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#Book #Review — The Healer – Christoph Fischer


Today I’m sharing my review on a book, The Healer, I recently read by Christoph Fischer.


Available at Amazon
Available at Amazon


Christoph is a talented and diverse author. I sometimes refer to him as a machine the way he can pump out great books, write interviews, advocate for the needy, and circulate around social media.


Christoph has several books published, including his latest book, Ludwicka – A Polish woman’s struggle to survive in Nazi Germany. Please visit his book page HERE and take a look at all the books he’s penned from his Conditioned series, which deals with mental health and drama issues, to other books on political and family issues, to historical fiction – In Search of a Revolution, which has garnered much praise.


Next on my reading list by Fischer will be The Luck of the Weissensteiners  and The Gamblers, before I get to his Conditions  series. I look forward to getting to those books on my overwhelming TBR. But for now, here is my review of The Healer :


5 Stars – Multi-Layered and Intrigue – D.G. Kaye

This story revolves around Erica, a woman diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, and the man they call The Healer, whom she seeks out in a final attempt to save her own life. The Healer works holistically with meditation, hands on healing, and with an elixir. The story proceeds with Erica’s quest for a cure, and gradually into a cat and mouse, hide and seek mission. While Erica is being treated, The Healer is battling Big Pharma, who are seeking to destroy his reputation by blackmailing him for his elixir so they can capitalize on his ‘cure’. He finds himself bargaining with the devil as his conscience has him worrying about the many people he, himself, can save. The story contains cover up schemes, spying, and false documentation in medical records, all courtesy of the Big Pharma while trying to get their hands on the precious elixir. Without giving away spoilers, the question remains in the reader’s mind, “Will this elixir be a great cure, or does it have any positive value without the administration of the healer?” This story will keep you eager to find out right until the very last sentence.


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