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Today's thought

We all know that the life of a self-published author can be quite overwhelming at times. I am currently going through one of the busiest times I can recall in years.


Many of you know that I am finalizing edits now for my upcoming book, Words We Carry , which of course involves a lot of time. I anticipate getting my MS to my formatters in the next week or so. I can breathe a sigh of relief that my book cover is done; you may have seen it here in my recent post.I have also been working on three interviews to ready for blog interviews, as well as trying to steal time to finish writing my next book.


Are you out of breath yet listening to my agenda? Well, just in case you’re not, let me add that I have now added MOVING to the mix! Yes, you heard correctly.


I told my husband we couldn’t possibly think about our moving plans – to sell our house and rent a condo, until the new year with what I currently have on my plate. But of course, as fate would have it, a good opportunity fell into our laps (because he was relentless on his search for a place), so we jumped on it—much like an unplanned pregnancy.

Now, in the midst of my publishing mayhem, I am trying to squeeze in, decluttering my home to put it for sale NEXT WEEK! I can’t even imagine living in a decluttered atmosphere with all that’s going on, sans books and papers all over the place until it’s sold. And then of course, begins the fun of packing my whole house. I gasp just writing about it.



I am apparently moving the first week in January—in the dead of winter. Needless to say, I’m over-worked (and underpaid) and am left wondering how I will get this all done. I presume my fourth book will suffer for this, as it is almost finished being written, but I won’t be able to even think of revising or publishing it now until mid-winter. I was aiming to have four books out in one year, but it seems that my superhuman strengths can only go so far.

We intend to start moving things into our new place before Christmas, and the bulk of the furniture will be moved in January. Then, I will have two weeks in January to unpack and get my life back in order and I will be off for my annual winter vacation come the end of January.

Will I be able to get everything done in these time frames? That remains to be seen, but I am quite an adamant person, so don’t bet against me! By the time I get to Florida, I’m going to plop my azz on a beach and exhale!

red hat

I wanted to share this update with you all because I know many of you are used to seeing me visit your blogs and posting here and responding to comments regularly. But, for the next little while, you may find a delay in my responses and comments. Please know that I’m not abandoning my blog or any of you, it just may take me a bit longer to stay on top of everything.

Thank you


I enjoy having all of you come visit me here, so please bear with me, and thanks for your friendship and support.



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