Sunday Book Review – Sisters by Judith Barrow – #psychologicaldrama

My Sunday Book Review is for Judith Barrow’s brand new release – Sisters. Judith’s books never disappoint, and this new book kept me glued. This is the story of two sisters, and a huge lie that destroyed a family. The author has a talent for drawing out great characters that leave us thinking about them even after closing the book. The book is on pre-order now, release date, January 26th.


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A moving study of the deep feelings – jealousy, love, anger, and revenge – that can break a family apart. … Sisters is another absorbing, emotional and thought-provoking creation from the wonderful Judith Barrow.
Janet Laugharne

Two sisters torn apart by a terrible lie.In shock after an unbearable accident. Angie lets her sister Mandy take the blame, thinking she’s too young to get into trouble. But she’s wrong. Mandy is hounded, bullied and finally sent to live with their aunt, where she changes her name to Lisa and builds a new life, never wanting to see her sister again. Angie’s guilt sends her spiralling into danger. Thirteen years later, they meet again at their mother’s funeral. Lisa starts to suspect something is wrong. Angie seems terrified of her husband, and their father is hiding something too.
What does Lisa owe to the family that betrayed her?

I knew I was in for a treat. I wasn’t disappointed… I couldn’t wait to find out what happened to Lisa and Angie… A tale with characters that linger in your mind after you close the book.
Jacqueline Harrett

My 5 Star Review:

Judith Barrow strikes again with this new release, Sisters. Barrow has a talent for creating rich characters who linger with us long after we’ve finished reading the book. She is recognized for her fantastic family saga stories, and this one had me going through varied emotions as one huge lie orchestrated by elder sister Angie, for a very evil deed she committed, is pinned on her younger sister Amanda, and changes both their lives and the family dynamic forever.

I found it a gripping read as I shook my head and wanted to shake Angie even more for destroying her family over her selfish whims and passing the blame on poor Amanda. It irked me that Amanda didn’t stand up to her evil sister and tell the truth, but as Barrow so cleverly weaves this tale, she makes us understand how big sister Angie holds a grip on Amanda and talks her into good reason why Amanda shouldn’t tell on her.

The horrendous event that took place that Amanda was being blamed for, eventually has her parents sending her to Wales to live with her aunt to avoid the bullying and terrorizing Amanda endured for the awful event that took place. And wanting a fresh start, Amanda even changed her name to Lisa.

The story kept me turning the pages, hoping that Angie would speak up and tell truth, while having me shake my head thinking about how one sister can even live with herself as she watches her little sister’s life spiral and turn upside down because of her horrible actions and her coverup lies that went unchallenged. But it does seem Karma always find her way back to those as a reminder.

Some thirteen years would pass before the sisters are forced to meet up at their mother’s funeral. In between those passing years we learn about both Angie’s and Amanda’s lives. Amanda/Lisa is happy in her life living with Aunt Barb and Uncle Chris, while Angie, who ran away from home shortly after Amanda was sent to Wales, lived a tawdry life, until she meets up with her childhood crush and cohort in ‘the big lie’, Stephen Birch, now a wealthy businessman and predator in more ways than one. Once Lisa returns home from her mum’s funeral, she learns about Angie’s unhappy past and present life, with her now, abusive and dominating husband Stephen Birch. And as Lisa works on sewing up her mother’s estate, she discovers more dark secrets about Angie’s insidious husband. The story grows darker as we learn exactly what is going on in Angie’s marriage and what exactly it is Stephen wants from her – from her family.

As Stephen continues to emotionally abuse and torment Angie, Lisa’s empathy has her worrying for her sister. And by the time the next tragedy strikes in their family, Lisa begins investigating and working with an old friend, Ben, now a journalist, she teams up with to investigate just what the evil Stephen Birch is really up to.

Why is Stephen so evil? What is it he wants? What is it he has hanging over Angie’s head? Will Stephen be caught and punished for the physical abuse he caused to Angie? Will he be found discovered responsible for causing harm to the girls’ parents? How far will this deranged man go to get what he wants from these two sisters? You will find no spoilers here, and will want to keep reading to the end, anxiously waiting to see if Angie escapes Birch’s stranglehold on her and if just desserts are served.


148 thoughts on “Sunday Book Review – Sisters by Judith Barrow – #psychologicaldrama

  1. What a brilliant review, Debby. I almost didn’t read it because of the ‘psychological drama’ label(I’m not into scary or horror), but I’m pleased I did. It sounds fascinating and perhaps the depth of characters, which seems to drive the plot, will keep the interest alive.

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    1. Hi Norah. Yes, not to misconstrue, there is no horror, I’m not a horror reader. It’s definitely a character driven story as are all Judith’s books. It’s more about psychological impact about what has happened in this family. ❤

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      1. Hi Stevie. Judith has just stated that she too agrees about the price and anticipates Honno bringing down the Kindle price. When it lowers, I will let you know. ❤

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comments, Olga. But as Stevie says, the kindle price is exorbitant. Honno usually drop it after publishing. And I’m hoping it will be on offer sometime – and attract more readers.x


    1. Thank you, Sue. I think it’s something tat happens in most families. Hopefully not for something as awful as in Sisters though. I appreciate your reading Debby’s review and commenting. x


  2. Fantastic review, Debby. This book sounds gripping. What a tempest of emotions. I think I’d be very frustrated with Amanda/Lisa too for not speaking up and telling the truth, so I’m glad Judith addresses that and makes it real. And Stephen sounds seriously dangerous. Congrats to Judith on her latest book and this wonderful review.

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    1. Debby’s reviews are always so concise and I have bought many books on her recommendation. She really does have the knack of getting to the bones of a story. Thank you for reading and reviewing. x


  3. Wonderful review, Debby. It’s a sad situation for poor Amanda/Lisa not only because she was blamed for something she did not do but that the lie came from her sister. That must have hurt a lot and yet, she showed empathy towards her sister. What a kind soul.

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    1. Hi Carol. You said it in a nutshell about Amanda/Lisa. She took the lid, got sent away, then her sister’s guilt must have had her run away. And Lisa got the better life after all was said. Kind of how Karma works in life. ❤

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    2. I couldn’t have asked for a more brilliant review, Carol. It’s a complex situation between the sisters, but sibling love prevailed in the end. Thank you for your lovely response. x


  4. Debby, I would call your commentary on Judith’s book a rave review. Boy, I have experienced many of the complex emotions illustrated here with my own two sisters. What an endorsement: “A tale with characters that linger in your mind after you close the book.”

    Judith, best wishes as you continue to write novels that keep readers “glued”!

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    1. Hi Marian. Thanks for your compliment. I know I have my own ‘sisters’ saga too. I think that’s why Judith’s story can conjure up memories for many. Thanks for stopping by. ❤

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    1. Thank you so much, Ellie. I hope you do get the chance to check Sisters out, Unfortunately, just at the moment the kindle is very expensive. But should come down in price after publishing.


  5. Hi Debbie – Judith Barrow sounds like an author I should to my list of thrillers to be read at a later date … thanks for the introduction … I seem to want to read more educative, historical, documentary type of books at the moment … but I’m sure the time will come – so must remember Judith’s name. Cheers – Hilary

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    1. Hi Hilary. I’m so glad my review has piqued your interest in Judith’s books. I’m glad you will add her to your reading list. Like you, I get in different reading moods. That’s why I’m usually reading two books at once, one non fiction and one great escape. Hugs ❤

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      1. Hi Debbie – if I get a fiction fix … I don’t read anything else – so daren’t start … but I must get one of her books – then it’ll be here to remind me when I feel like a straight-line fiction run! I do have plenty of books on the go – not sure I’m reading them, one gets put down when another comes to the surface … my tastes, or need to learn, seem to be very eclectic … such is life – cheers Hilary

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  6. Oh wow, this book DOES sound good! It is one that I think I would be wanting to go through chapter after chapter in one sitting. Well done with your review, Debby. Congrats to Judith on the great feedback for your novel!

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  7. Debby, a wonderful review of Judith Barrow’s latest book! You create a visual feast in your review and I imagine that reading the book will feel like watching an epic sweeping family drama movie! Well done, Judith and I am keeping ‘Sisters’ in mind for later this year! Sounds superb and enticing!

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