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#7 recycling tips for #bloggers – make the most of your writing | Daily Echo

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Sue Vincent wrote an interesting post on the lifespan of our blog posts. In her article she gives tips on how to recycle older blog posts to give them new visibility.


Have a read about what Sue shares below:

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“It is the nature of blogging that there is a fast turn over and short shelf life for posts. I believe the average period of maximum visibility for a post is about four hours… it can take that long to write a good one! The sheer volume of posts and sites soon bury even your best work. On top of that, thanks to the vagaries of WordPress, the number of ways in which your work can be acknowledged without even being read… as well as read without being acknowledged, either by the reader or as a reflection in the stats… means that it is pretty much impossible for the average blogger to know what has been read at all. . .”  Continue Reading 


Source: 7 recycling tips for bloggers – make the most of your writing | Daily Echo

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