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Book Launch – Tales from the Garden – Fairy Stories by Sally Cronin | Lit World Interviews

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Today I am sharing a reblog of Hugh Roberts article he wrote for Lit World Interviews , in honor of the new #booklaunch for Sally Cronin’s new book, Tales from the Garden. Sally is a dear friend of mine and most of you may know her from the blogosphere. I was going to write my own introduction about this book, but Hugh has summed it up here in excellent fashion.

Book Launch – Tales from the Garden – Fairy Stories by Sally Cronin

Tales From the Garden small- Cover

Lit World Interviews is delighted to announce that Tales from the Garden, by Sally Cronin, is now available in Ebook versions with the print copies available shortly.

Sally and husband, David, will be leaving their house and garden at some point in the future and when they put the house on the market, Sally realised that it was not only the sunshine that she would miss. She already had many photographs taken over the last sixteen years and she decided to capture as many aspects of the garden as she could to take with them digitally at least.

As Sally photographed the statues, most far too heavy to take with them, it came to her that some of them had been there at least for 60 years and had seen many changes over that time. Also there was the mystery surrounding the missing dwarves? Just exactly where did they disappear to some nights; when the garden seems to be alive with excitement and you can hear the fluttering of many wings in the air?

Sally wrote the stories weekly on her blog but was so delighted by the response from those who read them, that this became her surprise book of the year. Those that were planned will be released in the New Year . . . Click Here to continue reading.

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Source: Book Launch – Tales from the Garden – Fairy Stories by Sally Cronin | Lit World Interviews


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