Writer’s Tips – March Edition – Author Bio, #Scammers, Blogging, Prologues

Welcome back to my Writer’s Tips series – This month: How to Spruce up our Author Bios, Social Media for Authors, and Hitting the Red Carpet by Sally Cronin, How to better protect ourselves from Scammers on Social Media by Beem Weeks, Nerdy Book Girl offers a nifty generator to check up on our author books – which categories Amazon has under our books. Hugh Roberts in his Blogging Tips – the importance of having a subscriber widget on your blog and how to add it.

Sally Cronin​ in her Public Relations for Authors Smorgasbord series, with Part 2 for Authors on the importance of bios and other tips.


Beem Weeks at the Story Empire, giving us great tips on how to protect ourselves on Socia Media


Sally Cronin in Part 3 of her ‘author ready’ series, ‘Red Carpet Ready’


Sally Cronin with Part 4 in her Tips for Authors series – Public Relations for Authors Recycled- Part Four – Social Media – The Pros and the Cons 


Hugh Roberts with another Blogging Tip on How to add a Subscriber widget to your blog


Nerdy Book Girl shares a FREE Tool – The Book Category Hunter to find your author books and see what categories Amazon has for our books – that are no longer displayed on Amazon


How to use Prologues Part 12 and a Summary of all twelve parts in this series by Harmony Kent at the Story Empire

Adding my own two cents here: Does any other author here like the new bare bones layout of our books now on Amazon? I don’t. Doesn’t show much except our books and one must click on anything to find information, where before, everything showed on one page. Just another way Amazon makes it harder for author’s books to sell.


60 thoughts on “Writer’s Tips – March Edition – Author Bio, #Scammers, Blogging, Prologues

  1. Thanks for these links, Debby. I went down a rabbit hole after reading Hugh’s post. It was useful though. I’ll have to pop back for others. 🙂


  2. I’d caught most of these, Debby, but not the Nerdy Girl Category post. That was amazingly helpful. I need to spend half a day there going through my books and making category adjustments. Wow. Thanks for sharing that.

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  3. I’ve bookmarked Nerdy Girl’s category finder – but there’s so much other stuff here, too. Welcome back! ❤


  4. These are really helpful Debby, I’ll have to spend some time here really exploring this information. It’s overwhelming all the things you can do to help promote and highlight our books. Thank you, blessings in your weekend! Hugs, C


  5. Debby,

    You share much valuable info in this series. You are a generous person.

    You may already know, many do…. I hate Amazon. I have my reasons, and have been boycotting them for almost 8 years now.
    I buy ebooks from Kobo. Some, who are not on Kobo send me a PDF, and I have received a few print books.
    I also use the library system.

    I’m not surprised that Amazon has done something that makes authors unhappy.
    I won’t be surprised if Amazon comes up with a fee for displaying your books more like they used to, or how you want.

    It is unfortunate that authors have to rely on Amazon. I hope one day authors rise up and make an alternative platform “THE” place to buy books.
    After all Amazon sells everything, and anything.
    Bookstores are special.
    I could go on, but won’t.
    😵‍💫🙄🫢🤔 xo❦


    1. Thank you on behalf of other authors. I hear you. But the Zon has their claws in everything. This is what happens when huge corporations buy up the independent ones and become a monopoly. Like Bell and Rogers. And I appreciate you sharing other book outlets too. Hugs ❤


  6. Hi Debbie, welcome back. I hope you had a great holiday and blogging break.

    Thanks so much for including a link to one of my posts. I did not get a pingback request for it. Upon investigating the problem, I found out that the reason for no pingback notification was that you linked to your comment on my post rather than the post itself. If you look at the link, you’ll see ‘comment #159911’ at the end of the link.

    I hope that makes sense. I had to get my head around it, but I eventually did.

    Thanks again.


    1. Hi Hugh. Thanks for the lovely welcome. Hmm, I don’t know what went wrong with that link, I took it from the blog page. I noticed, I had to delete the tail words on the URL, but I think it’s fine now. ❤


  7. Hi Debby – good to see you back and happy to see you back helping us all – a reminder to me to get a subscribe button on my blogspot blog … cheers Hilary


  8. I haven’t looked at the new layouts on Amazon. Why don’t they tell us this stuff and get our opinions first? Hope you’re doing well being back home. ❤️


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