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ANNOUNCING—Meno-What? – A Memoir, Memorable Moments of Menopause by D.G. Kaye

I am over the moon with excitement to announce that my new book (ebook version)Meno-What?  A Memoir will be published Tuesday June 10th on Amazon. As I had numerous delays getting this book out, I anticipated the birth of it Saturday June 7th (my birthday) so we could share the date, but as we all know, we can never rely on a due date! 🙂

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NOTE: I would like to ask that if any of you would like to purchase a paperback copy to consider purchasing it direct from Createspace or here on my Meno-What? page by clicking the link that takes you directly to Createspace. The link will be available to purchase from sometime next week and I will post here when it becomes available.  For those of you who may have read my earlier post about Createspace, my royalties there are being held captive until I reach a $100 threshold before they will release my royalties. My books will be available on Amazon, but I made the error in sending family to Createspace to purchase my first book, Conflicted Hearts, as soon as it was live because they didn’t want to wait the two to three days it sometimes takes for the paperback to link to Amazon and after it was linked, my paperback sales have all come from Amazon, thus nobody any longer purchases through Createspace for me to reach the threshold for me to receive my funds. Once I reach that threshold, I will be removing the Createspace link.

Thank you all for your comments and emails, for your interest in the publication of my new book.

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D.G. Kaye is a nonfiction/memoir writer, who writes from her own life experiences and self-medicates with a daily dose of humor.


  • Aquileana

    Congratulations on the release, DG… And I also hope you have had a marvelous birthday, my Canadian author and blogger… Best of Luck with “Meno What”.
    Aquileana 🙂

  • Carol Balawyder

    Bravo! What I find strange about your royalties with Amazon is that I was under the opinion that Createspace is attached to Amazon. Am I wrong?
    I’m looking forward to reading your book, Debbie. Enjoy this wonderful day for you. 🙂

    • dgkaye

      Thanks Carol for your friendship and support! And yes, Createspace is the sister to Amazon. Paperbacks are published through Createspace and go live there first for a few days until Amazon links the book to their page. Thus, once it’s linked, nobody any longer bothers buying at Createspace. 🙁

    • dgkaye

      Thank for your kudos Annie. I’m still dealing with paperback issues. Sheesh, I’d rather be writing! 🙂

  • elainemansfield

    Good for you and congratulations on your second book. Did I miss your birthday? Whoops. Happy belated birthday. I’m having trouble keeping all the balls in the air and my book isn’t even out yet. I don’t know how you manage to be so productive, but I tip my hat to you.

    • dgkaye

      Thanks Elaine for your always inspiring words and encouragement. I know very well what juggling is about. I look so forward to your book! No worries, thank you for belated wishes, they mean just as much. I’ll tell you I am grateful that Facebook gives us reminders of birthdays because honestly, I can’t keep track myself. 🙂

  • Carol Balawyder

    Debbie, I tried to purchase your book Men-What? through Createspace so as to have you reach the $100 mark but I can’t find you there. Have you reached the $100. mark and taken it off Createspace?

    • dgkaye

      Oh thank you sweet Carol. As I mentioned on my publication post, the book won’t be live on CS until later this week. Once I have received the ‘proof’ copy in the mail, as I always like to double check before I hit publish, I will be announcing it here again on my blog and the link will be on my Meno-What? page direct as well as a listed link on my blog. Once I reach a few sales to top me over the payment threshold, then I will remove it and also inform readers. I want to thank you for your kind interest and helping out by ordering from Createspace and your support. As soon as it’s live I will let everyone know! Thanks again friend. <3 p.s. Ironically, the shipping and handling is cheaper for Canadians ordering from CS than it is from Amazon, go figure? :)

  • Let's CUT the Crap!

    Where have I been. Buried somewhere. Maybe I got lost in the cabbage patch again. Sheesh. Belated Happy Birthday, Debby. I’m late. I’m late. Congratulations. I must get a copy of you new publication. Let me check it out. 😀 Good for YOU!

  • Deborah Jay

    I’ve bought my copy – can’t wait to (try) finding time to read it!
    Also, just saw your cover for Conflicted Hearts (which I’m ashamed to say I still haven’t finished – work keeps getting in the way) on The BookDesigner’s monthly cover awards – good job, nice comments!
    Gave me the impetus to submit Prince’s Man – I’ve been holding back, worrying about what he might say, but hey, it’s selling well so I guess it works.
    Congrats again on getting your second book out 😀

    • dgkaye

      Hi Deb! Thanks so much for your author support and I do understand our limited time supply :).I think I don’t need to ask for a review when you finally get there, as we both understand how important those are. And, no need to feel ashamed you haven’t finished my first book as I am just as guilty as you, every time I see your book in my kindle and promise myself it is the next one to read. 🙂 I too shall get there! Oh and thanks for the compliment on my book cover comments on cover awards. I was just like you for a few months, I hesitated to enter it because I didn’t want to hear any negativity it may have received but I decided that I love my cover because it implies all that the book encompasses and so I got brave and entered. To be quite honest, I was a bit hesitant because of all I learned about a white book cover and anticipated a comment on such as I wasn’t aware at the time and it wasn’t pointed out to me by the artist either that it would have stood out more on Amazon’s white background had it had a colored frame around it. But to my happy surprise, J.F. didn’t reprimand me for it. 🙂 So I took the liberty of entering my new book cover Meno-What? for next month’s edition. I’m anxious to hear J.F.’s opinion on that one too.:)

      • Deborah Jay

        Good luck to us both, then! He doesn’t pull his punches, does he, but I’ve learned masses by looking through his monthly post. In fact, that’s where I found my cover artist for Prince’s Man.
        Right, back to the grindstone!

        • dgkaye

          Touche! His articles were one of the first I followed when I began to write books. He is brilliant and highly acknowledged in the industry. A fortune’s worth of information from book design to content. It’s nice to know we are both always looking how to better our works! 🙂

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