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3 Stupid Questions That Will Make Your Blogging Great – ALWAYS WRITE

Blogging tips


Today I’m sharing another blogging friend’s awesome post that all bloggers should read. My friend Marsha Ingrao of is a wealth of information on everything blogging. Marsha’s blog talks about all the little nitty gritty things we sometimes don’t even realize why they’re in our dashboard and what they’re for. Well Marsha is a great communicator and explains things to us in simple terms.


Have a look at one of her posts here titled 3 Stupid Questions that will make your Blogging Great!

Don’t you know what an alt text is? Don’t you hate asking stupid questions? Even if it will help your blogging? Let me do it for you. I mean everyone knows about alt text by now, don’t they? Do you even know where to find alt text? I did not. And who thinks up keywords … Continue reading “3 Stupid Questions That Will Make Your Blogging Great”

Source: 3 Stupid Questions That Will Make Your Blogging Great – ALWAYS WRITE

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