Writer’s Tips – January Edition – #Writing Solo Life, Fonts, Writing the End, Author Bio, #Blogging Tips

Welcome to my new year of Writer’s Tips. In this edition, Ruth Harris talks about 13 Ways to Drive a Writer Crazy; Anne R. Allen’s blog, guest writer, Jessica Bell, talks about Choosing Proper Fonts for Book Covers; Sally Cronin is rewinding her Public Relations for Authors series, – the importance of an Author picture. Hugh Roberts with a great list of 7 Ways to Clean up our Blogs for the New Year; Diana Peach, writing for the Story Empire has a helpful post for writers – Writing the End; Ruth Harris shares 6 Writing Tips from Famous Authors; Diana Urban at Bookbub shares various examples of Writing Your Author Bio.


Entertaining post from Ruth Harris at the blog of Anne R. Allen about the concept of writing, and how many outsiders have no clue what goes into writing – including friends and family.


Jessica Bell guest writer at the blog of Anne R. Allen’s blog – Using the right Fonts on your Book Covers


Sally Cronin’s, Smorgasbord Public Relations for Authors Series – The importance of an Author Profile Picture and How to Create one


Hugh Roberts with 7 ideas to clean up our blogs


Diana Peach featured at the Story Empire, shares a post about different types of endings for books, Part II


Ruth Harris at the Blog of Anne R. Allen, shares 6 great tips on Writing from Professional Authors

From Bookbub Insights, Diana Urban shares 20 Examples on how to Write Your Author Bio


66 thoughts on “Writer’s Tips – January Edition – #Writing Solo Life, Fonts, Writing the End, Author Bio, #Blogging Tips

  1. Excellent links, Debby, and delighted to find my Story Empire post among them. As always, you’ve inspired me to click through to the posts I missed. There’s such great information out here and these vetting posts are super helpful. Off to check out the fonts and writing tips! Hugs.

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  2. You are the sharingest person, Debby.
    I’m not writing a book right now, but I have written 2. Not sure what to do with them.
    Anyway- “13 Ways to Drive a Writer Crazy” sounds interesting, perhaps funny. I have to check that out!
    I popped over to listen to your latest podcast. It’s great!
    Have a wonderful vaycay! xoxoxo


    1. Thanks bunches Resa. I would read your books in a heartbeat! You are multi-talented. I’d love to see you move forward with publishing. Thanks so much for listening and the bon voyage wishes. Ole! Lol Hugs ❤ xoxo

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    1. Hi Yvette. I have visited your blog a few times. To no avail will it allow me to comment. I filled out things everytime and no dice. I just visited your post – Day 15. I tried to leave this comment:
      Hi Yvette. Wow, thanks for sharing your routine with us. I can so relate – for a year I can’t lose five pounds. I’m not much of an eater either, and my fitness routine disappeared two years ago, even with joining a new gym, the scale doesn’t want to move. What kind of diet did you find works? OH, and love the infra red saunsa. Hubby and I wanted to install one years ago, it didn’t work out. I’d never heard of the chair ones! Hugs xx

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      1. The chair infrared sauna is great because it fits in any indoor corner. My diet focuses on fruits (no more than two a day), vegetables (as many as you want), meat/protein, and nuts and healthy, gluten-free grains (in moderation) with a bit of dark chocolate on the side. 😉 I eat as organic as I can. I eat the right portions. I don’t gorge, but I also stopped eating like a bird. I work out, but I don’t burn out. I hope that helps.

        As far as my blog, I wish I knew how to fix the issue. I know that when you go to comment, it will say Anonymous, but it has a drop down menu where you can choose your Google account or something else (I don’t remember). Once I signed in with my Google account, it just remembered me, so I’ve never had to do it again. I hope that helps. Perhaps try a different browser and see if that works. I appreciate you trying and letting me know. XOXO 🙂


      2. Wow, sounds like your lifestyle diet is exactly mine – including a side of chocolate, lol. Still, that needle won’t move. I usually lose a few when I go on winter vacation, which will be happening soon. All the sunshine and walking.
        And about your blog, ya, I saw the ‘anonymous’ thing but still wouldn’t acknowledge me. This was not the first time I’ve tried. I know a lot of WordPress bloggers have trouble with Blogspot, I always do. In fact, the only way I’m commenting back to you is from my notification window. Arg! ❤

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