Brother all over us! It’s hard to get ourselves out there without social media, yet, it’s also scary. ❤ xx

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