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My #Book On #Sale Now – #FREE! – Conflicted Hearts

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I have a confession to make. . .


My book marketing activities have basically been nil in 2016. For those of you who follow me, you know I had a lovely two-month winter escape to Arizona, and then came back to a very long three months of my husband being ill. Not only did my book writing suffer, but marketing my books was the furthest thing from my mind.


Well, I’m happy to announce that I will be getting back to my current WIP in the next week or so, starting revisions. And while getting my head back in the game to book writing, it occurred to me that I haven’t run a single promo for any of my books this year.


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Download your copy here at Amazon


So, in honor of my ‘back to work’ on the sequel to Conflicted Hearts (which still happens to be title-less), I have put Conflicted Hearts on FREE promo starting TODAY! If you haven’t yet got a copy of the book, please click on THIS LINK where you will be directed to the Amazon page of your country to get yourself a free copy. And if I may request, once you’ve read the book and enjoyed it, please take the time to leave a review. As many of you are well aware, reviews are an author’s gold!

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You can read some reviews HERE.

Promo ends May 21st, so get your copy now! 🙂


Note*** If anyone has a problem with the universal buy link above, please use the Amazon direct link 

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