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For Authors | That Part Where

thatpartTHATPARTWHERE is a newer site for authors to promote their books. Quite a fascinating concept I find if you read through the rest of the article. They have taken a new approach to displaying books. As opposed to ‘The Blurb’ which normally is a short synopsis of a book, That Part Where, lets the author choose an excerpt from their book to display which in turn gives the reader a more in depth experience of what the book is about and perhaps captivates them to want to read more.

I discovered this site by reading about the interview with Benjamin Wallace on Molly Greene’s blog. Benjamin is with Monkey Paw Creative who has started That Part Where. You can read the full interview on Molly’s page. Below is the introduction to this service, to continue just click on the link at the end.

For Authors

We’d love to share your story on That Part Where.

Here’s how it works:

For $10 (beginning in December)

We post your scene

This includes a book description, cover, scene set-up, links to your book on Amazon and contact information for your website, Facebook and Twitter.

We share your post on our Facebook page

Hey. You should go like our Facebook page.

We create a custom ad based on your scene

You’ve seen them. They’re awesome. Yours will be awesome, too.

We’ll share the ad with you to help promote your post

You can use this wherever you want: website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, print it out and put it on your mom’s fridge, etc…. (please get your mom’s permission first)

We’ll include the ad for your scene in our Google Adwords campaign for 30 days

We target avid readers and this ad will take them directly to your post on That Part Where.%

via For Authors | That Part Where.

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    • dgkaye

      Thanks Carol, I do a lot of surfing every night and follow lots of publications, this one is exciting, I will be doing it in two weeks! Worth checking out! Hope you are on vacay! Enjoy!

  • Let's CUT the Crap!

    You are a fountain of information, Debby. I can see you did a lot of research. This generous sharing is astonishing.When I’m ready, I’ll have acres of help at my finger-tips. You are inspirational.

    • dgkaye

      Thanks for the praises. Yes, That Part Where is a great advertising tool for authors and I will be posting with them towards the end of next week just before my book launch, which if you read my post on ‘A personal note’, you will find that my launch was delayed but what’s another week? I’ll be putting up an excerpt here this weekend!

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