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#Blogshare Special Feature – I Read Canadian Darlene Foster, D G Kaye, & Christy Birmingham #nowmorethanever #ireadcanadian @ireadcanadian – M J Mallon

Welcome to my regular Tuesday post. As my husband’s health condition is still ongoing and today marks his 10th day in hospital having a battery of tests, scans, and his upcoming biopsy, needless to say blogging has become a double-edged sword for me. I run to blogland for some semblance of sanity, but often I can’t concentrate as the final results will come later in the week. Many days my mind is so full of my worrisome future that I can’t even talk. Don’t want to talk. But I’ve been documenting the 10-day journey nightly. And once I get my husband home and put everything into my own digested perspective, I plan on sharing the journey here with you all – mostly likely in two or three parts, as it’s been a very long road, extra difficult in Covid times, as I’ve fought my way into being allowed to visit my husband. I’ll be sharing the journey next week.

But today as I get ready to dash out to hospital, I’m happy to share this wonderful article Marjorie Mallon posted on February 17th for #ireadcanadian day where Marje has featured a tribute to three Canadian authors, and I was elated to be one of  them.



Special Feature – I Read Canadian Darlene Foster, D G Kaye, & Christy Birmingham #nowmorethanever #ireadcanadian @ireadcanadian


Today, I am featuring three wonderful ladies from Canada, Debby Gies (D G Kaye,) Darlene Foster and Christy Birmingham. You might remember that in 2019 I travelled to Canada with my two daughters, Natasha and Georgina for a special girls’ trip! We visited Montreal and I absolutely loved it. Would love to go back one day.

So, I’ve chosen to go with a travel theme for the first two books I’m reading for #ireadcanadian

Debby, Darlene and Christy are all wonderfully inspiring, fantastic supporters of the writing and blogging community. As they say in Scotland, lovely lassies too!


Please visit Marje’s original post to read the lovely tribute she put together for myself, Darlene Foster, and Christy Birmingham. Canadian writers rock!


Source: Special Feature – I Read Canadian Darlene Foster, D G Kaye, & Christy Birmingham #nowmorethanever #ireadcanadian @ireadcanadian – M J Mallon YA Author and Poet



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