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In case you missed my recent post in my Spiritual Awareness series at Sally Cronin’s Smorgasbord Blog Magazine, I’m sharing my post on Automatic Writing


Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Spiritual Awareness – Automatic Writing by D.G. Kaye

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Explore the spiritual side of our natures as D.G. Kaye shares her experiences and research into this element of our lives.

You can find part thirteen of the series: Meeting People for Reasons and Seasons


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Welcome back to my Spiritual Awareness series. Today I’m going to talk about opening our sub-conscience and experimenting with Automatic Writing.



Are You Familiar with Automatic Writing?

When I was younger and I’d first heard of Automatic Writing from reading books about metaphysical, angels, and spirit guides, I was intrigued to learn that some people could have the ability to write from the sub-conscience, and/or guided by spirit or a higher power.



So, what is automatic writing?

The formal name for automatic writing is psychography – the ability to produce writing from the sub-conscience through divine guidance, and spiritual or supernatural source while under a calm, trance-like or alert state. This isn’t to be misconstrued with ‘free writing’. Spirit is invited in with an unconscious mind – a gateway to our higher selves.

When finished writing, you may be left with isolated words and phrases and most likely, no cohesiveness, but that’s when it’s time to reread and ponder. It may be easier if you write down a question on a piece of paper so you can focus on the question. It’s best if you can keep your eyes closed to focus on intent or question, but if you can’t, or if you peek in and out, just remember to keep writing, don’t look back on what you’ve written. No stopping the thought process. Your conscience and/or concentration may get in the way in the beginning of the process, but you must keep writing, no matter what comes out, even if totally off topic, or random and nonsensical words come out.



How to prepare for automatic writing:

First, we must decide on a medium. Most people prefer freehand writing and most automatic writing is done freehand, but if you can type as fast as you think, feel free to use the computer. Then, clear your minds. Sit in a place free from distraction and focus on your thought or question. You can use meditation to obtain this calm, or whatever method most comfortable to bring yourselves into a calmed mode to enable receiving the messaging. Focus on a topic or question you’d like to write about.

Next, call on an entity, higher power, your spirit guide, or an angel to help you channel whatever it is you are focusing on in your thoughts that you hope to write answers or stories about. You may feel free to ask, “Who is here?” You can acknowledge a higher power in spoken word or by thought. When you are seeking guidance from higher powers it’s always advised to invite them in with a pure heart to also make sure you aren’t inviting in any dark entities.

Close your eyes, breathe deep till you feel relaxed (or meditate to get there) then think about a topic or question you hope to be given divine guidance to write about. Have a notebook in front of you and pen in hand. Focus on your topic, put pen to paper, and let your hand guide the pen – almost in a similar way a Ouija board works.

What do you want to write about? Maybe it’s a problem that’s been on your mind, a recurring dream you’ve been having and wanting to make some sense of, even a story-line idea you may be wanting to write about can be your focused writing intention.

Preparing for the writing:

You should set a timer for this exercise for anywhere from 10 minutes (recommended minimum) to a half an hour. This helps with not being distracted by wondering how long you may have been writing, because with closed eyes to keep from distraction, you won’t be checking your watches.

Closing our eyes helps to keep the focus on our intent so the mind doesn’t get caught up in what is actually being written. This prevents edits or cross-outs from diverting our train of thoughts. Remember, if your mind does drift off topic, keep writing whatever it is that comes to mind – even if it’s whatever thought came to mind that threw off your original thoughts. Our minds entered this state with a clear mind, if jungled thoughts should interrupt the stream of consciousness, then perhaps that’s what was needed to be written.



After the timer goes off, relax for a few moments. You should close the session with thanking the spirit who guided your writing. Then go ahead and read what you’ve written. What you wrote may not make immediate sense and you can highlight thoughts and words from the writing that may potentially lead to further writing once you’ve spent some time analyzing what you wrote. . . Please continue reading at Sally’s Smorgasbord.

Source: Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Spiritual Awareness – Automatic Writing by D.G. Kaye | Smorgasbord Blog Magazine



19 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Spiritual Awareness – Automatic Writing by D.G. Kaye | Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

  1. A very intriguing post, Debby. Thanks for sharing it here as well. This is a superb series, like all your collaborations with Sally. Enjoy the weekend!


  2. Sometimes I do this just to warm up the flow of ideas when I’m not sure what to write about! It amazing how my thoughts can flow like a river. Great post Debby! Hugs, C


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