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6 Reasons Why You Should Unfollow My Blog – Hugh’s Views & News

Blogging basics

Today I’m reblogging my witty friend, Hugh Roberts‘ post about the reasons to unfollow a blog.


In the post, Hugh will go over some of the things that some bloggers may not appreciate about a blog, leaving them with the decision to unfollow. These are some great tips here from Hugh to help your followers stick around.



6 Reasons Why You Should Unfollow My Blog

“Unfollowing blogs. It’s something many of us don’t like talking about and something many bloggers seem to fear. However, one of the best things that will happen when you unfollow a blog is that it will free up your WordPress reader and/or your email box. The more you unfollow the more they will be freed up.

Why should you unfollow a blog and why should you unfollow my blog? . . .”  Continue Reading


Source: 6 Reasons Why You Should Unfollow My Blog – Hugh’s Views & News

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